The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 68 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 68 (Fighting)

Seeing that his excellent strategy had actually been destroyed, Zhai Tiandong’s face turned dark. He cursed: “F * ck, which one of you is blind?”

Keeping that, he let go of Su Miao, who swiftly pulled away.

Zhai Tiandong reversed as well as saw a man in his early twenties wearing an economical Tees looking at him with a cool look.

” Chen Yang?”

Every Person in Su Family was surprised, who would certainly have believed that Chen Yang would show up at this time.

” He … “He really pertained to save me …” Su Miao’s rips dropped from the corner of her eyes. She felt an inexpressible complacency.

Flavor Jing checked out Chen Yang, her heart was a little overwhelmed, what’s going on, she did not inform Chen Yang to come to today’s meeting, why would certainly he concern Estate of Su Family?

” F * ck you, that are you?” Zhai Tiandong cursed at Chen Yang in an unfriendly tone.

” Chen Yang.”

Zhai Tiandong chuckled loudly and also claimed, “What? You do not want me to approve that your partner as well as I are intimate? If you know what’s great for you, scram currently!”

” It looks like you truly want to pass away!”

Chen Yang claimed one word each time. His eyes ended up being chillier and chillier. The coldness that he gave off made the surrounding individuals shiver.

This … Exactly how did garbage come to be so distressing?

His mood is so powerful, his eyes look so scary!

Zhai Tiandong’s face instantaneously darkened. He blazed very at Chen Yang and stated, “Do you understand that you’re talking to? I had actually originally desired to discover some time to find you.

After claiming that, his two legs suddenly exerted pressure, and also he billed in the direction of Chen Yang like a ferocious tiger coming down from the hill.

” F * ck, is this Chen Yang dumb? Why is he standing there without moving!”

” That’s right, this Zhai Tiandong is a martial arts master. Even if he does not die, he would be paralyzed!”

The Su Household people did not such as Chen Yang, at this time, there were lots of people who hoped that Chen Yang can win and help them achieve what they did not dare to do.

Naturally, they all knew in their hearts that this was simply an elegant hope.

Zhai Tiandong was a true martial arts master, exactly how might ordinary people be his match.

” Chen Yang, hurry up and leave. You can not defeat him!” Su Miao shouted at Chen Yang, scared.

Really, she was currently extremely delighted that Chen Yang can show up.

However, as if Chen Yang really did not hear him, Ren Rann based on the spot and looked at the vicious Zhai Tiandong without any adjustment in his expression.

Su Miao worried, and also shouted at the Su Family members people: “Quick, come stop them, swiftly come!”

No one from the Su Family members attempted to step out and quit them.

Su Miao had lost all hope. She ran to the major hall as well as dialed the police.

Very quickly, the call linked. “Hey there, this is the Xichuan City Public Security Bureau. May I understand if you require any kind of help?”

Su Miao anxiously stomped her feet, “Quick, promptly send people to the Estate of Su Household. Someone is causing trouble below, every person is dealing with!”

” Bam!”.

As quickly as Su Miao finished her sentence, there was a turmoil in the hall. Chen Yang as well as Zhai Tiandong began to combat.

” Excuse me, who is causing trouble right here?”.

The authorities were somewhat dubious. Although the Su Household was just a third-rate family members, they still had some reputation in the Xichuan City. That would certainly attempt to run over to the Su Family to cause trouble?

” It’s Zhai Tiandong from the East Paradise Martial School. He …” He’s hitting my husband! “.

After hanging up the phone, Su Miao’s face was shedding. Her heart was defeating truly hard, it appeared like … It was the very first time he confessed that Chen Yang was his partner!

However, the noises of fighting in the hall brought Su Miao back to her senses. She hurriedly returned to the hall. When she went into the hall as well as saw the scene within, she was entirely dumbfounded!

A lot more precisely, every person was dumbfounded!

Their eyes were wide open and also their mouths were wide open as if they had seen a ghost.

Chen Yang, he … He was really on the same level with Zhai Tianyin!

Oh my god!

Were their eyes playing tricks on them?

Chen Yang had actually been added into the family members’s Su Household for nearly three years, yet this was the very first time they listened to that Chen Yang was so efficient dealing with!

Considering both people battling in the hall, everybody was stunned.

Both fought back and forth with matchless intensity. Their activities were as quick as lightning, and also their motions came to be quicker and also quicker. The noises of battle additionally came to be louder and louder, to the point where the nude eye was unable to catch their activities.

Su Miao looked at the scene in front of her as well as quickly shed the capability to think.

This … Exactly how was this feasible?

Why is Chen Yang so fantastic?

This advised her of the scene when Chen Yang beat up Su Hai on Old Madam Su’s 70th birthday celebration. At that time, she thought Chen Yang defeated Su Hai out of shock, yet it really did not appear to be a crash now.

