A Man Like None Other Chapter 1424

Chapter 1424 I Will Not Give It To You

Seeing that Jared agreed with his suggestion, Edgar kept his dark wave of martial energy. On the other hand, the golden rays from Jared’s body gradually disappeared too.

“Sacred Light Fist!” Jared took the first move to throw his fist at Edgar.

In truth, he could perform Sacred Light Fist perfectly without spiritual energy. Back then at Pentacarna Tower, he had unleashed it solely with pure strength and blasted the main door of the tower effortlessly.

Edgar did not dodge. His lips contorted into a smirk. Quickly, Jared’s fist landed on Edgar’s body, and something bizarre happened the next moment. Edgar’s body, which was initially hard as steel, had softened like a puddle of mud.

When Jared’s fist landed on Edgar’s body, his energy had been fully absorbed. Subsequently, he almost staggered and collided with the latter.

A huge dent suddenly appeared on Edgar’s body and enveloped Jared’s fist. After a while, Edgar’s body returned to its initial state again, and he laughed coldly. “Hahaha! No matter how powerful you are, you can never hurt me.”

Jared furrowed his brows as he looked intently at Edgar. His gut instinct told him the latter’s entire body had gone through an overall modification. That explained why his body was not hard as steel anymore, be it his internal organ or bones.

Narrowing his eyes, Jared snapped coldly, “Evidently, the spirit that resides in your body possesses amazing prowess…”

Edgar neither retorted nor admitted. As his lips curled up into a sly smile, he struck Jared with a punch.

Even though Jared did not use Golem Body, his body was still as hard as steel.

Ha! It’s impossible for him to hurt me with pure strength.

Therefore, he did not dodge and allowed Edgar’s fist to strike his body instead.

Edgar’s fist landed on Jared’s body, but it did not cause him any injury. For Jared, it was no different from a tickle.

Edgar took a few steps back after striking Jared with the punch and maintained a cold smile on his face.

Just as Jared was wondering what Edgar was up to, there was suddenly a massive blast of force in his body. The impact was so strong that it sent him flying backward.

“Hahaha! This power of mine is designed to fight against a formidable martial artist like you. Even though you can’t feel anything from this punch, the mighty force has already penetrated your skin and reached your internal organs! Let’s see how you can fight me this time. Give me the beast core and I might just keep you alive for a while more!” Filled with confidence, Edgar guffawed.

As long as he hands the beast core to me, I won’t kill him now. When we reach Dragon Island, I must grab the chance to torture him. I won’t let him die an easy death!

Jared stood up and shot Edgar a frigid glance before charging at him and raining punches down on him.

Edgar’s body would become out of shape whenever Jared’s punch landed on it, but it would return to its original state after a while.

Jared felt as if he was punching a pillow. Apart from losing his strength, he could feel the recoils against his body.

In the blink of an eye, Jared had thrown more than a hundred punches. At that moment, his forehead was already beaded with sweat!

Looking at the state Jared was in, Edgar laughed out loud, then threw a punch that sent him flying backward and collapsing on the deck.

“I shall let you have a taste of what it’s like to be crushed today, Jared.”

The next second, Edgar stepped forward abruptly, intending to crush Jared with his leg.

Jared rolled on the ground, then rose to his feet swiftly and kept a distance from him.

“I’ll never give you this beast core.” With that, he swallowed it directly.

Regardless of whether the beast core was of any help to his cultivation, Jared would never hand it over to Edgar.

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