The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 58 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 58 (Pyrrolidine)

Chen Yang just grinned when faced with Lee Hu’s threat.

He calmly said, “Your sister is great to start with, yet the infernal power has actually entered her body. As long as this infernal energy is liquified, she will certainly be fine.”

Seeing his unwinded expression, the capillaries on Lee Hu’s temple bulged: “Quit playing games with me here, what baleful qi enters your body, let me tell you, if anything actually occurs to my sibling, I ensure you will live a life worse than fatality.”

” As Well As your Chen Family.” Lee Hu looked at Chen Tianzong and the rest and also said coldly, “Don’t attempt to clear up the relationship between us.”

Lee Hu’s voice wasn’t loud, yet it was listened to by the group. When it entered their ears, it cooled them to the core, creating them to subconsciously shiver.

No person would question his words, because Lee Hu deserved his words.

Chen Tianzong also smiled bitterly: “Sibling Li, I really …”

” Coughing …” “Cough, cough …”

At that moment, Lee Lin, who was resting at the mouth of the well, coughed a couple of times prior to awakening.

When she opened her stunning eyes, everybody was stunned.

Holy crap, he truly got up!

Also Dean Lan could not wake her up, but Chen Yang did it.

This … Incredible.

It was a pity that Lee Lin had woken up, or else, her Chen Family members would have been in deep problem.

They really did not think that Chen Yang was the one to wake her up. They just really felt that the hall was loaded with people and also the oxygen was limited. Now that they had relocated her outside, the air was a lot more liquid, which was why Lee Lin woke up.

Seeing that Lee Lin had woken up, Lee Hu quickly squatted down and also took a look at his sibling worriedly, “Sis, are you alright? What happened just now? Just how did you drop unconscious?”

Lee Lin shielded her eyes from the glow with her hands. She then opened her eyes and got used to the light.

Lee Hu frowned when he heard Lee Lin’s words. At the same time, he turned around and also considered Chen Yang.

Chen Yang walked over and also asked Lee Lin with a smile: “Employer Li, this is baleful qi entering your body. Consider it meticulously, did you see anything before dropping unconscious?”

F * ck, Lee Hu’s face instantly transformed unsightly. He felt that he was also merciful, to the point that somebody even dared to place on a show in front of him.

With a bleak face, he clinched his fists as well as will charge ahead to hit Chen Yang.

However, presently, Lee Lin all of a sudden opened her mouth and stated, “Prior to I passed out, I saw an Eight Trigrams Mirror hanging on the door. I was a little interested, however then my vision went black and I lost consciousness …”


Presently, everyone was shocked. They all checked out Chen Yang in shock.

Isn’t this too mystical?

Was this a coincidence, or did the Chen Family members bastard of a dropped clan actually comprehend?

Everyone had actually a puzzled expression on their faces.

Chen Yang chuckled, as well as worked as I anticipated: “That’s right, the Eight Trigrams Mirror is made use of to reduce the aura, but there are too many guests going to today’s wedding, triggering the mood to be in disorder, going beyond the limit of what the 8 Trigrams Mirror can withstand. The reason Director Li was unconscious was due to this Eight Trigrams Mirror. Because Director Li is not unwell, how can we discuss saving him? ”

As he talked, he glanced at Lan Xi who was standing beside him.

Lan Xi bit her lips and instantly felt her face warm up.

Initially, she turned nose up at Chen Yang, today that he utilized his power to verify it, he truly did have the ability.

She had actually slipped up in her medical diagnosis. To a physician, this was a memorable discolor. Nonetheless, she was really thankful that Chen Yang had actually overlooked her so plainly in simply a few words.

She couldn’t help but increase her head to look at Chen Yang. When she saw their eyes locked on each other and Chen Yang’s burning stare, her heart could not assist however defeat extremely as well as her face came to be even redder.

Myself … What was going on?

She couldn’t assist yet cover her face as she transformed her head away unnaturally.

Chen Yang couldn’t assist yet applaud her. She was over 30 years old, her upkeep was way as well excellent. She looked like a little girl in her early twenties, however she was elder than a girl.

After he completed appreciating them, Chen Yang looked at Lee Lin and also Wu Tie. These 2 siblings had solid moods and were in high spirits.

