A Man Like None Other Chapter 1418

Chapter 1418 Overthink

Whose aura is capable of invoking this sense of familiarity within me?

Howard gazed at Jared in perplexity. If Jared doesn’t know these people, how can he be familiar with their aura? A few moments later, Jared suddenly widened his eyes, which gleamed menacingly. “Josephine. This is Josephine’s aura!”

Jared finally recalled that aura to be Josephine. Although it was very faint, he could still sense it. But why is her aura appearing on these four men? Could it be…

A severe murderous intent erupted from within Jared’s body instantaneously. If these four men had just taken advantage of Josephine, her aura would certainly linger on them. This can then explain this bizarre phenomenon.

Howard was frightened when he sensed Jared’s sudden outburst of murderous intent.

Even Astrid, who was standing nearby, could not help but turn to look at Jared, confused by the terrifying aura he emitted without warning.

However, the murderous intent he exuded quickly dissipated.

The possibility that surfaced in his mind had overwhelmed his rationale, but on second thought, that was an unlikely scenario because Josephine was the best resource for the Warriors Alliance. Therefore, the Warriors Alliance would not inflict such damage on her.

“Could it be…” Jared frowned again. “Could it be that these four people carry Josephine’s blood?”

Now that the Warriors Alliance knows of the effectiveness of Josephine’s blood to aid in cultivation and can rapidly increase a martial artist’s powers, perhaps these four people relied on her blood to enhance their training, so they bear her aura. This must be it. This has to be the reason.

Jared gazed in the Warriors Alliance’s direction with profound murderous intent brewing in his eyes.

Discomfort churned within his chest when he thought of the Warriors Alliance using Josephine’s blood to cultivate martial arts experts continuously, even at that moment.

“D*mn it!”

Jared gritted his teeth and clenched his fists.

“What’s the matter, Jared?” Howard asked confusedly.

“It’s nothing.” Jared shook his head.

Meanwhile, Ryker began explaining some crucial matters to note for the Trial. Naturally, all the participants had to sign a waiver so that the Deragon family would have nothing to do or bear no responsibility for any deaths that might happen throughout the event.

After listening to all the necessary reminders, everyone departed. They took a flight to Southernshire before boarding a cruise ship to head to Dragon Island.

Inside a luxurious room on the cruise ship, the one-armed Zion was sipping his coffee in tranquility.

Soon, the door to the room was pushed open, followed by Edgar’s entrance. Trailing behind him were the four young men who represented the Warriors Alliance to participate in the Trial.

Zion looked up and uttered nonchalantly, “Take a seat, Mr. Deragon.”

Edgar sat opposite Zion and asked, “President Zeigler, when are we launching an attack on Jared?”

“There’s no need to hurry since we’ve just departed. It won’t be too late even if we kill him upon arrival at Dragon Island,” Zion sneered. “With the number of people on our side, Jared can forget about leaving the island alive regardless of how capable he may be.”

Hearing Zion’s response, Edgar could only suppress his impulse to murder Jared and wait until they reach Dragon Island before planning the next step.

As the cruise ship sailed across the sea, the people onboard were not bored because of the various facilities available.

Jared and Howard shared a room, and because of Jared’s unwillingness to interact with his peers, he chose to stay inside the room.

Howard also remained in the room to keep Jared company instead of exploring the rest of the cruise ship.

Just as evening approached, the fast-moving cruise ship suddenly slowed down. Immediately afterward, the entire cruise ship shook.

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