The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 57 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 57 (I Believe You)

Lan Xi frowned and looked at Chen Yang in confusion. “You are?”

“Dean Lan, don’t bother with him.” Liang Jie walked up and said: “He’s just a stray dog that has been chased out of his house by Chen Family.”

As soon as Liang Jie finished her sentence, the surrounding guests all burst into laughter.

Chen Yang ignored their mockery and said lightly: “My name is Chen Yang, the groom Chen Lei is my younger brother.”

However, her life was in danger, so she would not carelessly listen to him. Instead, she used a questioning tone to ask, “You know medicine?”

Chen Yang shook his head.

“Chen Yang, what are you trying to do?” Dean Lan already told me that Director Li is in a bad state and wants to be taken to a hospital. Sister-in-law Liang Jie took the opportunity to ask, “Do you know anything about medicine? I’m telling you, if something goes wrong with Li, it’s you. “

This Liang Jie’s ability to take advantage of the situation was truly amazing. With just a few words, she had placed Lee Lin’s unconscious pot on Chen Yang’s head.

Who was Lee Lin?

That was a person at the level of big sister Xichuan City.

The Blackscale Security Group under his command had a few thousand people.

Her little brother, Lee Hu, was also a local boss for Xichuan City.

If something really did happen, not to mention Chen Tianzong, even his entire Chen Family would be affected.

Chen Tianzong pulled Chen Yang: “Yang, stop messing around. I watched you grow up, how come I didn’t know you could still see a doctor?”

Chen Yang withdrew his hand without batting an eyelid. He shook his head: “Second Uncle, you should also know that I have never released something without a target.”

“This …” Chen Tianzong didn’t know how to reply.

“Chen Yang, without a doctor’s license, you dare to spout nonsense here?” Lan Xi smiled. “Do you really doubt my medical skills?”

Based on her many years of clinical experience, she was certain that Lee Lin had passed out due to an emergency. The best way was to send her to the hospital and use scientific instruments to check the cause of illness.

And this Chen Yang in front of me, he didn’t even learn medicine, yet he still dares to spout nonsense here. It’s extremely laughable.

Chen Yang did not try to defend himself. Instead, he turned around and pointed at the Eight Trigrams Mirror hanging above the door: “Actually, Boss Li is not sick at all. He’s just fighting the Earth Fiend.”

Earth Fiend?

What is this?

She was stunned for a moment, then a layer of anger involuntarily appeared on her pretty face. This Chen Yang was speaking nonsense.

However, Chen Yang chose to ignore her anger. He said leisurely: “The Feng Shui of this rich and powerful villa is very good. However, this is the bad thing. If I am not wrong, all the villas and villas in this Rich Villa have a Eight Trigrams Mirror hanging from them. “

“Originally, it is understandable for Eight Trigrams Mirror to be hanging around, but instead, it has the effect of suppressing evil. However, with so many people here today, people are naturally born with magnetic fields, and now the villa’s feng shui situation is in chaos, the Eight Trigrams Mirror can no longer suppress the evil.” At the end, Chen Yang pointed to the well in the garden outside the manor. “As long as you move Director Li to the well and cover his face with the well water, this well can be broken.”

Feng Shui?

Earth Fiend?

Hearing Chen Yang’s words, everyone present was shocked.

“Hahaha, what era is this? There are still people who believe this!”

It was not known who in the crowd laughed and said that, but soon after, the entire crowd began to boil.

“Aiyo, that’s so funny. Don’t tell me this kid has read too many novels?”

“He’s really putting on an act. How can such a person be worthy of standing here? He really shames our Chen Family!”

“In my opinion, this brat has thought of Home Son-in-law as someone for too long, even his IQ has dropped.”

“Patriarch Chen, has this nephew of yours gone mad?” At this time, someone shouted at Chen Tianzong, “Truly bringing shame to our Chen Family. In my opinion, this sort of person should get him out of here as early as possible.”

These words immediately gained the approval of everyone.

“That’s right, standing with someone like him, I feel as if the air is getting worse.”

“Hahahahaha …”

Hearing everyone’s taunts, Chen Tianzong looked like he had just eaten a dead child. His face was as dark as the bottom of a pot.

He was the Patriarch of the Chen Family, when had he ever been ridiculed in such a manner?

At this time, Lan Xi shook her head, looked at Chen Tianzong and said: “Mr. Chen, I am a doctor, I have already done what I have to say, as for what to do, you Chen Family can decide, everything else has nothing to do with me.”

After saying that, she stood up from the ground and moved to the side, no longer speaking.

Chen Tianzong stood on the spot, extremely conflicted.

He originally thought Chen Yang was talking nonsense, but after thinking about it again, he really didn’t know how to say something that he wasn’t sure of. Moreover, no matter what, he was still a member of the Chen Family, so if something really happened to Lee Lin, he wouldn’t be able to escape responsibility.

While Chen Tianzong was at a loss, Chen Lei walked to Chen Yang’s side in embarrassment and whispered in his ear, “Brother, how about we take Director Li to the hospital?”

Chen Yang looked at Chen Lei in surprise, “Do you think that your brother is a person who talks nonsense?”

Chen Lei was stunned, suddenly recalling everything Chen Yang had done all these years, which one of it didn’t develop in the direction he said?

At this moment, Chen Lei was ashamed of his lack of trust. He took a deep breath and said, “Brother, I believe you.”

With that, he called over a few female servants who were standing by the side. “Come, help Director Li to the well in the garden.”

“Lei, have you gone mad?” Liang Jie stood up and looked at Chen Lei in disbelief, “He’s sick, don’t tell me you also went crazy with him?”

Chen Lei ignored her and yelled, “Are you deaf? Didn’t you hear what I just said? “

The maids were surprised, but they quickly came over and carried Lee Lin to the well in the garden.

Seeing this scene, all the guests present shook their heads.

It’s fine if Chen Yang’s brain isn’t sharp, but why is Chen Lei also messing around? Was it not serious enough?

“Where’s my sister? Where’s my sister? Get lost! “

At this moment, an angry voice sounded from the manor’s entrance.

Before anyone could react, a group of people entered through the door.

The leader was a man in a black suit. Behind him was a man in black robes. Each of them had a ferocious tiger tattooed on their bodies. It was very eye-catching.

It was Lee Hu!

Lee Lin’s brother, Lee Hu, was here!

This person was the leader of the Xichuan City Dao. The moment he appeared, all the guests shut their mouths, afraid that they would bring disaster upon themselves.

“Fuck you, do you wish to die with your Chen Family?” Why didn’t you send my sister to the hospital? ” Lee Hu led the group to the entrance of the well. Looking at Lee Lin who was unconscious while sitting on the chair, his face turned hideous.

“Brother Li, don’t get so excited yet. Listen to my explanation.” Chen Tianzong immediately walked up and explained: “It’s like this …”

Before he could finish, Liang Jie walked out from the side, trembling as she said, “Li …” “Director Li, it’s not that we don’t want to send you off, it’s just that we can’t.”

She swallowed her saliva and pointed at Chen Yang in fear: “It’s him, he’s the one who stopped us from sending your sister to the hospital, this has nothing to do with our Chen Family.”


Lee Hu turned around and looked at Chen Yang with a ferocious look, “Who are you? How dare you stop my sister from going to the hospital, are you … Do you want to die? “

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