The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 65 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 65 (Jump Two Levels)

Chen Quan had a guilty conscience to begin with, so when he listened to the news, he was much more frightened.

When Liang Jie saw her other half’s afraid appearance, she ended up being so mad that she kicked him. “Come, let’s go to Chen Lei’s place.”

” Ah?” “Why?” Chen Quan said with a long face.

Liang Jie responded her head. “If I tell you to go, then go.

In the end, there was no other way Liang Jie can defeat him as well as he helplessly followed.

Externally, Liang Jie wished to go to Chen Lei and also his partner, yet actually, she wished to obtain some helpful details from them.

” Bouquet, what took place last evening? Currently the word is around your home.” The moment they entered the hall, Chen Quan asked Chen Bouquet.

Liang Jie gave Chen Quan a wink, then went upstairs to the room, acting to comfort Mu Sisi.

Chen Bouquet didn’t intend to state it, yet seeing that the issue had been revealed, he couldn’t aid but to sigh as well as tell the story through gritted teeth.

” I never ever assumed that Chen Yang would be so crazy to really do such a ruthless point.” After hearing what Chen Lei claimed, Chen Quan cursed in heartache: “He was still a big brother fruitless. He in fact did such a vile thing.”

Chen Bouquet’s eyes were likewise red. He trembled his head and also stated, “2nd Bro, Big Brother is simply dubious. He could not have actually done this.”

” Oh, Bouquet, the truth is currently before you, yet you still believe him at this time?” Chen Quan said madly.

Listening to the voices of both downstairs, Liang Jie went out of the room, “The proof is definitive currently, who else could it be other than Chen Yang? He recognized Eight Trigrams Mirror so well, as well as just he would utilize this 8 Trigrams Mirror to do something. In my point of view, he needs to have seen his sister-in-law beverage way too much, so he had evil thoughts and used the 8 Trigrams Mirror … ”

She did not complete her words because if she claimed that, she would indirectly injure Chen Lei and also his other half. She ingested her words and stated with a face packed with indignation: “In addition, I listened to that Chen Yang had not also touched his spouse’s hand when he joined Su Family members for as long. Consider it, he’s simply a normal guy. He’s been holding it in for so long, now he’s seen his sister-in-law intoxicated on the sofa, completely not really prepared. That’s still not meat on the cutting block, let him … ”

” Alright, stop it.” Chen Quan stopped Liang Jie and also said to Chen Bouquet, “Lei, do not worry. 2nd Brother will absolutely assist you obtain justice for this matter.”

Liang Jie likewise concurred from the side, “That’s right, we can’t let this beast go.”

Chen Bouquet’s expression was very ugly. His heart had currently gone down to the bottom of all-time low. Originally, he still had a sliver of hope for Chen Yang, but after hearing the words of Second Brother and Second Sister-in-Law … He was shaken!

Add to that the ironclad proof, he can not think of anything to say in defense of his big brother.

He did not speak, yet responded quietly.

Seeing Chen Bouquet’s reaction, the corner of Liang Jie’s mouth a little curled up, exposing a significant smile.

The next day, Huanyu Group, Chief Executive Officer’s Workplace.

Chen Yang leaned back on the couch and also held the Foundation Facility Pill in his hand.

Lee Hu said that as long as he consumed this Tablet, he would come to be a real grower.

He swallowed the Pill without believing.

Very soon, he felt a warm existing converging in his stomach. He gradually thought about exactly how his arm or legs and bones were spreading out. That sensation was a hundred times extra comfy than massaging his whole body. It seemed like he was floating in the wind.

Twenty mins later on, Chen Yang discharge a long breath. He opened his eyes as well as an intense light flashed throughout them.

He was currently a true grower.

What he did not expect was that not just did he end up being a grower, but he also ended up being a mid phase Hou Tian cultivator. This made him really satisfied.

He squeezed his chin. Realistically speaking, a Tablet shouldn’t be so solid, it should be connected to the Dragon Tiger Tablet he had taken before.

After taking the Dragon Tiger Pill, his body had already much exceeded that of ordinary people. Since he had actually taken this Structure Pill, he had totally soaked up the results of the pill, which was why he had leapt 2 degrees and got to the middle Houtian world.

