The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 60 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 60 (Framing)

At the same time.

In the Chen Family villa.

Right now, the wedding banquet had actually already ended, as well as the majority of the guests had currently left the estate to congratulate her.

The seniors of the Chen Household had all left, leaving only the youth from the Chen Household who was consuming alcohol a glass of wine in the estate’s hall, shouting that he wished to get involved in the wedding space.

Chen Lei was drunk in the afternoon and also was resting soundly in the bridal chamber. Therefore, it was Mu Sisi who had the responsibility of entertaining the visitors.

2nd bro Chen Quan, 2nd sister-in-law Liang Jie additionally had to accompany her to delight guests.

” It’s obtaining late, do we still need to let the bride and groom enter the wedding chamber?” Looking at the moment, Liang Jie prompted calmly.

Chen Quan was plainly enjoying his wedding event event, so he said: “Today is the big day for little bro, we, as young people of Chen Household, all gathered together, you go first, I’ll chat with them for some time.”

” My tongue is currently large from consuming so what’s there to discuss?”

Liang Jie was dissatisfied in her heart, however it would certainly be tough for her to lose her hubby’s face when she was away, so she got her small bag and left.

The minute Liang Jie left, Chen Quan’s gaze fell on his sister-in-law Mu Sisi.

This sister-in-law of hers, regardless of if it was her appearance or character, they were all first-rate excellent, especially her present look of putting tea and decreasing her head in a pleasing way. The even more she looked, the much more pleasing she looked.

Under the urging of the alcohol, his eyes could not aid however have a hint of something else in them.

The corner of his mouth huddled, he stood up as well as stated, “We have had sufficient beverages today as well as have had our fill. Lei is still not sober yet, so Sisi demands to clean up the area for Bouquet. Let’s return quickly.”

Seeing that the future successor had actually talked, everyone responded as well as left.

After every person had actually left, Chen Quan claimed to Mu Sisi with a smile, “Sisi, thank you for your hard work today.”

Mu Sisi smiled embarrassedly, “Second brother is as well respectful. I can’t entertain you when Chen Lei is drunk.

” Hmm, tolerable. It’s such a good luck for Lei to be able to marry an experienced girl like you.”

Chen Quan stated as he walked over to the water dispenser and poured himself a glass of water.

With his back dealing with Mu Sisi, Chen Quan used this gap to secure a tiny bottle from his pocket and poured some powder right into the water.

The moment the powder fell under the water, it disappeared without a trace.

After the water was poured, Chen Quan commended Mu Sisi, “Sisi, you have actually welcomed clients to a great deal of bars today. Drink some water to sober up and also deal with Lei later on.”

” Thank you, second bro.”

Mu Sisi really did not assume much of it and also took a sip of water.

” Alright, go busy on your own. It’s obtaining late, I need to return now.”

Mu Sisi responded and also accompanied Chen Quan to the door. She then went back to tidy up the table.

It had just been two mins, however Mu Sisi really felt dizzy. She withdrawed a few steps, tripped on something, and fell subconscious onto the ground.

Currently, a figure entered from outside the door.

It was Chen Quan, who had actually currently left.

” It scents so good.” Chen Quan bowed down and also took a deep breath, then brought Mu Sisi up from the ground.

Presently, Mu Sisi had shed her consciousness, entirely not aware of Chen Quan’s activities.

A few mins later, a black Porsche dropped in front of the mansion’s entryway. Soon, Liang Jie got off the automobile with an expressionless face.

As soon as she got in the hall, she saw a view that made her eyes bulge out in fierceness.

” Bastard, what are you doing?”

Chen Quan, who wished to take Mu Sisi for his own, nearly peed his trousers when he heard that. His body softened as well as he diminished the sofa.

Seeing Mu Sisi’s disheveled look on the sofa, Liang Jie walked over madly and slapped Chen Quan hard. She aimed at his nose and also cursed, “You monster, I knew you must have poor intents by staying.”

” She’s your sister-in-law! You pet! Are you even worthwhile of me?”

