A Man Like None Other Chapter 1426

Chapter 1426 Do You Have A Death Wish

Just when the crowd was engaged in friendly chit-chat, someone appeared on the deck of the ship. The man’s peculiar appearance of having only one arm managed to still the crowd as everyone widened their eyes in surprise at him.

He was Zion Zeigler. There was no need to hide away from plain sight now that he had arrived at Dragon Island. Even if Jared was aware of his presence now, he could no longer run away.

Dragon Island was an isolated island surrounded by nothing but seawater in sight. There was no way one could escape the island without a boat. Jared narrowed his eyes in response. He started to get nervous the moment he saw Zion.

“D*mn it! Why is Zion on the ship too? Don’t tell me he’s here for the Trial too?” Howard exclaimed in surprise when he noticed the man. “I think he’s here to kill me,” Jared stated plainly.

He tightened his fists slightly as he braced himself for any unexpected situation. Since Zion was also here, Jared knew that it would be a battle of life and death.

Jared was already worried about the four men from Warriors Alliance teaming up with Edgar. With Zion in the mix, Jared knew that his chances to prevail against the three forces combined would be slim.

Howard was shocked when he heard Jared saying that Zion was there to kill him. He gritted his teeth. “Jared, don’t worry. I’m going to face them together with you if they are plotting to murder you!”

“If a fight breaks out later, do not hastily take part in it. Otherwise, you’re going to lose your life for nothing,” Jared said to Howard.

Given Howard’s strength, he would be of no help to Jared. Howard’s attempts at helping Jared would only result in him losing his own life.

Just when Howard wanted to say something, Zion approached Jared and said with a sneer, “Jared, we meet again. I acknowledge your strength. However, you’re not going to be able to walk out of Dragon Island alive today.”

“You’re the president of Warriors Alliance, and yet you hide away in the ship just so you could bring a group of people here to kill me. Aren’t you afraid of people mocking you for being a coward? Everyone here is representing their sects in the Jadeborough martial arts world, be it major or minor. Do you think you’re truly doing the name of the president of Warriors Alliance justice by behaving this way?” Jared asked Zion in a rather calm tone.

Jared intended to infuriate Zion so that he would attack him right then and there.

As long as Zion did not attack him together with Edgar and the four men from Warriors Alliance, Jared was confident that he could take them down one by one.

“Haha, Jared! Do you really think you could infuriate me that easily? As long as I can kill you, it doesn’t matter how you trample over my pride. I am even willing to retire from being the president of Warriors Alliance if that is what it takes to watch you die!”

Zion let out a hysterical laugh before he shot a vicious look at Jared.

“If that’s the case, drop your empty threats and come at me!”

Jared started to emit a golden glow!

Zion started to work on his aura as well. Then, he scanned the crowd and said, “What’s happening has nothing to do with all of you. This is a private matter between Jared and me. If any one of you dares to help him out, you are making an enemy out of the whole of Warriors Alliance. Do not even dream of getting out of Dragon Island alive by then.”

Zion was afraid that someone might try to help Jared. After all, this was his best chance to eradicate Jared for good. He could not let this one chance slip through his fingers.

The crowd started to disperse. They were not close with Jared. Hence, they would not risk offending Zion for the sake of Jared.

After all, given his prowess, Zion was a man who could dictate one’s life and death on this isolated island.

Astrid had wanted to protest. However, she could only take a step backward when Zion gave out the stern warning.

Nonetheless, Howard did not pay heed to Zion’s warning and continued to stand his ground.

“Howard, do you have a death wish?”

A murderous glint flashed in Zion’s eyes as he noticed that Howard did not budge.

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