The Supreme Son in law

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 76 (Read free online)

The Supreme Son in law Chapter 76 (All of Us Denounce)

When Chen Yang heard her words and turned around, he saw Yu Lan shutting her eyes and also sticking near him.

The attractive as well as attractive red lips imprinted themselves onto Chen Yang’s face.

” Alright, I have actually finished kissing.” “You desire me to recognize what you just claimed?” Yu Lan stated with a flushed face.

” Alright, seeing your sincerity, I’ll agree.” Chen Yang drew Yu Lan to a rock bench next to him with a smile. He after that checked out Cao Bao, that was blazing at him with hatred.

He looked at Wu Tie with a faint smile as well as claimed, “I was only happy to help you out for Officer Yuh’s sake. If it wasn’t for her kissing me, if you desire me to kiss you, you would need to kneel on the ground and kowtow to me.”

” F * ck, you’re way too much.”

Cao Bao’s expression transformed and also he couldn’t aid yet scream.

Chen Yang drank his head helplessly. This pinhead got rid of Yu Lan’s excellent objectives like garbage.

” You can take your time with your dirty mouth. After squandering so much time, those people must wake up soon.

Chen Yang’s words came down on Cao Bao’s heart word by word. His increasing rage was instantaneously snuffed out, and also fear almost devoured him, “Chen Yang, it’s all my fault for having an affordable mouth. I’m asking forgiveness to you below.

His expression was hurt to the extreme.

Chen Yang, just you wait. I will not let you off after we go out.

Cao Bao roared crazily in his heart.

Chen Yang saw him quit as well as smiled. He unknoted the rope for him and after that pulled him and Yu Lan out of the tunnel.

After walking for more than 10 mins and not even getting to completion, Chen Yang understood that his assumption was right. This was the departure.

After strolling for a few more minutes, a pale light showed up in the passage in front. Chen Yang was overjoyed as well as strode in the direction of the departure.

Taking a look at the huge ocean, the three of them felt like they had actually been reborn from a disaster.

They never ever would certainly have thought that the mouth of the Sunlight Moon Holy Cult would actually be set at all-time low of a cliff by the sea.

Taking advantage of the moonlight, Yu Lan calmly noted down this area. She had Chen Yang drive the automobile outside the hall, taking her and also Cao Bao with him in the direction of the city.

When Chen Yang arrived home, it was already twelve o’clock at night. Su Miao as well as Flavor Jing had actually currently relaxed.

As opposed to disturbing Su Miao, he mosted likely to the guest room on the second floor.

After experiencing a lot today, Chen Yang was not drowsy in all. After he shut the door to the guest room, he impatiently got the Secret Bible that he concealed in his breast.

Sunlight Moon Divine Hall!

He opened the brownish paper and opened the initial page. A couple of lines of little words entered his eyes.

” The ‘Sunlight Moon God Codex’ is a supreme technique of the Gods Sect. When it is grown to the fantastic excellence, it has the power to change the heavens and the planet.”

” Only the Sect Leader of the Gods Sect can grow in this Godly Grimoire. If any person attempts to privately discover the God’s Tome, despite that it is they will be swindled and carried out! ”

No demand to consider it, this book of Secret Scripture was most definitely stolen by Yinn Changkong.

All of a sudden, he was benefited from.

As the supreme skill of Sun Moon Holy Cult, exactly what was so mystical about Secret Bible? Especially the phrase “when grown to perfection, it had the power to transform the sky and also alter the earth”. It made Chen Yang’s heart itch much more.

” Growers get angry from consuming, the sunset glow …” Chen Yang immediately turned to the 2nd web page. While reviewing the necromancy, he started to cultivate.

When he opened his eyes, it was already dawn.

Chen Yang did not rest that night. Not only was he not tired, however he was likewise full of energy.

The manual in the Sun Moon God Codex was indeed magical. It took in sunlight power throughout the day and also moon power during the evening.

Chen Yang had soaked up the significance of the moon for a night, and also found out a mystical assault from the Sunlight Moon God Codex.

He extended his back in fulfillment as well as concealed the book.

He pressed unlock as well as was about to go downstairs when the master bedroom door opened and Su Miao came out.

” You’re back?”

Su Miao could not assist but expose a sweet smile when she saw Chen Yang.

She was smiling gladly, but there was a trace of fear in between her brows.

