A Man Like None Other Chapter 1434

Chapter 1434 Blasted To Pieces

Fresh blood sprayed out of Jared’s chest when Edgar plunged the blade into him.

The pain was so excruciating that Jared immediately broke into a grimace.

“Ah!” Jared let out an angry roar before suddenly releasing a surge of energy that sent Edgar flying away.

Looking down at his wound, Jared tapped it a few times, and his bleeding instantly stopped.

He then glared at Edgar with gritted teeth as he tried his best to hold himself up.

“Kill him quickly! I’m not sure how long the arcane array can contain him,” the old-sounding voice urged Edgar.

Since Jared managed to release such powerful energy in anger, the spirit worried it would not be long before he broke free from its arcane array.

By then, it would be impossible for Edgar to kill Jared.

After wiping the blood from the corner of his lips, Edgar stared coldly at Jared. “Your resistance is futile, Jared. It’s pointless to even try.”

With that, Edgar rushed toward Jared at the speed of light and reached the man in the blink of an eye.

Before Jared could even react, Edgar readied the shining blade in his hand to stab his opponent in the chest again.

Even though Jared knew he was incapable of stopping Edgar, he reached out to grab the sharp blade anyway.

Jared wanted to take the weapon away from Edgar, but his enemy was too quick for him.

His hands did nothing to stop Edgar from driving the blade into his chest once again.

Then, blood began to spill uncontrollably from both his chest and hands.

“I thought you were supposed to be invincible, Jared. Why have you become a lamb waiting to be slaughtered?” Edgar laughed maniacally as he looked at the severely wounded Jared.

After pulling the blade out of Jared, Edgar kicked the man to the floor.

Jared struggled to get back on his feet because he was trembling so much, but the energy inside of him lit up and began to mend his injured body.

Meanwhile, his mental energy was focused on dealing with the arcane array the spirit cast on him.

“Mr. Edgar, killing Jared won’t be easy. Even if you stab him a thousand times, he won’t go down,” reminded Zion.

However, he did not tell Edgar that Jared was an energy cultivator.

“If I can’t kill him by stabbing him, I’ll do it another way,” sneered Edgar before his body burst forth with light and levitated into the air.

Then, the black light surrounding Edgar turned into lightning bolts, which he launched at Jared.

“He’ll get a taste of my lightning tribulation,” stated Edgar with a smirk.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

A bombardment of black lightning bolts came down on Jared, and the scene was so horrifying that those around him quickly backed away.

There was terrifying power in every strike that landed on Jared, whose body quickly began to give off a burnt smell.

The entire Dragon Island was filled with the smell before long, forcing everyone to cover their nose.

Zion narrowed his eyes curiously once again as he bore witness to the fear-inducing assault. “No matter how powerful Jared is, there’s no way he can survive that. We might not even find his body when this is over!”

After dozens of lightning bolts were launched, a large crater with a diameter of tens of meters appeared on the ground, surrounded by smoke and dust.

As soon as the air cleared up, the crowd hurried over to the edge of the crater to see if Jared had been blasted to pieces.

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