A Man Like None Other Chapter 1718

“Mr. Chance, you were awesome!” “That was amazing, Mr. Chance!” “Jared, you’re unbelievable! I love you!” The crowd cheered for Jared the moment Jun died. Kazuo, of course, was sporting a grim look.

“Mr. Kawaguchi, I did say that it was uncertain as to who would live and who would die. Still, I have to say that the witchcraft of Jetroina is simply pathetic,” Arthur remarked with a small smile.

Kazuo wore an icy look as he waved his hand and said, “I bid you farewell, Mr. Sanders.” With that, Kazuo left. Yet, before he walked away, he turned to glance at Evangeline one last time. He wanted to remember this girl.

Arthur did not linger after Kazuo was gone. After all, he was there to stop Kazuo from intervening in the fight.

If Kazuo were to enter the battle, Jared would certainly fail, for Jared was no match for Kazuo After Jared killed Jun, all those who wanted to alleviate their status by sacrificing Jared hesitated.

All of them had hoped to fight Jared that day, but upon finding out Jared’s true power, they found their confidence fleeing from them..

Marcelo, especially, did not dare to even look at Jared anymore as embarrassment overwhelmed him.

That day, the news of Jared killing the Jetroinian samurai spread in the martial arts forum like wildfire. Moreover, Arthur personally went to the sect that Jared had established to give the latter his blessings.

That made Jared’s status soar to unprecedented heights, and many people started to express their interest in joining Deragon Sect.

In just a few days, Deragon Sect surpassed the other sects and prestigious families, its progress was unmatched by any other organization in the martial arts world.

Another factor other than Jared’s fame that contributed to Deragon Sect’s rapid development was how Jared intended to share his resources. He was planning to pick talented individuals to train them into Martial Arts Marquis.

The larger Deragon Sect grew, the more Jared realized it was pointless to rely on his power alone he needed to improve Deragon Sect’s overall power too.

One day, Jared summoned Godrick.  “Godrick, how is Deragon Sect’s recent progression?” he asked.

“Jared, there are a few thousands of martial trainees in Deragon Sect now. There are neither any sects nor prestigious families in Jadeborough’s martial arts world who can surpass us now,” Godrick exclaimed.

“We have the numbers, but what about their capabilities? Have you picked the people that I’ve asked you to?” Jared asked. “All of them have different levels of strength,

and the most powerful ones are only Martial Arts Grandmasters. There’s no Martial Arts Marquis among them. Also, I’ve made a list of the talented individuals you were looking for,” Godrick answered.

Jared mulled over his words and found sense in them. After all, a Martial Arts Marquis was capable of becoming an overlord, so why would they want to join Deragon Sect and be restricted by rules set by others?

Furthermore, Deragon Sect had just been established. Its future was unclear, and it was understandable that no powerful figure would try to join it.

“Hand your tasks over to someone else. I’ll be taking you to a place after some time. I hope that you’ll be a Martial Arts Marquis once you return from that trip,” Jared said as he patted Godrick’s shoulder.

Godrick nearly leaped in joy upon hearing that. “Don’t worry, Jared! I’ll work on that right away!”

Then, Godrick left merrily. After all, becoming a Martial Arts Marquis was something Godrick never dared to even dream about. After Godrick was gone, Lizbeth entered Jared’s room.

When he realized who had entered his room, Jared waved his hand and gestured for Lizbeth to sit on his lap. “Did you not go shopping with Renee and the others?” he asked.

“Millie’s here, and she wants to invite you to Crimson Palace. Let’s go!” Lizbeth said with a smile. “Crimson Palace? That’s so far.”

Jared furrowed his brows. He was interested in the visit, but it would be a long trip there. “What do you mean? Cecilia has moved Crimson Palace to Jadeborough. It’s now at the valley in the outskirts,” Lizbeth told him.

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