A Man Like None Other Chapter 1719

Hearing that, Jared recalled what Millie said to him-she had told him that Cecilia had plans to move Crimson Palace to Jadeborough. He never thought she would execute that plan so quickly.

“All right, then. Let’s visit them.” Jared knew Cecilia only moved Crimson Palace over to Jadeborough for him. That was why he was taking a trip there to see if Cecilia needed any help.

When Jared headed out with Lizbeth, he realized that Evangeline, Renee, and the rest were around too. It was then he figured out that they wanted to visit Crimson Palace as well.

Shortly after, they headed toward Crimson Palace as a group with Millie as their guide.

Cecilia had chosen to establish Crimson Palace in a spot a distance away from Jadeborough. The spot was remote, and even though traveling was a little inconvenient, it was very quiet and peaceful.

After all, the members of Crimson Palace were all women. Some people would always try to snoop around a place like that.

Upon arriving at Crimson Palace, Jared realized that life at the new Crimson Palace was difficult, for some of the amenities were still unavailable to the members.

Furthermore, there was a visible decrease in the members, and the ones around seemed to be extremely busy with their tasks. “Millie, why does Crimson Palace have so few people now?” Jared asked, baffled.

“Many didn’t want to leave, so these are the ones who were willing to come along…” she explained.

Jared’s brows scrunched up when he heard her explanation. He knew that all these challenges only existed because Cecilia had moved Crimson Palace for his sake.

Yet, he could not think of anything he could give Cecilia in return.

Only when Jared saw Cecilia did he see the weary expression she had. It came as no surprise, for moving was a very tiring task. “You’re here! Please take a seat!”

Still, despite her exhaustion, Cecilia beamed upon seeing them.

“Cecilia, you look so haggard! Why didn’t you tell us about this? We could have helped you out!” Lizbeth said as she walked over to the other woman..

“Lizbeth, this is just a small matter. I can deal with it myself. See, I’ve asked Millie to invite you here once everything’s table,” Cecilia uttered.

“Okay. From now on, we’ll be living here with you. That way, we can help each other if anything happens,” Lizbeth said to her with a nod.

The conversation baffled Jared. He whipped his head toward Lizbeth and blurted out, “You’re planning to stay at Crimson Palace too?”

“Ahuh. We agreed on moving over here once Cecilia moves here. We’re all girls here, so it’s easier for us to take care of each other,” Lizbeth pointed out.

“You’re all going to stay here?” Jared repeated, still in disbelief. “Obviously. We’re already here, so we’re going to stay here. Aren’t we making things easier for you? You’ll get to see us all just by coming here,” Lyanna said, winking at Jared.

“In that case, isn’t Crimson Palace Jared’s harem? Jared’s really living like a king now, huh?” Renee remarked and giggled. Jared flushed as he was embarrassed.

At that, the women chortled, and the weariness on Cecilia’s face disappeared as she laughed away.

Jared did not linger long at Crimson Palace. After returning to Deragon Sect, he promptly instructed Godrick to send some people over to Crimson Palace to help the women build the amenities.

At the same time, Crimson Palace announced that they were merging with Deragon Sect. In other words, Crimson Palace had truly become Jared’s harem.

While Jared focused on developing Deragon Sect, Skylar was soaking in a large pool of black water in Warriors Alliance. His facial features were scrunched up as if he was enduring unbearable pain.

Black mist was coming out of Skylar’s body as he sat in the bubbling pool. He gritted his teeth as the veins in his temples popped.

“As long as you can hold on for forty-nine days, the refinement of your body will be successful. You failed to win against Jared because his body was too strong. Therefore, you have to refine your body too.”

You can see how much Lord Tanner values you by how willing he was to give you necrosis fluid to help with the refinement process,” said the spirit in Skylar.

“Don’t worry, sir. I’ll definitely survive this…”

Skylar ground his teeth once more before letting out a roar. The bubbling in the black water intensified.

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