This slap made Chen Quan panic. He stooped on the ground as well as kept slapping his own face: “My better half, please forgive me.”

” I’m a pet. I consumed alcohol way too much alcohol, so for a moment, I was addicted to sex. I’m sorry, my spouse …”

Chen Quan had constantly hesitated of his other half, and also now that he had done something so horrendous, how could he not be afraid?

Liang Jie was so angry that her body was trembling. Her husband had actually done such an unsympathetic point. If this were to be recognized to others, just how could she remain to inherit the household clan in the future?

No, she most definitely couldn’t allow anybody find out about this. She slapped Chen Quan once more as well as reprimanded, “Garbage, why aren’t you putting your clothing on?”

Chen Quan was almost put to the ground, yet he was scared to death, exactly how could he attempt to make a sound? He right away stood up as well as put on his clothes, and stated with a sullen face: “Wife, catch …” What should we do following? ”

Liang Jie blazed at her and also strolled over to look at Mu Sisi. Apart from the couple of kiss marks on her body, there were no other marks on her body.

Chen Quan trembled his head like a rattle drum. “No, absolutely not. Equally as I was about to go in, you came …”

” That’s good, that’s excellent.” Liang Jie breathed freely, “After that swiftly get her clothes on and send her to Lei’s area. This issue will certainly be fine.”

Seeing that Chen Quan was still standing there, she stomped her foot in anger: “What are you still standing there for, hurry as well as go!”

” Oh.”.

Chen Quan trembled as well as swiftly walked to Mu Sisi. Equally as he was about to hug her, he observed Mu Sisi’s eyes moved. He was surprised and also rapidly resorted to his spouse, “Oh no, she will wake up!”.

If Liang Jie listened to that, would not it be throughout if she saw it?

She stomped her feet as a suggestion all of a sudden flashed with her mind. She looked at Mu Sisi and also recognized that she had indicators of waking up. If she recklessly moved, it was likely that she would certainly get up.

It would actually be over after that.

She quickly stated: “Do not touch her, hurry up and also remove that Eight Trigrams Mirror and placed it close to her.”.

” Better half, what time is it? What do you want that broken mirror for?”.

Liang Jie gritted her teeth and also said, “Why are you chatting so much rubbish? “Currently that she’s around to wake up, I can just condemn it on that pointless brother of your own, Chen Yang.”.

Chen Quan unexpectedly understood his better half’s definition. He swiftly removed the Eight Trigrams Mirror from the door and passed it to Liang Jie.

After obtaining the Eight Trigrams Mirror, Liang Jie positioned it close to Mu Sisi. She opened the back door of the chateau, producing the impression that she came in from behind the door.

After doing all this, Chen Quan could not assist but offer his spouse a thumbs up: “Other half, you’re too clever.”.

Throughout the day, Chen Yang’s Feng Shui concept had actually stunned everybody. He also stated that Lee Lin passed out because of this Eight Trigrams Mirror.

Although Liang Jie could not do it, she understood that many individuals currently believed it. Mu Sisi was one of them.

Since Chen Yang comprehended Feng Shui so well, he normally utilized a technique to knock Mu Sisi out with his Eight Trigrams Mirror.

When Mu Sisi awakened with her garments in disarray as well as kissed throughout her body, she would normally presume Chen Yang when she saw the 8 Trigrams Mirror next to her.

After setting up whatever, she found that Chen Quan was still lustfully looking at Mu Sisi. She couldn’t aid however kick his foot greatly: “You’re not leaving yet. You intend to remain below and wait for her to awaken?”.

Keeping that, Liang Jie reversed and also left the hall.

Chen Quan dragged his limping leg and also rapidly followed them out. His heart was in turmoil as he asked worriedly: “Lao …” Other half, is this suggestion actually helpful? “If Mu Sisi finds another person to investigate, then …”.

Prior to he can complete, Liang Jie had already slapped him. You got harassed by others, and you still want to spread it all over the world? “.

Chen Quan covered his face as well as could not aid but laugh: “Wifey, what you stated makes good sense …”.

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