Just when Chen Yang was guessing, Lee Lin stood up from the chair, frowned as well as stated, “Mr. Chen, according to what you said, I’m not the only one below today. I do not think that I’m the just one below seeing that Eight Trigrams Mirror.

With that stated, the surrounding guests all started to examine him.

” Yeah, I saw it as well. Why am I fine?”

” Me also, I have actually seen it as well.”

” I think that this brat is deliberately mystifying …”

Chen Yang really did not care in all concerning the concerns from the people around him. He grinned and considered Lee Lin meaningfully, claiming, “Really did not Li just return from the Heavenly Sunflower Phase?”

” Sunflower?” Lee Lin was stunned for a moment prior to she promptly responded, a humiliated expression showing up on her face.

” What sunflower?” Lee Hu stated impatiently, “What the hell is that? Claim it clearly. ”

” The Celestial Sunflower refers to the issue of the lady coming over for the month.” Lan Xi, who was standing at the side, spoke out.

” F * ck you, are you trying to pass away?” Lee Hu was angry: “You asked something in front of many individuals. Was it intentional?”

Equally as he completed talking, the black-shirted hunks behind him additionally bordered him.

Just as every person was preparing to see a great show, Lee Lin shyly stated, “You people step down. This issue has nothing to do with Mr. Chen. I have certainly been …”

That was reasonable.

Chen Yang responded: “Females are already weak these couple of days, it’s typical for their bodies to get revealed by the bad aura, however it’s not a large trouble. They can simply go back as well as remainder for two days.”

Lee Hu took a look at his sister as well as came back to his senses. He stood quietly at the side and really did not say anything else.

Nonetheless, it was impossible to say sorry to Chen Yang for someone like him. He looked deeply at Chen Yang and afterwards supported Lee Lin back to the hall.

With the situation over, the surrounding visitors all returned to the main hall.

Currently, everybody in Chen Household was feeling incredibly made complex. A huge disruption was resolved with simply a couple of words by Chen Yang, which made them really feel a little uncomfortable.

However, in their hearts, Chen Yang was just a phony. What Feng Shui, and the wickedness, were all lies.

This time, he was lucky, and also it was a coincidence that he obtained it.

Chen Family members people looked coldly at Chen Yang, then went back to the wedding hall.

Amongst them, only Chen Bouquet had lots of affection and enjoyment.

He excitedly walked over as well as held Chen Yang’s arm, and claimed in adoration: “Brother, you’re also outstanding, you even know Feng Shui, I admire you so much!”

Chen Yang laughed aloud: “Can your sibling still mess around at your wedding celebration?”

The adhering to wedding reception went efficiently.

Everyone in Chen Household were really delighted with Chen Lei’s wedding. Also 2nd bro Chen Quan advised him to consume, claiming numerous words of true blessings to him.

As a bridegroom, Chen Lei was intoxicated as expected.

After the wedding banquet finished, Chen Yang and also Chen Tianzong said goodbye as well as left.

The moment he went out of the chateau, two black-shirted men using sunglasses approached him.

” Mr. Chen, Hu-ge invites you.”

When the two bodyguards came prior to Chen Yang, they really did not even remove their sunglasses. Although they said please, it was really a risk.

The Sibling Hu they were speaking about was normally Lee Hu.

Even the bodyguards under his command were so egotistic. From this, maybe seen exactly how powerful Lee Hu’s power in Xichuan City was.

Chen Yang had not been going to argue with the 2 servants. He grinned and also adhered to both of them into the car.

Ten mins later, the car quit outside a classy private chateau.

This place can not be contrasted to the Wide range Suite, the decoration was a lot extra simple than the Chen Family Members Suite. The whole vacation home was filled with a Chinese style and also was exceptionally grand.

Chen Yang was led into the hall and also the two guys in black left.

Seeing Chen Yang get in, he stood as well as pointed to the gift box on the side, “You conserved my sister. To share your thankfulness, my sister particularly selected this gift for you. Take it.”

He claimed thanks, yet Chen Yang really did not see any gratitude from his big-headed expression. Instead, it was like he was providing alms to a person.

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