A Man Like None Other Chapter 1415

Chapter 1415 Not Feeling Well

“Jared, this Philip is Astrid’s most enthusiastic simp. I reckon he’s jealous after he saw you two holding hands for so long earlier,” Howard said to Jared while wearing a smirk. Jared smiled in resignation. “Being a simp never ends well. He—”

However, before he could finish his sentence, he sensed a gust behind him. Seizing the moment when Jared was distracted, Philip clenched his fists and swung a mighty punch laced with a strong aura at Jared.

Philip acted as if a deep-seated grudge existed between him and Jared. Jared looked impassive as he hastily turned around to dodge the attack. Philip’s facial expression darkened when he noticed Jared’s menacing gaze.

I’ve done nothing to wrong him, yet he’s trying to kill me. Does he really think of me as a pushover whom he can bully as he wishes?

Soon, golden lights layered Jared’s body and encased his fists.

Astrid had wanted to stop the fight by dragging Philip away, but she paused when she saw Jared making a move. She wanted to see if Jared’s abilities were indeed as incredible as others described.

No one else bothered to stop them as they watched on in curiosity and excitement.

Unexpectedly, Philip, not recognizing the limit of his strength, sent Jared another punch.

Jared intercepted the hit head-on without resorting to any fancy moves by forcefully swinging his fist.


A loud bang sounded, followed by a sudden strong rush of wind as the martial energies collided.

Immediately afterward, Philip was sent flying backward, and he would have flown out of the plaza if it hadn’t been for the horde of spectators halting him from getting thrown further away.

On the other hand, Jared remained rooted to his spot while wearing a grimace.

Philip got to his feet in exasperation but could no longer lift his right arm because Jared’s punch had broken his bones.

Still, Philip did not want to appear too pathetic in front of Astrid.

“Brat, I’m not feeling well today. You’d better remember this. I’ll settle the score with you sooner or later.” Philip pointed at Jared threateningly. “I’ll kill you if I hear news about you bullying Astrid.”

After saying that, he turned to beam at Astrid. “Astrid, just let me know if Jared dares to bully you. I’ll find someone to end his life. I shall leave now; I have some things to attend to.”

At that moment, Philip’s forehead was covered in cold sweat, and he was forced to excuse himself from the scene as soon as possible because of the excruciating pain in his arm.

Just as Philip spun on his heels to leave, Jared shouted at him, “Do you think you can take off as you please after assaulting me?”

“What’s the matter? What else do you plan to do to me?”

Philip turned around and narrowed his eyes at Jared.

“Do unto others what you would have them do unto you. Anyone who dares to offend me shall pay the price with their life.”

After Jared said that, an intense malicious intent quickly saturated the air around him, causing the temperature at the plaza to decrease significantly in an instant.

The golden lights on his body glinted, and he materialized before Philip a split second later.

Before Philip could react, Jared had hit Philip on the chest with his palm.


A burst of ferocious spiritual energy smashed into Philip’s body, sending him flying backward immediately.

That powerful thrust caused Philip to spew out blood and shriek hysterically in the air.

Soon, he crashed heavily onto the floor and made a crack in the ground.

Jared hastily moved forward, following Philip’s trajectory, and reappeared in front of the latter again.

Colors drained from Philip’s face as he lay on the floor while Jared, flashing an icy and frightening look, stepped on his head.

Fear surged within Philip when he sensed Jared’s murderous intent.

Just as he was about to beg for mercy, Philip saw Astrid approaching. Instantaneously, his vanity prompted him to be overwhelmed with the urge to act tough.

“Jared, do away with me if you’re so capable. Otherwise, I’ll kill you when I get up.”

Even though Philip was putting up a brave front, he was actually scared out of his wits at that moment.

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