The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 63 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 63 (Reversal)

Seeing that Chen Yang had returned, Su Miao stood as well as murmured, “Why did you return? Just wait on me in the auto.”

Chen Yang smiled and also put the box in front of Flavor Jing.

This gift was offered by Chen Tianzong, since Chen Yang was ousted from the Chen Family members and also was taken right into the Su Family members.

Nonetheless, not a single person from Chen Household got involved. This made him really feel incredibly sorry, as well as specifically made the most of Chen Bouquet’s special day to replenish him.

Chen Yang did not stand on ceremony and also accepted it.

He smiled at Flavor Jing and stated, “Mom, Miao and I have been wed for almost 3 years, yet I, as your son-in-law, have not given you a proper existing. This is a little gift from me, I wish you can accept it.”


This brat really did not simply exclude to shame himself, he went to the auto to get a present?

Everybody in the space had their gazes chosen the gift box.

Flavor Jing was reluctant for a moment before reaching out to open up the gift box.

The minute the box was opened, a faint sandalwood scent wafted out from package. There was actually a beautifully sculpted wooden box inside.

The fragrance of the sandalwood came from the wooden box.

Hiss ~

Was this box constructed from sandalwood?

This was too high quality! If also a box was so charming, then would not the important things inside be even more priceless?

For a moment, many people whispered in their hearts.

Naturally, a lot of them were still unconvinced. Simply how much could a lazy and also laid-back son-in-law like him provide?

He was probably placing on an act to preserve one’s honor.

They were specific that Flavor Jing didn’t risk to open up the wooden box in front of everybody. Otherwise, wouldn’t she be subjecting her secret?

” Sibling Chen, this journey took much less than two or three mins. Xie Feng came back to his detects and also stated with a smile: “I don’t think there are any deluxe stores around here.

Chen Yang grinned as well as really did not claim anything.

” Flavor Jing, swiftly open it and allow us see what provide your son-in-law has provided you.” Shen Qin stated with a harmful smile.

” That’s right, Tang Jing, do not be so stingy. We have good stuff to look after too.”

” Do not simply conceal it, possibly this gift is also much better than the one Xie Feng offered you.”

Currently, the remainder of the people in the area also joined in.

Tang Jing bit her lips. Why would certainly she want her hands so low-cost? Wasn’t this humiliating?

She really did not believe that Chen Yang might provide her such an excellent present. Just like what Xie Feng stated, if it truly was a street vendor, after that she would never ever be able to elevate her head in front of these schoolmates once more.

… Were the stalls that beautiful now?

Tang Jing could not help however feel puzzled.

Ultimately, under the urging of others, she still opened package.

The moment the box was opened, everyone’s eyes were wide open and also their mouths agape. Their faces were full of shock.

Tang Jing was stupefied.

Su Miao was likewise shocked.

The smiles on Shen Qin and Xie Feng’s faces froze!

This … Exactly how was this possible?

Xie Feng ingested his saliva. He took a look at the dazzling ruby locket beaming under the light with a face packed with shock.

Oh my god!

The diamond pendant additionally had gems of different shades installed into it. Every single one of them was as huge as a pigeon’s egg. The making light made every person existing shed their minds.

Both of jade bracelets that Shen Qin had actually received were simply garbage contrasted to the pendant.

No one present was a fool. Also the diamond in the middle of the hall set you back an exorbitant quantity. Now that they saw it, the jade bracelet that Xie Feng had provided was merely difficult to consider.

” Such a large diamond would most likely cost at the very least a number of million? There are likewise some rubies as well as sapphires. If we add them all together, would not this pendant deserve 10s of millions? ”

” Over 10 million?” Just him? “Quit teasing me!”

” That’s right, such an expensive present, can he manage it? In my viewpoint, this necklace should be phony. ”

” That’s right, I additionally feel that this locket is phony.”

Among the questioning voices of the crowd, Xie Feng felt his head buzzing and also his mind going blank.

If others couldn’t tell, just how could he?

Although the Giant Cauldron Team mainly sold foreign profession, it likewise dealt in fashion jewelry and also fashion jewelry.

The diamond pendant and the treasure before him, no matter whether it remained in terms of gloss, workmanship, or appearance, were all high quality products and also did not appear phony in all.

