The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 67 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 67 (Despair)

Zhai Tiandong stood in front of Su Miao and stretched out his hand. He looked at her lovingly and claimed, “In fact, the person I admire one of the most is you, Miss Su Miao.”

Su Miao drank her head and also said word by word to him, “Grandmaster Zhai, you are mistaken. I am already married.”

” Bro Zhai, you’re mistaken. Su Miao has actually been married for practically 3 years.” Su Hai walked to Zhai Tiandong as well as claimed.

Zhai Tiandong looked to consider Su Hai as well as responded with a smile, “Exactly how could I be wrong? The individual I like is Su Miao, and let me inform you, if it weren’t for Su Miao, I would not have agreed to today’s teamwork in any way, do you understand? ”

Zhai Tiandong’s words iced up Su Hai’s expression. He never anticipated Zhai Tiandong to state something like that.

” Grandmaster Zhai, you need to be joking. Miao has currently come to be a partner. How can she perhaps marry you?” Old Madam Su could not help yet ask.

I kindly remind you all, you should be more clear than I am regarding the present circumstance of your Su Family members. Other than me, that would certainly be eager to invest so much cash to purchase shares in your Su Family? ”

She believed for a moment and also said: “Grandmaster Zhai, if you marry Yu’er, this old woman will naturally be happy, but Miao has indeed already married into an other half, isn’t it tough for you to force her to do this?”

” Compeling others to make things difficult?” Zhai Tiandong laughed disdainfully: “Old lady, you do not have to fret, Su Miao’s partner is just a good-for-nothing, isn’t your Su Family disliking him? According to the information I collected, they have been married for even more than 2 years, as well as that garbage hasn’t also held Miao’s hand yet right? ”

Speaking up to right here, Zhai Tiandong took a look at Su Miao as well as stated with a smile, “Am I right, Miao?”

It appears that Zhai Tiandong had come ready.

Every word he said was true, as well as Old Madam Su was really muddle-headed for words.

Su Household s were all silent. In fact, Zhai Tiandong was right, they did not like that piece of garbage at all, as well as longed for Su Miao to separation him today.

If Su Miao adhered to Zhai Tiandong, not only would her Su Household benefit, even she, Su Miao, would benefit substantially. As the worthy Madam Zhai, would not she be taken into consideration gorgeous?

Considering this, every person seemed to agree with Zhai Tiandong’s words.

Zhai Tiandong was speechless after listening to the Su Household individual’s words. He took a look at Su Miao proudly as well as stated: “Miao, take a look at exactly how the old lady as well as your clansmen have concurred. Don’t be reluctant!”

Keeping that, Zhai Tiandong reached out his hand to grab Su Miao’s wrist.

Su Miao rapidly prevented him, frowned at Xiumei, and also stated with a displeased expression, “Grandmaster Zhai, please reveal some regard. They are … I am me. I repeat, I am currently married.”

When she stated that, she was extremely worried. She never would have thought that Zhai Tiandong would be so strong to fool around in front of many individuals.

What made her a lot more unfortunate was that no person from the Su Family pertained to stop him.

What kind of people were these?

This type of clansman was even worse than an outsider!

Even outsiders who see a weak woman being harassed by a guy would certainly attempt to stop her, however her tribesmen just sat there, unmoved …

” Aiya, as expected, a great deal of individuals are lost. Also your mad appearance is so gorgeous.” In Zhai Tiandong’s eyes, when he saw Su Miao’s mad appearance, not only did he not retract his anger, he even became much more upset: “I’m informing you, I’m going to make it!”

Keeping that, he once more prolonged his hand in the direction of Su Miao!

This time around, Zhai Tiandong made use of genuine toughness. Su Miao was unable to dodge in any way, her wrist was strongly gotten by him.

After ordering Su Miao’s wrist, Zhai Tiandong drew Su Miao over and gently sniffed her hair. With an intoxicated expression, he stated, “It’s too aromatic, it’s as well intoxicating.”

This moment, he had not been being careless. He was plainly playing a goon!

This time, the expression of everybody in the Su Family transformed. They never ever would certainly have assumed that Zhai Tiandong would actually be this unbridled.

Old Madam Su’s expression was extremely hideous.

In her heart, she had already tacitly accepted the marital relationship between Zhai Tiandong as well as Su Miao.

As long as both celebrations established a day, you, Zhai Tiandong, can just come and also get married.

Nevertheless, she ought to not have done so. Acting like a goon before everyone in Su Household was just criminal. She thought that if there was no person in the hall, this Zhai Tiandong can do much more too much points.

” Release my little girl.”

Flavor Jing stood up from her seat as well as broke angrily.

She didn’t like Chen Yang and also wanted her child to separation him, however really did not the two of them still have a divorce?

You, Zhai Tiandong, are abundant, but you can not require her child to do that in front of her.

” Zhai Tiandong, let go of me swiftly!”

” He’s just lawless, he in fact attempts to imitate this in the Su Family!”

Su Miao was both distressed as well as upset. She struggled as she scolded, “If you don’t let go, I’ll call the authorities.”

Zhai Tiandong really did not appreciate the berating and also obligations of the crowd. He twitched his mouth in disdain and also looked at Old Madam Su: “Old woman, I’ve currently claimed the problems clearly. If you don’t approve, I’ll leave instantly!”

” But if you want me to purchase shares, you need to agree to my problems! The globe needs to be paid for, does not it, old woman? ”

Zhai Tiandong’s big-headed tone still outraged the Su Family members. They all considered Old Madam Su, really hoping that the old lady would deny him.

As long as she declined, they would immediately remove this egotistic person before them from the Su Family entrance.

Old Madam Su sighed softly and did not say a claim. How could she not care about Su Miao’s reputation?

Yet compared to the benefits of Su Family, this was unworthy stating in all. Without these 6 hundred million, Su Family would simply wait on Ding Jie to nibble away at it.

The old lady did not speak. The people from Su Family were all perplexed as they remained on their seats fuming with rage as well as stared at each other.

Flavor Jing helplessly shut her eyes. As a mom, she could not also secure her very own little girl …

Su Miao became much more determined.

Not a bachelor with such a big Su Household risked to advance and protect her.

” Heh heh, I’ll confess if I do not claim anything.” Zhai Tiandong laughed complacently. With the acknowledgment from the Su Family individuals, he came to be a lot more bold.

He pulled Su Miao’s hand with all his might, creating her to shout in shock as she was drawn into his embrace.

” Let me go.” Su Miao had a hard time desperately.

” Be great, Miao. I promise that I will certainly love you in the future.” Considering Su Miao’s attractive face, he could not help yet ingest his saliva, and also gradually moved his mouth closer to hers.

Knowing that she was unable to leave from the clutches of the inhuman palms, tears dropped calmly from the edges of Su Miao’s eyes. She had quit all hope!

She had actually lived for more than twenty years, however she had actually never ever felt such misery.

His mother, his kin, was right in front of him, however none dared to quit this monster.

Why must she, Su Miao, have an online reputation for Su Family?

She was a living individual, not an asset!

Thinking of this, Su Miao wept even harder. She could even really feel Zhai Tiandong’s heavy breathing on her face.

Chen Yang, where are you?

I was harassed, why aren’t you involving save me!

Currently, the one she considered was Chen Yang!

Simply when Zhai Tiandong will kiss Su Miao, a strong hand unexpectedly fell on Zhai Tiandong’s shoulder!

A cold voice entered his ears. “Do you intend to die?”

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