The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 62 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 62 (Comparing)

“You’re. I additionally believe that the car is simply a walking tool.” Chen Yang said lightly, “That’s why I got a relatively normal vehicle. It’s matched with an imported Mercedes-Benz [S] class car.”


Imported Mercedes-Benz [S] course cars?

Or was it the very best suit?

Could they have heard wrong?

Individuals in the room took a look at each other, then considered Chen Yang in disbelief. They all believed they heard wrong.

As for Tang Jing and also Su Miao, they nearly choked on their tea.

Wasn’t he also immoral?

That Mercedes-Benz S grade automobile, wasn’t it his employer’ vehicle?

Currently, he really said that it was his in front of every person. His face was even thicker than a city wall surface.

Xie Feng was stunned.

It was an S-class imported Mercedes-Benz. This vehicle was close to 2 million RMB.

No, this child was certainly bragging!

Shen Qin was stunned for a moment before she smiled and said, “Flavor Jing, your Miao deals with Chen Yang so well. She agrees to buy him such a great cars and truck.”

What she claimed sounded like a praise to Su Miao, yet she secretly delegated Chen Yang to the ground as well as stepped on him.

The mockery in her words was plainly listened to by everyone in the area.

Shen Qin did not believe that Chen Yang can drive an S-class Mercedes. She was sure that Su Miao had actually gotten Chen Yang some face.

Who really did not understand that he was just a lazy garbage?

Flavor Jing blazed at Chen Yang. She really did not also want to claim anything any longer.

Currently, Chen Yang drank his head helplessly and claimed, “The car wasn’t bought for me by Miao, it’s my boss’s.”.


Besides this moment, the auto isn’t your own?

After that why are you pretending to be a huge trailed wolf?

The girls in the room covered their mouths with their hands as well as couldn’t help yet sneakily laugh.

Aiyo, this Chen Yang is too amusing. After all that, the automobile is not his, but his employer’s.

Was he here to be amusing?

Haha, as well amusing.

Hearing Chen Yang’s words, Tang Jing’s face turned red. She intended to locate an opening as well as hide in it.

Simply when every person was in a state of euphoria, Chen Yang transformed the topic of the discussion: “But given that the boss saw that I did well, he gave me the vehicle. The cars and truck is now mine.”.


Their smiles froze.

What firm’s manager could be so generous regarding delicately give a one to 2 million automobile to an employee?

Presently, Xie Feng spoke up, “May I ask if Bro Chen remains in a great setting to tell us which firm you benefit, for you to receive such good therapy?”.

Chen Yang glanced at him and also stated gently, “It’s just a tiny company, unworthy pointing out.”.

Xie Feng really did not think him in any way. This Chen Yang was most definitely bragging, there was no demand to talk with someone like Ye Zichen any longer.

Xie Feng thought for a moment, then got an exquisite present box from behind his back, handed it to Shen Qin and also said, “Mom, thanks for trusting me a lot, as well as handing your precious daughter to me. This is a little present from me, I hope you will certainly like it.”.

Shen Qin took package. “Aiya, check out you, we’re currently family members, and also you still treat me this way.”.

Although he claimed this, his face was growing with happiness.

” Sister Qin, what gift did your son-in-law provide you?”.

” Quick, open it and also allow us open our eyes.”.

A few women students sitting alongside Shen Qin stated in envy.

” Then … “Fine.” Shen Qin grinned as she opened the box. Inside was a set of bracelets inlaid with gold and also jade.

” Hua!”.

What an attractive bracelet.

Virtually at the same time, the ladies in the area exclaimed in surprise.

” Oh my god, isn’t that Old Feng Xiang’s new jade bangle?”.

” This arm band is also beautiful. Just how much does it cost to buy it?”.

” Feng, you’re wasting too much cash.” Shen Qin claimed to be upset. “Even if you have money, you can’t invest it like that. Nevertheless, we still need to stay in the future.”.

” Inform Mother, just how much did this arm band price? If it’s too costly, after that I’ll return and take out. “.

” Mama, this is what I desired. I can not buy it regardless of how much I invest.” Xie Feng smiled and said, “Besides, this bracelet doesn’t have much money. It’s only around 100,000 yuan.”.

A hundred thousand?

He acquired a set of bracelets and also stated it wasn’t much cash?

Paradises, this Xie Feng was as well generous.