” What’s wrong?” Chen Yang asked.

Su Miao sighed and claimed, “Granny had actually simply called to gather the family for a meeting.”

Chen Yang was without words. Why is there a household conference again?

Old Madam Su appeared to like holding family meetings, regardless of how tiny the issue was, didn’t she discover it frustrating?

Chen Yang eyed Su Miao. Su Miao was virtually bullied during the last family conference, so he could not let her most likely to the conference alone any longer.

” I’ll opt for you.” Chen Yang said.

” Alright!” Su Miao responded.

En route to the Estate of Su Family Members, Chen Yang asked Su Miao regarding it and also finally comprehended why Old Madam Su held an additional family meeting.

After Zhai Tiandong was eliminated by the authorities, the issue of claiming a 24% share of Su Family ended.

Lots of people in the Su Family thought that this was Su Miao’s obligation, and due to the fact that she did not cooperate, their collaboration ended up destroyed.

Su Miao’s so-called family members were a joke. For their very own benefit, they didn’t also want their precepts any longer.

The Other Day, Zhai Tiandong made a move on Su Miao before everybody. Although they were angry at the time, they relaxed afterwards and assumed that Su Miao was making a large hassle out of absolutely nothing.

Not just did the people from the Su Household think this way, also Old Madam Su thought the exact same.

They thought that Su Miao and also Chen Yang would certainly divorce eventually, so what’s the difference? Yesterday, if it was Zhai Tiandong, Su Family members shares would have already been sold out.

” This conference is for me.” Su Miao stated with a concerned expression, “Chen Yang, what do you assume I should do? It will most definitely be another fight approval meeting later on. ”

” It’s great, I’m here!”

Chen Yang grinned and also claimed.

His words made Su Miao’s heart cozy. Thinking back to yesterday’s occurrence, Chen Yang’s fight with Zhai Tiandong to secure her made her feel extra safe.

Sigh, yet that was all he can do.

When he was at Su Household, his words were light, but not just did no person listen, they would likewise be struck by the rest of the individuals, as well as she would currently be appreciative if she did not assist him out here.

Just when Su Miao was sighing inwardly, Chen Yang secured his phone, edited a message and also sent it out.

Ten minutes later on, the two of them reached Estate of Su Household.

Right now, every one of the adherents of Su Family had actually arrived.

The moment Chen Yang and Su Miao showed up in the hall, Su Hai jumped up from his seat, aimed at Chen Yang’s nose and also scolded, “Chen Yang, you’re a waste, just how dare you come below!”

Chen Yang sneered, “Why can not I come?”

” Humph, if it wasn’t for you and also Grandmaster Zhai growing yesterday, things would not have actually obtained so out of control.”

The minute Su Hai finished speaking, everybody from Su Family nodded their heads in agreement.

” Hai is. If not for you, Grandmaster Di would have offered his shares long ago.”

” Yesterday was not that large of an offer. Grandmaster Di suches as Su Miao, so it’s just all-natural for him to claim some words of adoration and also act intimate!”

” You’re right. Besides, you’re not worthwhile enough for our Su Miao.”

” Su Miao leaving you and Zhai Tiandong will be the most effective outcome. When the time comes, not only will the family members have the ability to market their shares, they will certainly also get his assistance. Just how wonderful is that!”

Hearing every person’s words, Su Hai added fuel to the fire: “Did you hear that, everyone in Su Family members concur that you aren’t worthwhile of Su Miao, if you still have any face, after that promptly leave her.”

Hearing their shameless words, Chen Yang chuckled madly. He looked coldly at Su Hai as well as stated, “According to what you individuals have actually said, your partner has actually been pestered. Not only can you not quit her, you also need to applaud on the side?”

” Bullshit!” Su Hai reprehended angrily.

” Look, you can not also do something yourself, yet you want to force others to do it. Isn’t this immoral? What else could it be?”

Su Hai was so upset by Chen Yang’s words that his lungs were about to take off. He couldn’t help yet want to go up as well as defeat Chen Yang up, yet assuming that he couldn’t beat him whatsoever, he required himself to hold it in.

His eyes relied on Su Miao as a sneer formed on his lips, “Su Miao, the other day Grandmaster Zhai had actually currently agreed to get a 24% share of the family members at a premium. As a result of your lack of collaboration, the partnership fell down. Tell me, how can we offset the household’s losses?”

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