It’s Chen Yang that’s truly incredible!


Then, Zhai Tiandong, who had been battling Chen Yang indiscriminately, unexpectedly shrieked and after that dropped greatly onto the ground.


Chen Yang really beat Zhai Tiandong?

F * ck, this can’t be true!

At this moment, the entire hall was dead silent!

” I admit defeat, I admit defeat, stop, quit …”.

Zhai Tiandong held his belly as well as kneeled on the ground like a cooked shellfish.

Chen Yang’s punch almost reduced him off. If he was punched once again, even if he didn’t pass away today, he would certainly be paralyzed!

” Admit defeat?” Is admitting defeat useful?” Chen Yang walked over with a cool expression: “Why didn’t you think of your own repercussions when you touched my wife recently?”.

He and also Zhai Tiandong were both intermediate phase Hou Tian farmers, this could be seen from the fight previously.

Nevertheless, Chen Yang had eaten the Dragon Tiger Pill that Zhao Heeqiu gave him. This triggered his stamina to soar, as well as he had virtually crushed Zhai Tiandong.

The reason that they defended so long was because Chen Yang had actually just advanced to the middle Houtian world and was still not made use of to his strength.

Ye Zichen kicked Zhai Tiandong onto the ground, then kicked Zhai Tiandong’s body.

Boom! * Boom! * Boom! *.

The smothered noise caused everybody’s scalps to go numb!

They possibly wouldn’t even have the ability to hold up against such a hefty kick, right?

At this moment, the Su Household people considered Chen Yang with a different expression. Is he still that pointless son-in-law?

Su Miao checked out Chen Yang with a complicated expression. Was this truly the Chen Yang she knew?

Looking at his cold face, her heart started to throb inexplicably.

It had actually been almost three years, and also this was the first time she saw a guy like him!

Boom! * Boom! * Boom! *.

Chen Yang was still kicking!

His voice was like an evil one as it lingered around the Manor of Su Household Hall.

Equally As Zhai Tiandong was about to pale, the authorities finally arrived.

Yu Lan led a couple of cops right into the hall.

She considered the scene in front of her as well as frowned.

” Promptly quit! If you keep kicking him, he’ll kick you to death!” The young cop behind Yu Lan approached quit her.

Chen Yang retracted his foot when he saw that the police had arrived.

Seeing Chen Yang, Yu Lan really did not state anything as well as nodded at him.

Currently, the law enforcement agent on the side got the document as well as asked the group, “That just called the police?”.

” Yes …” I’m the one that called the authorities!” Su Miao rushed over.

” If you call the authorities as well as say somebody hit your partner, then is the person lying on the ground your other half?” The police officer pointed at Zhai Tiandong, that was subconscious on the ground.

” No …” “No, he’s not my partner …” Su Miao quickly shook her head and also looked shyly at Chen Yang: “He …” “He’s the actual one …”.

After saying that, she decreased her head in humiliation. To admit that Chen Yang was her hubby in front of a lot of people, this made her really shy.

Seeing Su Miao admit that she was her hubby before every person, Chen Yang really felt indescribably comfy!

The law enforcement officer that filed the instance checked out Chen Yang and also was surprised. This male could actually beat Zhai Tiandong up like a dead dog, had not been this also remarkable?

He plainly acknowledged Zhai Tiandong, who was lying on the ground.

Actually, for a celebrity like Zhai Tiandong, it was difficult not to be recognized.

At this minute, Zhai Tiandong, that was lying on the ground, woke up. He opened his eyes as well as saw the authorities as well as immediately yelled: “Associate Authorities, you have to save me swiftly.

Zhai Tiandong was currently frightened by Chen Yang’s beating. He truly thought Chen Yang would kick him to death just now.

Since the police were here, it was as if he had actually located a lifeline.

Yu Lan frowned as well as claimed, “Alright, go back and also take your statement with me. We’ll check out the what’s what completely.”.

Zhai Tiandong right away shut his mouth and checked out Chen Yang in concern. In the deepest part of his eyes, there was a surprise resentment.

” You stay below and also record everybody’s declarations.” Yu Lan stated to the law enforcement agent on file.

She looked at Chen Yang as well as claimed, “You come with me.”.

Chen Yang responded.

Currently, Su Miao walked up to him and also worriedly stated, “How around, I select you?”.

Chen Yang trembled his head with a smile, “Don’t worry, it’s alright. Officer Yuh is renowned for being impartial!”.

Su Miao responded unconsciously.

Chen Yang adhered to Yu Lan into the auto. There were only both of them in the car.

Chen Yang looked at the direction the car was driving in. This wasn’t the method to the cops station.

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