A Man Like None Other Chapter 1423

Chapter 1423 Pure Strength

“Why should I hand it over to you?”

Jared looked at Edgar coldly. “The Deragon family is the one organizing the Trial this time. Therefore, you are to hand over all the resources obtained during this time to us. After that, we’ll distribute it accordingly to everyone. That’s the rule.”

“Have you no f*cking shame, Edgar? Since when did the Deragon family set such a ridiculous rule? You didn’t even mention anything about that before the Trial started!” Howard reprimanded Edgar upon hearing his words.

Edgar’s lips quirked up as he said arrogantly, “This is the new rule I set. Since the Deragon family is the organizer of the Trial this time, we have the right to do so. I’m the person in charge of the Trial, so I have the authority to set a new rule at any time!”

Many were displeased by Edgar’s words, but Edgar did not care because many of the cultivators here would end up as resources for his cultivation. It was just a matter of time before he annihilated them for that purpose.

Jared narrowed his eyes. “What if I refuse to hand it over to you?”

“It’s against the rules if you refuse to hand it over to me. And if you violate the rules, I’ll have no choice but to take it from you.”

Edgar began to unleash his aura.

“Come at me if you’re so capable!” Jared said with disdain in his eyes. He whipped out the beast core and challenged Edgar by waving it in front of him.

“I have long been upset when I lost to you the last time, Jared. I must take revenge today!”

Edgar stopped keeping it a secret and revealed his purpose right away.

As for the rule to hand over the beast core, it was solely to find fault with the latter deliberately.

“You were lucky that I failed to kill you previously. But I don’t think the lucky star will shine upon you again today…” With that, Jared’s fist emitted a golden glow, and he threw a punch at Edgar without a second thought, knowing that he had to make the first move since the fight was inevitable.

He had used up a lot of spiritual energy during his intense battle with the giant crab earlier. Hence, he knew that he had to catch Edgar off guard first.

It never crossed Edgar’s mind that Jared would suddenly make the first move. As he couldn’t dodge in time, Jared’s fist struck him hard in the chest, sending his body flying out of the cruise ship. If Salvador and the others had not grabbed him in the nick of time, he would have fallen into the sea.

Edgar glared at Jared, the excruciating pain in his chest causing him to scowl.

With a scream, he moved his hands swiftly to amass a wave of dark martial energy.

At that moment, he could not be bothered to care much. The only thing on his mind was to finish Jared off.

Jared’s body glowed with golden light, and he threw another punch.

The moment their fists met, the whole cruise ship began shaking violently.

Everyone was flabbergasted. They had a hunch the cruise ship would not be able to sustain the massive impact if the two Martial Arts Marquis were to battle against each other on it.

Astrid waved her arms abruptly, releasing two white rays to split up Jared and Edgar.

“We have no say if you intend to fight. However, you shouldn’t put our lives at risk. If this cruise ship is damaged, all of us will surely meet our tragic fate in the sea!” Astrid roared at Jared and Edgar.

Everyone started chastising them as well, fearing that they would end up meeting their end in the sea.

However, it was impossible for Jared and Edgar to stop now. The tension in the air was palpable.

Staring at Jared, Edgar challenged, “Do you have the guts to keep your martial energy and fight me with pure strength instead?”

“Why not!” Jared snorted coldly.

As long as they did not use any martial energy, it would not cause such a massive aftershock that would risk everyone’s safety on the cruise ship.

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