A Man Like None Other Chapter 1420

Chapter 1420 Dead

Unfortunately, that giant crab was not harmed. Instead, the attacks merely infuriated it.

The giant crab waved its huge pincers and lunged at the young man.

Startled, he hastily dropped himself from mid-air, but it was too late.

The giant crab grabbed that young man with its pincer, and his body was cut in half, causing blood to splatter everywhere. Then, his organs and body fell into the sea.

The smell of blood attracted a lot of sharks at once, and the sharks devoured the young man’s body almost instantly.

The gruesome turns of events shocked everyone. As a result, no one dared to attack the giant crab rashly anymore.

Yet, the enraged giant crab did not seem inclined to stop there. It dashed toward the crowd while flailing its large pincers. The huge waves splashed aboard and drenched everyone’s clothes.

Many people began to feel fearful and hastily backed away. Even though they were the elites among the younger generation of martial artists from various influential sects and respectable families, they could only flee helplessly in the face of the giant crab to stay alive.

At that sight, Astrid lifted her right arm and gently made a sweeping motion. Instantaneously, a tsunami advanced in the giant crab’s direction, but the impact from the waves merely slowed down the giant crab’s attack and did not resolve the crisis.

Sensing the giant crab would reach the cruise ship in a few more seconds, Jared was about to make his move when he saw a black figure jump into the air.

That person swung his longsword and sent waves of sword flowers piercing the air.

That man was none other than Edgar. His longsword began to glow. Then, the brilliant lights shot out from the sword toward the giant crab.


The dazzling lights split the water surface apart and collided forcefully with the giant crab’s body.

Because of its durable shell, Edgar’s strike merely inflicted pain on the giant crab instead of killing it.

The agony further provoked the giant crab. As it thrashed, the cruise ship wobbled on the turbulent sea as if the boat was about to capsize.

Frowning, Edgar swiftly launched a few more strokes of blinding light from his sword. The attack hit the giant crab’s body, creating mere sparks, and was futile in penetrating the giant crab’s resilient shell.

Enraged, the giant crab swung one of its pincers at Edgar. Seeing that, he quickly retreated backward and did not dare to step forward again.

As the beast was about to land on the cruise ship, Jared kicked off the ground and leaped toward the giant crab.

Jared’s body shot out like a cannonball in the giant crab’s direction. Then he landed steadily on the crab’s back, causing the beast to flounder and stop progressing toward the cruise ship.

Golden lights flared up on Jared’s body and fists. The next instant, he swung a powerful punch at the giant crab’s shell.

Surprisingly, a tiny crack appeared on its shell after Jared landed the punch.

The giant crab writhed, desperately trying to throw Jared off his back while continuously lunging its large pincers at him.

The beast was very agile in attacking. Although Jared was hiding behind the giant crab’s back, he failed to dodge the two pincers’ incessant lunges.

Sensing that, he had no choice but to jump up again and move nimbly across the surface of the sea.

Noticing Jared had gotten off its back, the giant crab immediately swung its pincers at him.

The enormous pincers slammed against the surface of the water, sending large waves that slap against the cruise ship.

As the ship shook, the people on the deck craned their necks to check on Jared’s condition, but he was nowhere to be seen.

“Don’t tell me that Jared is so easily eliminated?”

“That giant crab is just too strong. Even the most gifted young man, Jared, was killed by it so effortlessly.”

“I did not expect a talented person like him to suffer such a tragic death in the end.”

While everyone else whispered, Edgar narrowed his eyes at the surface of the sea.

He did not believe Jared would die so easily.

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