The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 71 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 71 (The Prestige Appears)

Zhou Ming got a call from Chen Yang. Feeling flattered, he quickly picked up the phone and also professionally said: “Young Master Chen!”

” I am on the third floor of the Great Dynasty Resort, room 888.”

He didn’t waste time speaking as well as hung up the phone. He sat down on his brand-new chair, picked up a favorite and started to consume.

” Yo, calling a person.” Cao Bao mocked, “You can’t have called your partner over? “Hahaha!”.

” Who else can I call apart from my own partner to a man that just recognizes how to work?”.

” Hahaha, this is also funny!”.

Everybody in the room laughed.

Chen Yang blew on the tea water as well as continued to taste it slowly, as if he really did not hear their words.

Chen Yang’s perspective made Cao Bao very dissatisfied. This brat really placed on airs in front of him. He was totally looking down on him, the Eldest Young Master Cao.

” Hmph, I want to see just how thick your skin is.” Cao Bao will state something more unpleasant when the others in the space suddenly opened.

Shortly after, Zhou Ming, that was worn black, strolled in with large strides.

When Zhou Ming strolled in, every person in the room was stunned. Had not been this the boss of the restaurant, Zhou Ming?

This was an actual employer.

Minority fuerdai in the area all came to be reserved.

At the same time, they were likewise really interested regarding why Zhou Ming would certainly come right here today. Was he seeking a person?

Minority of them checked out Cao Bao. In front of all the rich 2nd generations, just Cao Household was qualified to bargain with Zhou Ming.

Cao Bao’s eyes additionally brightened. Two days ago, his papa stated that he wanted to talk with Zhou Ming about a task. Now, it appears that this job has actually been effectively worked out, haha!

Thinking that Zhou Ming had actually come seeking him, he stood from his seat and also extended his right hand. “Director Zhou, good to satisfy you …”.

The smile froze on his face prior to he can finish his words.

Because of Zhou Ming, he did not also offer Chen Yang a glance as he strolled straight before Chen Yang.

” Young Master Chen, what can I do for you?”.


Young Master Chen?

Zhou Ming in fact called this garbage Home Son-in-law Young Master Chen?

This action stunned everybody in the area to the point that their mouths gaped wide open as if they had seen a ghost.

Cao Bao was also dumbfounded, this … Exactly how was this feasible?

Just how could this person who had come out of nowhere know a top executive like Zhou Ming?

Chen Yang was as well careless to see their reactions. He grinned lightly as well as responded to Zhou Ming: “Second best. I just have not seen you in a long time and would love to consult with you.”.

Zhou Ming giggled: “Young Master Chen is still thinking about me, it’s my honor.”.

As he said that, Zhou Ming checked out the other individuals in the room and also seemed to recognize something: “Young Master Chen, you concerned my restaurant to consume, however didn’t inform me in advance so that I can prepare a meal.”.

He called for the waitress outside the door as well as advised him, “Inform your supervisor that the area is cost-free of charge.”.


Exempt from intake?

Upon listening to these words, the skin tones of the already complicated team expanded also uglier.

Presently, the way they took a look at Chen Yang had entirely altered.

Ironic, buffooning, disdainful, contemptuous, there disappeared.

Was he existing? Did this brat have such an excellent face?

Simply when everyone was at a loss for words, the waiter nodded and was about to go downstairs to notify the manager. Chen Yang stood and also swung at him: “No requirement, it’s not my treat today, moreover, I have not had a solitary bite of all the recipes on the table. The individual who’s dealing with is not brief on money, so you don’t have to count.”.

” Yes, Youthful Master Chen.” Zhou Ming quickly reacted and also waved his hand to indicate the waiter to leave.

” Alright, there’s nothing else. It’s time for me to leave also.

” Go obtain busy first.”.

After Zhou Ming showed up, everyone was dumbfounded. They were all surprised and really did not also risk to breathe loudly. Chen Yang was really pleased.

He waved to Zhou Ming, indicating that he can leave currently.

