The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 73 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 73 (Sword)

“Child, you are the 2nd generation rich with well-known Xichuan City, right?” Yinn Changkong touched his chin as well as claimed, “If I keep in mind properly, you’re called Cao Bao, right?”

Cao Bao nodded and also attempted to please her, “Yes, you’re. Given that you recognize me, after that you need to understand exactly how abundant my family members is. As long as you let me go, I’ll give you whatever you want.”

Yinn Changkong took a look at Cao Bao in ridicule: “Aren’t you terrified of fatality? I listened to that you and also Policeman Yuh are engaged? Don’t you intend to conserve your future wife? ”

” This …” Cao Bao opened his mouth and also wanted to say something, yet words were embeded his throat.

Yu Lan may be great, however her life was more crucial! He unconsciously picked to shield himself.

Seeing that Cao Bao really did not say anything, Yu Lan sighed inwardly. She really felt that she should really take into consideration Chen Yang’s words.

Seeing that Cao Bao was silent, the contempt in Yinn Changkong’s eyes strengthened. He really did not recognize what Yu Lan was thinking of such an afraid person like him.

After that he checked out Chen Yang: “To be able to play with Cao Bao, he appears to be a rich man.”

Chen Yang frowned as well as didn’t say anything.

” Aiya, this is mosting likely to be hard.” Yinn Changkong paced back and forth in front of Chen Yang as well as the various other 2, making it difficult for people to guess what he was trying to do.

Suddenly, Yinn Changkong quit, as well as disclosed a lively smile: “Penalty, do as Policeman Yuh claims, both of you have no enmity with my Sun Moon Holy Cult, I, Yinn Changkong, will certainly be one of the most devoted in my life, so I will normally allow him go, but I can just let among you!”

Hearing Yinn Changkong claim that he could let them go, Cao Bao could not assist however obtain thrilled. Nevertheless, when he heard the latter sentence, his heart instantly skipped a beat.

Chen Yang couldn’t find out what he was believing, so he asked, “What do you mean?”

Yinn Changkong chuckled, “It’s extremely straightforward. You learn about the auction, right?”

” I know, I know!” Cao Bao nodded as well as said.

” The auction house is auctioning off renowned vintages and prizes. As for me, I’m bidding on your lives!” I will certainly allow whoever bids the most go! ”

” When it comes to the one with a small cost …” Initial cut off a finger, then throw it right into fatality row. ”

Chen Yang’s students acquired. He never ever expected that Ye Zichen would really play such a trick.

Listening to Yinn Changkong’s words, Cao Bao’s face exposed an excited expression. He yelled loudly, “I will bid first, I will bid 20 million!”

After introducing the cost, he looked at Chen Yang happily.

Haha, this brat is only the Su Family members’s House Son-in-law.

He most likely wouldn’t even have the ability to manage two million, a lot less twenty million.

He would absolutely have the ability to keep his life. As long as he can leave, he would absolutely call for help to conserve Yu Lan. Yu Lan would be touched and also might also make an exception and also give him her.

Seeing Cao Bao’s provocative check out him, Chen Yang couldn’t aid however laugh.

This brat was actually something. He still risked to prompt him also each time such as this.

Nevertheless, he was actually ready to invest 20 million simply to open his mouth.

Nonetheless, even if you yell 200 million, it’s ineffective!

This was the grand entry to the Sunlight Moon Holy Cult, exactly how could Yinn Changkong let others understand about this place?

Do not be ridiculous, this is just Yinn Changkong playing with them.

Chen Yang checked out Yinn Changkong. Seeing Yinn Changkong’s mocking expression, he recognized that he was right.

He drank his head and claimed, “Twenty million. I can’t pay for to invest that much cash.”

The moment Chen Yang finished speaking, Cao Bao, who was beside him, was exceptionally thrilled. If it wasn’t since his hands and feet were bound, he would certainly have lifted a long period of time earlier.

” Haha, I won, I won!” Let me go! ”

Yinn Changkong ignored him and also waved towards the two males.

The huge male held Chen Yang up, then pressed his hand to the ground and also will slice off his finger.

Seeing this scene, Yu Lan yelled anxiously, “Release him rapidly! This has nothing to do with him. If you desire retribution, come at me.”

Yinn Changkong didn’t also bat an eyelid when he heard her words.

This made Cao Bao mad. He winked at Yu Lan and also reduced his voice, “Lan, it’s currently similar to this, why do you still respect this garbage’s life and death? He himself really did not have the cash to bid, so who was to blame? “Do not fret, when I get out, I’ll most definitely think about a way ahead back and also conserve you.”

