The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 64 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 64 (Message Spread)

“Which good friend do you indicate?” Chen Yang pretended to be puzzled as he said.

” The good friend who provided you the pendant.” Su Miao little bit her lips and also claimed.

” Oh, this friend.” Chen Yang instantly claimed, “He’s the close friend that provided me 8 million.”

Su Miao rolled her eyes at him as well as stated, “Quit playing foolish. I’m asking who he is and also if I know him.”

As he talked, the cars and truck quit. He scraped his head and said, “You can go home currently.

Seeing that he kept changing the subject, Su Miao had no choice however to get out of the automobile.

Chen Yang was relieved when he saw Su Miao leave the auto. He stepped on the accelerator and also the vehicle jumped out.

Enjoying Chen Yang’s car disappear from her view, Su Miao couldn’t help however stomp her feet. This dead man was still concealing it from her. Next time, she should ask him regarding it.

At the same time, in Wealth Vacation Home, Chen Family Members Vacation Home.

Chen Bouquet opened his eyes in a daze. He pressed his puffy head as well as felt extremely unpleasant.

He had even failed to remember how much red wine he had intoxicated during the wedding celebration reception that mid-day.

Nevertheless, he was extremely happy. From the moment he as well as Mu Sisi had actually married, their 4 years of love operating had lastly concerned an end.

What made him even better was that he had actually not seen his big brother for a long period of time as well as had concerned praise him also.

Everything was moving in the appropriate direction. Thinking of this, a warm smile appeared on his face, and he left the bed and left of the bed room.

” Sisi, where are you?”

After leaving the area, Chen Bouquet shouted however didn’t get any kind of feedback from Mu Sisi. A bad feeling climbed in his heart.

He rapidly went downstairs, and just as he got to the staircase, his body suddenly shivered as he saw a scene that he would certainly never forget for the rest of his life.

His new other half was resting on the couch in the living-room, garments scattered around the floor.

” Ah!” “Sisi!

Chen Lei barked towards the skies and also his eyes quickly transformed blood-red.

He really felt as if his heart had ruined right into many items, and also his emotions immediately fell down.

” Who? Who is it?” Chen Bouquet barked: “Regardless of that you are, I, Chen Lei, swear to the paradises that I will certainly tear you into a thousand items!”

Chen Bouquet instantly brought his other half back to the bedroom and also covered her with a covering. He browsed the hall for evidence as if he was freaking out.

He despised it. Why really did not they install monitoring in the house? Why didn’t they install surveillance in such a large manor?!

He searched your home but didn’t discover any kind of ideas. All his power was promptly sucked away. He returned to his bedroom in a daze like a marionette.

Considering the kiss marks on Mu Sisi’s skin, he really felt an acute pain in his heart as well as sustained the discomfort in his heart as he assisted her to outfit.

At this moment, Mu Sisi’s eyelashes trembled as she slowly opened her eyes.

” Hubby.” The moment she saw Chen Bouquet, Mu Sisi exclaimed and embraced Chen Lei.

” You … “He woke up!” Chen Lei forced himself to pull himself with each other as well as said with a smile.

Mu Sisi responded as well as looked at her nude body. She stated shyly, “Why are you so distressed?

She was as well reluctant to continue.

She assumed Chen Lei had actually already taken off her very first time.

When both of them remained in love, there were a number of times when he virtually shed his mood. If it wasn’t for Mu Sisi stopping him at one of the most turning point, she would have currently given it to him.

From her point of view, her very first time was to hand it over to her partner on her wedding night. Chen Lei could not reject and also might just concur.

Consequently, after validating that it was Chen Bouquet, Mu Sisi did not get angry. Instead, she felt a feeling of happiness.

Chen Lei was incredibly remorseful presently, and also the shame in his heart was about to ingest him up.

” Spouse, what occurred to you? With a heaviness of heart.” Mu Sisi held Chen Bouquet’s arm as well as asked.

Chen Lei dislodged a smile, drank his head and stated, “It’s alright, I consumed excessive today.”

While he was speaking, he was in fact considering who it was. All of a sudden, he had a flash of ideas, and also idea of the 8 Trigrams Mirror on the couch. He hurried down the stairways like a madman.

