A Man Like None Other Chapter 1419

Chapter 1419 Beast

Immediately afterward, an overwhelming pressure ensued, causing everyone on the cruise ship to be astounded. “What’s going on?”

Jared promptly got to his feet. Howard sat up as well and gazed out the window. However, he could not see anything aside from the vast ocean.

“Could it be pirates?” Howard asked. Jared shook his head. “Pirates won’t give off such a powerful aura.” With that, he strode out of the room to check on the situation on the deck. Howard hurriedly trailed behind him.

Soon, they arrived on the deck and noticed the place was already crowded with people. All of them were staring at the area of water ahead.

Jared aligned his eyes with their line of vision and caught sight of the churning white waves on the surface of the sea. Evidently, a huge beast was hiding under the huge waves.

At that sight, some were delighted while others were afraid. After all, if one could successfully slay an enormous beast like that, its beast core would be precious, invaluable, and could also be an incredible cultivating resource.

However, that beast was obviously very formidable, given how it survived to such a gigantic size. Anyone who attempted but failed to kill the beast would likely end up as the beast’s meal.

As the mighty waves approached, the huge impact impeded the cruise ship and halted it from moving forward.

A second later, a loud bang sounded, followed by a splash of water.

Then, everyone saw a beast with a dark red body waving its pincers while flashing its row of sharp teeth.

That beast appeared similar to a crab, but its size was a few million times bigger than a regular crab.

“It’s a deep-sea giant crab! This is a deep-sea giant crab!” someone shouted all of a sudden when the beast showed itself.

A split second later, a mixed reaction was observed on everyone’s face. Some were shocked, while a few others flashed a greedy look.

Jared was not knowledgeable about the types of beasts, so he did not know why everyone was so excited and intrigued to see the deep-sea giant crab.

He turned to Howard, hoping the latter could provide him with some explanation. Unfortunately, Howard merely shook his head in response. Clearly, he did not know much about that beast too.

“This deep-sea giant crab is an advanced-level ocean-type beast. They often live in the deeper part of the ocean and rarely appear in front of people. However, this giant crab’s beast core is of the highest grade. I heard its beast core can allow even a Martial Arts Marquis to advance to the next level. Moreover, the giant crab’s meat is a great resource. But due to its rarity, I’ve yet to hear the benefits a martial artist can gain from consuming the giant crab’s meat,” Astrid piped up, striding over to Jared.

“In this case, we should consider ourselves lucky to be able to have a taste of giant crab meat today.” Jared’s eyes gleamed as he stared at the deep-sea giant crab in front of him.

Astrid glanced at him. “Don’t think of slaying this beast as such an easy task. This deep-sea giant crab is extremely powerful, evident from its ability to stop a large cruise ship like this from moving forward. Besides, the giant crab’s body is very tough, especially its shell. An ordinary person could never dream of harming it.”

She immediately tried to dampen Jared’s spirit by saying those words, hoping he would give up on that thought.

However, Astrid was not familiar with Jared’s personality. Her persuasion would merely spur him on to challenge the beast.

Before he could make a move, someone among the crowd leaped into the air.

That person was a young Semi Martial Arts Marquis. He was impatient, perhaps because of the temptation created by the giant crab before him.

After all, if he could kill that giant crab and obtain its beast core, he could become a Martial Arts Marquis instantaneously.

Many people had remained at the level of Semi Martial Arts Marquis all their lives and failed to break through to the next level, so that young man decided to try his luck.

After he jumped into midair, the young Semi Martial Arts Marquis thrust his fists and launched a few punches of condensed martial energy at the giant crab.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Three consecutive explosions sounded as the impact of the attacks collided with the sea surface and splashed up columns of water.

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