After identifying all of the reasons behind it, Chen Yang’s mood was elated.

Keeping in mind that he didn’t go home once again yesterday, he couldn’t help however think about Su Miao.

After some thought, he left the business …

At the same time, within the Manor of Su Family, Old Madam Su once more held a family members conference.

Because of the family members’s financial resources, Ding Jie was required to experience 51% of the household’s shares.

Now, the clan was in contact with danger, however given that Su Family members had a forty-nine percent share, they were no longer able to control the clan’s industry. With such a small quantity of shares, even if they were squashed against the people from Su Family, it would certainly be really unusual.

In order to fix this issue, Old Madam Su ultimately gathered everybody.

” Now, more than half of the earnings of our Su Family Enterprise has actually come under the hands of the Strong Sun Innovation. It’s not mosting likely to be a service if this goes on, do you have any kind of great suggestions?”

Old Madam Su stated as she sat in her seat as well as looked at the crowd.

Every person from the Su Household had a serious expression, and also the environment was exceptionally hefty.

It was already a reality that the power of Su Family came under Ding Jie’s hands.

That is Ding Jie?

This was the head of state of Scorching Sun Technology.

Old Madam Su wanting to gain back the authority of the clan from his hands was just wishful thinking.

What was the difference between this and also pulling a tooth out of a tiger?

Just when everyone was silent, Su Hai stood up and also stated to Old Madam Su, “Grandmother, I have a suggestion. I do not understand if I must say it.”

” Hai, do you have a way?” Old Madam Su’s face lit up as she claimed, “Swiftly inform us as well as let everyone thought of a strategy.”

Last time, Su Hai was penalized as a result of Liu Rui’s program. Normally, he would not be able to participate in the family conference, today that the household was at the crucial point of life and death, Old Madam Su really did not care about those side issues any longer.

A lot more importantly, she doted on Su Hai too much. If Liu Rui didn’t force her, she wouldn’t have actually penalized Su Hai in any way.

He understood his grandma had actually already forgiven him, yet he maintained his composure and also claimed: “Granny, Ding Jie holding the right to talk in the Su Household market is already a provided. This can not be transformed, if our Su Family members wants to survive, we should see Ding Jie’s face.”

He stopped, took a deep breath, and claimed, “If we still want to get to the bottom of this, it will certainly be extremely challenging. Rather than this, we might too give up.”

” Give up? “How is this possible!?”.

Old Madam Su frowned, and also the expression of everyone from the Su Family members transformed substantially.

” How is this possible? This is the blood as well as sweat of numerous generations of the Su Family members. If I were to give up much like this, exactly how would certainly I have the face to meet the forefathers of the Su Household?”.

” Grandma, please listen to what I have to say.” Su Hai comforted Old Madam Su and proceeded, “Don’t we still have 49% of the shares in our hands? “As long as we can offer it for half the money, we can start another firm. With our existing collaboration with Fantasy, and also the substantial Intense Solar Innovation, it won’t be difficult for us to expand big.”.

” In this manner, our Su Household will not just restore its splendor, it can also go an action better!”.


Hearing this, many individuals’s eyes brightened.

That’s right, Su Hai’s words made good sense.

As opposed to hanging on to whatever tightly, it would certainly be far better to go up to the stove, as well as once more utilize the resources accessible to develop the signboard for Su Household.

Old Madam Su could not help however nod her head. She grinned and praised, “Hai is genuinely resourceful.

At this moment, somebody in the crowd said, “It’s an excellent idea, but that would get the shares in our hands?”.

” Yeah, that would certainly acquire our shares?”.

You can’t offer on your own, can you?

Su Hai smiled lightly as well as claimed, “I have already considered this inquiry for a long time. I have a good friend who has sufficient funding to acquire fifty percent of our shares!”.

Old Madam Su’s spirits were raised as she rapidly asked, “That is it?”.

Seeing Su Hai being so smart, everybody in Su Family became thrilled. Their eyes concentrated on Su Hai once again, and also revealed a look of expectation.

Su Hai took pleasure in the sensation of being the center of attention. He proudly said, “This friend of mine is a fighting styles master, his name is Zhai Tiandong.”.


Zhai Tiandong?

Upon hearing this name, the entire hall ruptured into an outcry.

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