Mu Sisi was careless and also nearly fell off the bed. She was smart to start with, however when she thought about Chen Lei’s unnatural expression as well as his actions, she vaguely really felt that something bad had actually happened.

She swiftly placed on a set of clothes, as well as without bothering to put on her footwear, she rushed out of the bed room barefooted. Standing in the passage of the second flooring, she saw the Eight Trigrams Mirror that was set out on the couch.

Looking at Chen Lei, that was securely holding onto the Eight Trigrams Mirror, Mu Sisi felt much more anxious. She went downstairs and also looked towards the instructions of Chen Lei’s gaze. The back entrance of the manor was wide open …

Suddenly, she thought of something as well as her face turned pale. After a few secs of silence, she could not help but ask, “Simply …” Weren’t you touching me recently? ”

She was slightly able to guess what her partner was doing, yet she had not been sure.

If he actually did touch her, then why did he … Compeling a smile?

And also why did he go bananas as well as go downstairs to order the Eight Trigrams Mirror in his hands? Didn’t Big Brother claim that the 8 Trigrams Mirror was incapable to reduce its aura?

She kept in mind really plainly that all the doors as well as home windows in the room were closed. There was no other way she might leave the back entrance open …

Chen Lei gritted his teeth so hard that they practically ruined. Just how might he tell her this harsh fact!

Mu Sisi could not assist but take 2 go back. The blood on her face faded in a split second, and her splits fell from the edges of her eyes. She then crashed into the wall of the hall.

” Sisi, do not …” At that moment, Chen Lei really felt that his heart was about to quit. He got rid of the 8 Trigrams Mirror in his hand as well as hurried onward to get hold of Mu Sisi in time to hug her.

He claimed with wonderful heartache, “Sisi, do not stress. I will most definitely discover that did it. I will definitely give you justice.”

Mu Sisi didn’t state anything as tears began to roll down her cheeks uncontrollably.

Chen Bouquet held her securely in his arms, and once more, his stare fell on the Eight Trigrams Mirror that he threw on the sofa.

A scary guess emerged in his mind.

Could it be my big brother?

No … Impossible, big brother isn’t that kind of individual!

What concerning this 8 Trigrams Mirror?

He hadn’t also obtained the possibility to remove it from the doorframe yet, so why was it below?

Only he had an interest in the 8 Trigrams Mirror, and also only he recognized how to use it.

He considered just how Lee Lin had passed out as a result of this 8 Trigrams Mirror and how her partner had passed out as a result of this 8 Trigrams Mirror.

Huge bro, he … Why did you do this to me?

” Sisi, just now …” “Are you sure you don’t bear in mind anything at all?” Chen Bouquet asked with a suffering.

It was no less than a second injury to let his spouse remember what had actually just taken place.

Mu Sisi choked with sobs. “I just bear in mind that man always kissing me. I felt some discomfort in my body. I thought you were the one kissing me, so I didn’t stand up to …”

After claiming that, Mu Sisi’s heart pain even more. She wiped her rips away as well as took a look at the Eight Trigrams Mirror on the sofa. In her heart, she started to ask yourself if that guy was Chen Yang.

Chen Bouquet said no a lot more. Rather, he securely hugged his partner. His heart was hemorrhaging.

This matter was related to his other half’s credibility. If it was expanded, with Mu Sisi’s loyal character, she would absolutely seek fatality.

The very best means was to check out in secret.

Chen Bouquet never assumed that his conversation with Mu Sisi would certainly be listened to clearly by the two female servants outside the door.

They took a look at each other as well as at each other.

Throughout the day’s wedding celebration, Mu Sisi saw that the two of them were as well exhausted, so she let the two of them go back to their spaces to rest.

For that reason, when Chen Quan snuck in to molest them, both of them were still oversleeping the room outside, so they really did not understand what had actually occurred.

Both of them only woke up when they listened to Chen Lei’s angry holler towards the skies.

The two of them trembled their heads as well as quietly returned to your home. They heard something they should not have actually listened to. If they were to be discovered, I hesitate …

However, early in the early morning of the next day, news of Mu Sisi being tainted by others spread out via the Chen Family …

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