For a moment, all the ladies in the space were stupefied.

This bracelet could be passed on from generation to generation. If they could likewise have this set of arm bands, after that how long would it take for them to use it?

Even Su Miao couldn’t aid yet be moved. She considered Xie Feng and then considered Chen Yang. All sorts of ideas developed into a sigh.

There was no demand to state Flavor Jing. At this minute, she really wanted to kick Chen Yang out.

” Feng, this present is too costly. Why don’t we just take it back as well as push it away?” Shen Qin claimed, humiliated.

” Mother, simply put your heart back in your belly.” Xie Feng grinned and also said, “You’ve given me your most valuable treasures.

I’ll provide you over a hundred thousand yuan to buy a set of bracelets. What?

Paying attention to her son-in-law’s words, Shen Qin can not have her joy. She no longer acted pretentiously, unwillingly stating, “Then your purposes, Mama …” “After that I’ll approve it.”.

She might not help yet sigh as well as state, “People claim that a son-in-law is half a child. This son-in-law of mine is much more intimate than his very own son. He is upright and trusted, and also has a young age yet couple of success. When I get old, I can lastly have somebody to depend on.”.

After she finished speaking, she took a look at Tang Jing, purposefully or accidentally, and stated to Xie Feng once more, “Little Feng, you need to remember that as a person, you should be sincere, and also not resemble a certain person who only recognizes just how to flaunt.”.

” Mama, I will absolutely remember this in my heart.” Xie Feng nodded and also stated seriously.

Flavor Jing had actually been keeping back her temper in her heart. Now that she listened to Shen Qin’s words, she was immediately fired.

She reversed and saw Chen Yang alcohol consumption tea with his legs crossed. He resembled it had nothing to do with her, so mad that she almost exploded.

How could this good-for-nothing still have the state of mind to consume alcohol tea at once like this?

Tang Jing truly wished to order her bag and leave today. If she did that, it would only make Shen Qin as well as the others laugh at her also much more.

No, he couldn’t leave.

Tang Jing took a deep breath and required herself to cool down.

She had actually wished to get a divorce from Su Miao and also Chen Yang, but now, she was a lot more determined. After the divorce mored than, she would certainly do whatever she can to get a separation from him.

Su Miao could not sit still either. She looked at Shen Qin. No matter what, she was an older. Exactly how could she claim such words?

When she looked at Chen Yang next to her, she really felt helpless.

Given that his other half was willing to offer face to his mother-in-law, he may too let it go.

Sigh …

She discharge a pale sigh.

Seeing Tang Jing lower her head, Shen Qin really felt much more delighted with herself.

She assumed for a bit as well as felt that it wasn’t sufficient, so she looked towards Chen Yang. She smiled as well as connected her hand: “Chen Yang, I’m using the pair of arm bands that Xie Feng provided me, exactly how nice is it?”.

Chen Yang blew on the tea and also replied perfunctorily without even considering her, “Typical.”.


Shen Qin almost burst out laughing.

Can you, a freeloader, manage it?

The minute Chen Yang stated this, everybody in the room covered their mouths as well as started giggling. Their gazes were loaded with disdain and ridicule.

F * ck, can not these individuals be a little intriguing?

Is it extra fun than going?

Hearing their buffooning giggling, Chen Yang rubbed his forehead helplessly.

He put down his teacup, stood, and walked out of the room.

” Hey hey, why did he leave so swiftly after that?” Shen Qin stated hypocritically, “Did I hurt his satisfaction? It’s all my fault, I shouldn’t have actually asked him. “.

” Sister Qin, it has nothing to do with you. He’s just a produced man and also does not have the capacity to do so. That are you condemning?”.

” Exactly!”.

After Chen Yang left, there was no person left to mock. Shen Qin as well as Xie Feng were both a little let down.

Flavor Jing privately breathed freely. This good-for-nothing had actually finally left. If she really did not let them simulated him today, he would not also have the ability to raise his head.

Su Miao wanted to chase after him, but she checked out Flavor Jing. She could not potentially let her mother keep below by herself? She believed for a moment and then quit on the concept of chasing after him.

No person anticipated Chen Yang to return a couple of minutes later.

When he pushed open package and also went into, Tang Jing’s expression quickly turned undesirable.

” Why are you back? “You still believe that I have not lost enough face?”.

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