A Man Like None Other Chapter 1433

Chapter 1433 The Weakness

Jared took a step forward as his golden body shone with bright light. Now that Edgar’s strength has been greatly reduced, it’s the perfect opportunity to kill him!

When the sizeable golden fist struck him, Edgar did his best to resist but to no avail.

The difference in strength between Jared and Edgar was so great that it was futile for Edgar to put up a fight.


As soon as Jared sent Edgar flying with his powerful punch, Jared could feel his energy leave him. He got so weak that he could barely stand on his own.

When Edgar noticed that, he quickly got up from the ground to strike Jared with his palm.

At the same time, a black mist emerged from Jared’s body and instantly entered Edgar’s.

The spirit knew it could not control Jared, so it returned to Edgar, whose aura suddenly changed drastically after the spirit entered his body.

Zion, who intended to help out, raised an eyebrow amusedly at that moment, seemingly interested in what would happen next.

He was no longer concerned that Jared would kill Edgar, for even if Edgar died, he had complete confidence that he could deal with Jared. After all, Zion had figured out Jared’s weakness and was convinced he would not have any problem killing the man.

Seeing Edgar’s palm zooming toward him, Jared hurriedly got up to defend himself by throwing his fist.


Jared was sent to the floor by the palm strike, while Edgar landed firmly on the ground with a graceful move.

Jared’s face turned as grim as death when he struggled to get back on his feet.

Even though the spirit had left Jared’s body, it cast an arcane array on him when it departed. Jared did not have the additional energy to fight Edgar since he had to deal with the arcane array inside of him.

“Kill him now. I’ve already cast a limiting arcane array in his body, so he can only utilize one-fifth of his strength. There’s no better time to strike,” uttered the old-sounding voice in Edgar’s mind.

Edgar was over the moon the second he heard that. After leaping into the air, he readied himself to throw a punch at Jared.

Jared had just managed to get back up when he saw Edgar launching another attack. He then immediately lifted his fists to brace himself for the assault but lacked the strength to stop Edgar from sending him flying.


At that point, Edgar was ready to give Jared his all by throwing one punch after another at the man.

Jared could do nothing but endure the bombardment, yet even that was too much for him.

The crowd was stunned when they saw what was happening before their eyes. Jared is supposed to be the more powerful one between the two, so how did he get forced into a corner?

Zion narrowed his eyes thoughtfully as he witnessed the sudden turn of events. “It seems there’s more than meets the eye with this Edgar. I better be more cautious of him.”

Holding Jared down, Edgar continued to rain down punches on the man.

His attacks were fueled with so much anger that they caused Jared to vomit blood.

When Edgar was done beating Jared to a pulp, the severely injured man was already covered in crimson blood.

“Not so tough now, are you, Jared? I’ll torture you until your very last breath.” With that, Edgar concentrated his aura into a sharp blade, ready to stab Jared right in the chest.

“Jared!” cried out Howard when he sensed Edgar’s intention to murder Jared. Then, he rushed forward in an attempt to stop Edgar.

“Salvador, stop him,” Zion ordered with a frown, displeased that Howard was trying to save Jared.

After nodding in response, Salvador swiftly leaped forward to block Howard’s way and pushed the man away with a palm strike.

“Whoever attempts to save Jared will die,” threatened Zion while sweeping his gaze across the crowd.

Nobody else dared to step up for Jared since they were not related to him. Besides that, none wished to offend Warriors Alliance or the Deragons by doing so.

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