A Man Like None Other Chapter 1427

Chapter 1427 A Sitting Duck

“Zion, if you dare to kill me, my dad will—”

Before Howard could even finish his words, Zion countered directly. “How almighty do you think the Dunn family is? Do you think your dad dares to take revenge on the Warriors Alliance after I kill you? Please don’t overestimate your family.”

When Howard was about to say something again, Jared waved his hand and interrupted him, “Howard, step back. Don’t make any move no matter what happens to me. Or else, you’ll sacrifice your life for nothing.”

Looking at Jared’s determined expression, Howard had no choice but to sigh and retreat.

When Zion saw that everyone else had retreated too, he curled his lips into a smile. “Jared, let me tell you something. All four elites from the Warriors Alliance are fed with the blood of your girlfriend. Can’t you feel your girlfriend’s aura on them? If you’re killed by the four of them, it is as if you’re killed by your own girlfriend. In the future, Warriors Alliance will use your girlfriend’s blood to cultivate more elites, while your girlfriend will be locked in the dungeon for the rest of her life!”

Zion was wearing a mocking expression, and his voice was so soft that only the two of them could hear what he said.

Jared’s expression turned frosty, and a murderous aura burst out instantly.

“I’ll kill you!” Jared yelled, his eyes bloodshot.

He could no longer endure it.

Jared charged toward Zion and threw a punch at him with all his strength. Zion hurriedly raised his hand to block the attack, but the momentum of Jared’s punch was so strong that Zion was forced to stagger a few steps back.

“Today, all of you are going to die…” Jared’s face contorted with rage, and a blast of aura burst out from his body.

However, Zion was not afraid at all. He sneered and said, “Are you anxious now? I love seeing you like this!”

Jared took another step forward, and the terrifying aura exuding from his body loomed over Zion.

The four Warriors Alliance elites, who were initially behind Zion, leaped up all of a sudden to block Jared’s terrifying aura.

“Jared, how dare you disrespect President Zeigler! You have to die!” said Salvador, looking at Jared frigidly.

“You’ve consumed Josephine’s blood. I’m going to drain all of your blood today!”

With that, the Dragonslayer Sword instantly appeared in his hand, buzzing loudly.

The sword energy rose into the sky with bloodthirsty murderous intent, and the energy engulfed the four of them in a split second.

The four immediately formed a battle array, ready to fight with Jared.

Suddenly, Edgar walked over casually.

“President Zeigler, can you please hand Jared over to me? I have a mortal feud with him, and I want to kill him with my own hands!” said Edgar.

Edgar looked extremely confident at that moment because back on the ship earlier, Jared was beaten to the point that he was unable to fight back. Hence, Edgar decided to kill him on his own.

Zion took a glance at Edgar. “Mr. Edgar, are you confident that you can take his life?”

“Of course! Although Jared is really powerful, I’ve found a way to restrain him.” Edgar burst out laughing.

Zion nodded. “Since you’re so confident, I’ll let you do it. Jared is like a sitting duck now, and he can’t escape at all. If you can’t defeat him in the end, it’s not too late for me to take action by then.”

Then, Zion waved his hand, gesturing for Salvador and the rest to step back.

Jared narrowed his eyes and held the Dragonslayer Sword tightly in his hand. Looks like my tactic of pretending to be defeated by Edgar is working.

“Jared, we can go all out in this battle. But, I hope that you can resist it for a little longer, as I will be very disappointed if you’re killed too soon.”

After Edgar finished speaking, he waved his palm vigorously, and it was followed by a black aura enveloping his body.

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