Although he was only the manager of the branch of the Titan Cauldron Company, he had actually never seen a gem of such high quality in a jewelry shop run by the Giant Cauldron Company.

He … Had not been he a lazy, overstuffed son-in-law?

How could he take out such a priceless present?

At this time, Flavor Jing also slowly came back to her detects. She considered Chen Yang with a difficult expression: “This …” Just how much did you spend on this pendant? ”

Tang Jing additionally had lots of precious jewelry as well as pendants. Nevertheless, none were as big as the treasures on the pendant, so she had not been certain if the products in her hands were actual or phony.

” A good friend gave it to me.”

Chen Yang stated gently.

Flavor Jing’s expression immediately broke down upon hearing that.

Good friend sent it?

After that this pendant is most definitely unreal. He’s simply a piece of garbage, what good can pals offer him?

Sigh …

She sighed in her heart. As expected, mud could not sustain a wall.

It was one point to be buffooned by others just a minute ago, today that he had brought out a delay, he was about to become the laughingstock of the masses once more.

She looked at the necklace and also became angry. She couldn’t help but wish to toss it into the trash bin.

Just as she was about to grab the pendant, a woman stood up from a close-by seat. “Let me see!”

This is Flavor Jing’s little girl, she studied fashion jewelry identification in college.

When everyone heard her, they all held their breath, while Flavor Jing additionally mysteriously passed the locket to her.

A moment later, the lady cried out as she held the locket, “This … This gem as well as this ruby are all actual, and also every one of them is state-of-the-art. ”

” If I’m not incorrect, this necklace must be British Royal Design. I conservatively approximate the rate ought to be around 20 million. If it really is the Royal family of England, then I can’t approximate its value. ”

After stating that, the woman looked deeply at Chen Yang and also went back to her seat.


This locket was conventional by an estimated 20 million?

Oh my god!

Did we listen to wrong, or did she simply claim another word?

Everyone was surprised. Their mouths were open so large that an egg could be put down.

Xie Feng had actually currently recognized that the pendant was real, however he didn’t mention it intentionally.

Now that the results of the girl’s appraisal were out, his expression ended up being extremely complicated.

Shen Qin was entirely dumbfounded as she stared at the stunning pendant, her eyes almost popping out of their outlets.

” Chen …” Chen Yang, you … Are you sure you intend to give me this necklace? ”

Presently, Flavor Jing had actually currently lost consciousness from the positive surprise. She thought that this pendant was phony, however she really did not anticipate the woman to inform her that this necklace was genuine and also worth 20 million yuan. She really felt that her brain had actually totally lost its capability to assume.

She no longer wished to think of how Chen Yang got this pendant. She just wanted to know if Chen Yang was actually offering this necklace to her.

A necklace with a conservative value of twenty million.

It was something she really did not even risk imagine.

Chen Yang grinned and also said, “Mama, this pendant was originally indicated for you, as long as you like it.”

He had not expected his 2nd uncle to be so charitable, giving him a locket worth twenty million yuan in one go.

Nonetheless, contrasted to the 5 billion that he had offered to Chen Family, this 2 million buck pendant was not worth pointing out.

” I like it, Mommy likes it excessive.” Tang Jing fast nodded her head. She was so excited that she didn’t know where to place her hand.

She got a wet towel as well as wiped her hands. After that, she thoroughly held the locket in her hands and also impatiently placed it on her neck.

The minute she placed the necklace on, Shen Qin’s jealousy virtually devoured her.

She was so envious. Such a beautiful necklace, she … I really desire it.

From start to finish, Su Miao did not say anything. She considered Chen Yang with a puzzled expression.

What good friend would certainly provide him such a precious gift?

The previous 8 million was now an additional twenty million well worth of necklace.

Chen Yang’s body appeared to be shrouded in a layer of haze, making her incapable to see him plainly.

She took a deep breath. It seemed like she needed to find a time to question him.

Flavor Jing’s wish to sign up with the class get-together ended up being the brightest place in the entire venue, and also Shen Qin was once more outdone by her.

After the party ended, heading residence, Su Miao, who was being in the first guest seat, couldn’t aid however ask Chen Yang, “That precisely is that good friend of yours? What was his name? I. Do you recognize him? “

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