A Man Like None Other Chapter 1428

Chapter 1428 Not Able To Utilize It

The aura instantly turned into a sharp edge, aiming at Jared. Jared did not dare to waste another second. He lifted the Dragonslayer Sword and slashed it downward mercilessly.

The sword energy marred the air, and a wind-howling sound was instantly heard. Jared’s slash was powerful as he gave it all out. He was determined to kill Edgar with just one move.

After defeating Edgar, Zion would have one less helper when Jared had a battle with him later. The fierce sword energy instantly collided with Edgar’s black aura.

However, no sound was heard, not even the slightest. The black aura exuded by Edgar softened immediately and enveloped Jared’s ferocious sword energy. In the blink of an eye, the sword energy’s power was absorbed by the black aura.

Jared frowned. His Dragonslayer Sword could sever everything within seconds even under the attack of an enormous aura. Surprisingly, his slash had no effect at all under Edgar’s aura.

Boom! When Jared was still in a daze, the black aura solidified and rammed into his chest. The next moment, Jared was sent flying backward.

“Jared, this is what I call dealing with force using soft methods. No matter how strong your power is, you won’t be able to utilize it on me.” Edgar laughed gleefully.

Following his laughter, a black mist gradually rose behind Edgar and transformed into a humanoid figure. Edgar took a few steps back, and his body was instantly swallowed up by the black shadow.

When the black mist dissipated, Edgar’s body was seen covered by a black robe, and his aura became extremely terrifying. “Hahaha! Jared, I’m going to sever your tendons, drink your blood, and take all your strength for myself!”

Edgar’s laughter became so eerie and terrifying that it sent a chill down everyone’s spine. Everyone looked at Edgar in shock. It was unknown what was going on in their minds, but none of them dared to help Jared.

“Are you really so naïve to think that such a technique can restrain the power of my Dragonslayer Sword?” Jared narrowed his eyes. The Power of Dragons flowed through his meridians and infused his Dragonslayer Sword.

The light on the Dragonslayer Sword flickered continuously, and the sounds of a dragon’s roar rang out so loud that it resounded throughout the entire Dragon Island.

The entire Dragon Island seemed to have heard the dragon’s roar and began to tremble.

After all, Jared’s Power of Dragons came from Dragon Island. Therefore, when the Power of Dragons broke out, Dragon Island reacted accordingly.

Edgar frowned and then raised his hands. Once again, the black aura solidified and swept toward Jared.

As soon as Jared raised his Dragonslayer Sword, countless light spots came from all directions of Dragon Island and converged toward the sword in Jared’s hands.

At that moment, the sky had completely darkened, and countless light spots gathered on the tip of the Dragonslayer Sword. It was then followed by the eruption of a dazzling white light that illuminated the dark sky.

“Slash!” With an angry roar, Jared swung the sword downward fiercely. A white light instantly shot out from the sword and flew toward Edgar like a laser.

As soon as the black aura exuded by Edgar touched the white light, it wrapped the light, trying to absorb it.

At that moment, everyone could see a big black sphere with white light flashing inside. The big black sphere was constantly changing its shape, trying to make the white light disappear.


Suddenly, there was a violent fluctuation in the air. Then, white light was seen emitting from the black sphere.

Every streak of light sped straight into the night sky just like fireworks, lighting up the sky.

Everyone looked up the sky involuntarily.

Eventually, the black aura disappeared. At the same time, the white light condensed and slashed Edgar’s chest.

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