Presently, Yu Lan was totally focused on Chen Yang. How could she have the time to focus on him? She really did not also hear what he stated!

At this moment, Chen Yang was likewise extremely anxious.

F * ck, if I obtain my finger cut off, won’t I end up being a cripple in the future?

No, he would certainly not.

In his anxiousness, Chen Yang thought about the approach Yu Lan used to liquify the pills.

He attempted to flow his inner pressure, but he was not able to round up any kind of toughness. Normally, he was additionally incapable to circulate his inner force.

If he could circulate his inner force, he would have the ability to pull out the adaptable sword from his waist …

But the truth was so terrible. He can just see helplessly as his hand was required apart as well as the sharp blade gradually came down …

Seeing that his finger was about to escape from Chen Yang, his face contained remorse. He should not have let down his guard at that time.

Simply after that, Yinn Changkong proclaimed loud, “F * ck, quit!”

The blade quit less than three centimeters far from Chen Yang’s finger.

The sabre wielding male looked puzzled. He asked, “Don …” Hall Lord, what’s wrong? ”

” Resort.”.

” Yes sir!” The man holding the knife moved to the side.

Chen Yang blurt a long breath as he saw the sword autumn. His back was already soaked in cold sweat.

Currently, Yinn Changkong rapidly strolled before Chen Yang as well as raised Chen Yan’s clothing.

F * ck, what occurred to my garments? This Yinn Changkong isn’t glass, is he?

Yu Lan and Cao Bao were both surprised and their expressions came to be unusual.

When he raised Chen Yang’s clothing as well as saw the thing on Chen Yang’s midsection, he stared at Chen Yang as well as asked in surprise, “Where did you get this belt?”.

His voice was somewhat shaky, showing that he was presently really agitated.

He stretched out his hand and pulled out the belt on Chen Yang’s waistline. With a shake of his hand, something incredible took place. The belt instantly turned from soft to hard and turned into a cold treasured sword.

This treasured sword, Yinn Changkong, was as well acquainted with it, it was the keepsake of the Immeasurable Sword Sect!

The Countless Sword Sect belonged to a reputable exemplary sect, as well as was inseparable from the Sun Moon Holy Cult as exemplary and bad.

However, all the higher-ups over the Sunlight Moon Holy Cult, Hall Lord, comprehended that Immeasurable Sword Sect as well as Sunlight Moon Holy Cult were allies.

Two years back, after the Sect Leader of the Divine Sect fought with Countless Sword Sect and also Sect Leader a few times, they actually started to value each other as well as ended up being friends for a time.

It was exactly as a result of the Immeasurable Sword Sect privately helping them with them that their Divine Sect had the ability to develop so rapidly, to the point that the 6 significant sects were not able to create a rope and deal with the Sunlight Moon Holy Cult together.

He had actually even heard that the Sect Leader intended to establish a placement of Vice Sect Leader. This Vice Sect Leader was normally Countless Sword Sect’s Sect Leader.

This Countless Sword Sect belonged to among the six significant sects. The sect degree system was extremely rigorous, and the system of Sun Moon Holy Cult also relied on the system of Countless Sword Sect.

Below the Immeasurable Sword Sect, there were 4 Sword Kings. They were Eastern Sword King, the Southern Sword King, the Western Sword King and also the Northern Sword King.

As for Chen Yang, the versatile sword at his midsection must no longer be made use of as a belt. It was Eastern Sword King’s memento and also Eastern Sword King’s renowned godly sword.

Eastern Sword King was an existence that just belonged to the highest possible placement in Immeasurable Sword Sect. Also Madam Sect Leader had to go to the back, so it was not unreasonable to compare him to someone listed below a single person and over everyone else.

Yinn Changkong was the Hall Lord of Sun Moon Holy Cult, there were still hundreds of Hall Lord like him in the school. His placement was low, so he might not see a lofty presence like Eastern Sword King.

Nonetheless, Eastern Sword King’s keepsake had long been offered by the Sun Moon Holy Cult Sect. Regardless of what, he was still Hall Lord, and he absolutely would not make a mistake while taking a look at the keepsake. It was precisely the like the one on the map.

Chen Yang was observing Yinn Changkong’s expression. When he saw the modification in Yinn Changkong’s expression and tone, he might inform that it was a little different from before.

Could it be that he recognised this treasured sword?

Thinking about this, Chen Yang’s expression altered. He stated comfortably: “This sword was mine to start with!”.

Hearing this, Yinn Changkong’s body trembled, and also his expression turned into among fear and also nervousness.

When Chen Yang saw the expression on Yinn Changkong’s face, he recognized that he thought right. Yinn Changkong definitely identified this treasured sword!

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