A Man Like None Other Chapter 1425

Chapter 1425 Odd One Out

Edgar’s face fell when he saw Jared swallowing the beast core.

“Mr. Deragon, since Jared has swallowed the beast core, let’s just look past this and move on. Besides, you’re playing by your own rules, and I’m afraid I cannot agree to that,” Astrid said as she took two steps forward.

“She’s right. What are you getting at? Even if the Trial was organized by the Deragons, you cannot take us for fools…”

“That’s right. Why do we have to let the Deragons decide everything? What will become of us then? Are we on the Deragons’ payroll now?”

“Forget it. I’m going back if they insist on proceeding. D*mn it! It’s just an annual event. Why is this getting so complicated now?”

As Astrid voiced out her concerns, many others followed suit.

It was customary in past Trials that resources or treasures obtained during the event would belong to those who fought for them. However, with Edgar’s recent declaration, the loot would all go to the Deragons prior to distribution to others at the Deragons’ absolute discretion. That way, nobody would truly fight in the Trial.

Edgar’s face darkened when he noticed the waves of protests coming his way. In the end, he narrowed his eyes and threw a daggered look at Jared. “Just you wait, Jared. Dragon Island is going to become your grave.”

Edgar left right after he was done talking while Jared followed Howard back to the room.

“Jared, it seems like you’ll be in grave danger during this Trial,” Howard said solemnly.

“Don’t worry about it. I’ve anticipated this.”

Jared smiled. He knew that Edgar would target him. However, he was not afraid of the man.

He was confident that he could face Edgar’s Demonic Cultivation. His pathetic manner on the deck was just for show.

Jared wanted Edgar to lower his guard so that he could defeat the latter in a single fatal blow.

As a matter of fact, he did not feel threatened by Edgar at all. He was more worried about the four men from Warriors Alliance who made an appearance.

If they decided to team up with Edgar, Jared reckoned that they would be difficult to deal with.

After a day’s sail, the ship finally docked at Dragon Island. Darkness slowly crept up the sky as the sun set.

At that moment, Dragon Island appeared to be full of life.

Even though it was already winter, Dragon Island seemed to enjoy spring all year round.

No wonder the island was a tourism hot spot! However, there was not a single tourist on the island right then, as per the Deragons’ arrangement.

Jared grew despondent upon setting foot on the island.

It was his third time on the island.

He reckoned that Renee should be on the island too. Nonetheless, Jared had no idea of her exact whereabouts.

He did not expect to secure any resources for the Trial this time. His main purpose was to locate Renee and see if he could take her away.

With the thought in mind, Jared started to exude his spiritual sense to deep and sordid corners of Dragon Island.

As his spiritual sense traveled wide and far, he could not help but furrow his brows.

Jared noticed that there were thick clouds of spiritual energy bubbling from the underground. What was more, it encompassed quite a huge area.

Could it be that there are ancient ruins underneath Dragon Island?

Jared was stumped. After all, it was his first time discovering such a huge reservoir of spiritual energy!

However, he had not been able to sense the huge reservoir of spiritual energy during his two previous visits to Dragon Island.

Jared reckoned that it was because of the presence of Ice Dragon and Flame Dragon, as their presence had garnered everyone’s attention.

“What’s the matter, Jared?”

Howard noticed Jared frowning and asked.

“Oh, nothing…”

Jared retracted his spiritual sense and smiled.

Soon, everyone alighted the ship and got on the island. There were hundreds of people. They gathered according to their social circle and chatted with each other. The Trial was dangerous, after all, and it would be wise to connect with others so that the acquaintances made may be of help along their precarious journey.

Only Howard was standing beside Jared right then. The two of them appeared to be the odd ones out of the socializing crowd.

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