He instantly recognized why Chen Yang called him over. He bowed as well as said, “Youthful Master Chen, if you have any orders in the future, please feel complimentary to say it.

With that stated, Zhou Ming looked at individuals in the space and snorted. Then, he left.

Zhou Ming’s aura was merely as well solid, a lot to ensure that they did not even risk to lift their heads. Once he left, the temperature level in the area right away went back to normal. Plainly, he was a lot more loosened up currently.

” Heh heh.”.

Chen Yang grinned lightly, stood and went out of the area.

Seeing Chen Yang leave, a rich second generation guy came back to his detects and claimed with some worry in his heart, “This …” “To assume that this brat is in fact so knowledgeable about Zhou Ming.”.

” Not just do you know him, but you have actually additionally seen exactly how Zhou Ming treated him. He’s just like a slave. The partnership between both of them is most definitely amazing.”.

” Isn’t it really odd, isn’t this kid the trash son-in-law of Su Household?”.

This issue baffled them considerably.

Their female partners likewise took a look at each other with a light face. They never thought that Home Son-in-law would in fact recognize such a large boss.

When they thought about just how they buffooned each other just now, cold sweat began to put down their backs continuously. If they understood earlier, they wouldn’t have spoken earlier.

Right now, Cao Bao had likewise cooled down. Listening to his companions’ conversations, he discharged a chilly laugh as well as claimed, “What are you presuming around here? “This Chen Yang has nothing to do with Zhou Ming. He is just utilizing his relationship with Old Madam Su to ridicule himself.”.

” I did hear that last time, on the seventieth birthday of Lady Old Madam Su, Zhou Ming had actually personally involved offer his birthday celebration present. From this, it can be seen that the reason Zhou Ming was so courteous to this brat, was only because of his identity as Su Family members and also son-in-law.

Hearing Cao Bao’s words, everybody lastly understood that there was such a connection in between the two of them.

After Cao Bao said this, his face likewise ended up being dismal.

He was virtually frightened by this item of garbage.

Counting on his contacts in the Su Household, he had actually glued gold on his face.

Recalling the scene from previously, he couldn’t assist but gnash his teeth in anger.

At the same time, Chen Yang encountered Yu Lan who just came out of the shower room when he reached the stairs on the third floor.

After seeing Chen Yang, Yu Lan walked over: “Chen Yang, what’s wrong? Are you leaving? “.

Chen Yang responded: “Nothing, I simply can’t talk with them. As opposed to humiliating you, I may also leave initially.”.

Hearing this, Yu Lan felt much more regretful. She opened her mouth claiming, “Chen Yang, I ask forgiveness to you in behalf of Cao Bao. They are just like that. Don’t get angry with them …”.

Chen Yang shook his head as well as said, “Do not fret, I have actually seen this type of people a lot of times. I will not take it to heart.”.

He checked out Yu Lan’s guilty face as well as stated, “There are some things I shouldn’t have actually stated, however, for the benefit of pals, I need to advise you: Cao Bao is not a good match, you need to consider it meticulously.”.

Yu Lan didn’t claim anything. There was a complex and unpleasant expression on her face.

Actually, Yu Lan didn’t actually hate Cao Bao, however she really did not like him either. He was the type of person that really did not also have a good impression of Cao Bao.

However, as a result of the family relationship in between both of them, in addition to the long time they had actually understood each other, and the solid support from both of their moms and dads, she hesitantly consented to try to be familiar with each other.

However, she made it extremely clear to Cao Bao in advance that it was impossible to exceed her limits before marital relationship. At most, she would certainly just hold hands.

Observing the uncomfortable ambience, Yu Lan altered the topic. “Come, I’ll take you back.

Chen Yang responded and really did not say anything.

Afterwards, both of them went downstairs as well as out of the dining establishment, walking towards the parking lot.

” Lan!”.

Presently, Cao Bao caught up from behind.

” Lan, why are you still with this youngster?” After going to catch up with Yu Lan, Cao Bao said sadly, “Really did not I tell you not to make good friends with somebody like that?”.

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