A Man Like None Other Chapter 1421

Chapter 1421 Jared Obtains The Beast Core

After what seemed like an eternity, water splashes suddenly sounded from the sea surface.

On the heels of that, a golden light penetrated the sea surface and shot up to the sky. Jared’s entire body could be seen emitting a golden glow from the scales enveloping his body. At that very moment, he looked like a golden dragon whizzing up into the sky from the sea.

Vigilantly, Jared stared at the giant crab right in front of him. Howard heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that the former was still alive.

Surprisingly, Edgar, too, felt relieved when he realized Jared had cheated death. Deep down, he hoped the latter was not killed by the giant crab as he vowed to finish him off by himself.

At the sight of Jared shooting straight up to the sky, the giant crab intended to strike him with its giant pincers again.

In the blink of an eye, its giant pincers were only inches from Jared.

Jared roared, and the golden light from his body glittered. He did not dodge but unleashed the Power of Dragons from all over his body and threw a powerful punch at the giant crab.

Everyone was stupefied to see that Jared had the guts to fight head-on with the giant crab.

Meanwhile, Zion was looking out the window from the room, his eyes fixed on the sea.

“This brat surely has a death wish. Doesn’t he know that his Golem Body is no match for all the beasts’ bodies that are hard as steel?”

Jared’s punch struck the giant crab’s big pincer with an ear-splitting sound. In the next second, a strong wave of aftershocks dispersed in every direction.

With golden light surrounding him, his fist collided with the giant crab’s big pincer with scarcely any gap in between.

Below the giant crab’s big pincer, his body was a stark contrast to its size.

Right then, the giant crab bared its teeth and crushed Jared with full force.

Jared was struck by the giant crab’s big pincer in mid-air. He fell into the sea, causing the seawater to splash to a height of a few tens of meters.

At the sight of the overwhelming scene, everyone could not help feeling that Jared would meet his tragic fate at any moment.

Nonetheless, they were in awe of his courage for fighting head-on with such a petrifying beast.


Howard’s eyes turned fiery red when Jared fell into the sea. He whipped out his weapon instantly and was about to charge at the giant crab to avenge Jared when he caught a glimpse of something glowing right beneath the sea.

Meanwhile, the giant crab, initially floating above the sea, suddenly sank into the seawater as if something was dragging it down.

At that moment, everyone could make out the golden glitters beneath the sea surface. Jared seemed to be in an intense battle with the giant crab.

Soon, the battle between the duo beneath the surface stopped, and the sea surface gradually became still again.

However, both Jared and the giant crab were nowhere to be seen. The others did not see any lifeless bodies float to the surface either.

Just as everyone wondered what had transpired, a massive whirlpool appeared on the sea surface. The next moment, Jared emerged from under the sea and shot into the air, lifting the giant crab with a body length of over ten meters.

The others presumed the giant crab weighed at least ten thousand pounds. They could not believe that Jared, who had a slender figure, could surge into mid-air by carrying such a gigantic beast effortlessly.

They stared at Jared in astonishment, only to see his body begin expanding drastically like an inflated balloon.

The giant crab struggled frantically by waving its pincers vigorously.

Jared roared with all his might before throwing the giant crab upward. As it fell, he unleashed his aura, clenched his fist, and struck the beast!

At that very moment, Jared had transformed into a ray of golden light as he swooshed toward the giant crab like a meteor.


Jared’s devastating punch landed heavily on the giant crab’s abdomen and pierced through its body.

When he leaped into the sky from the giant crab’s back again, there was already a colorful beast core in his hand. At the same time, the giant crab that weighed at least ten thousand pounds had become lifeless as it smashed heavily onto the sea surface!

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