A Man Like None Other Chapter 2134

Yosef’s face changed when he looked up at the sky. His jaw immediately dropped, and he started trembling. “T-That’s… that’s faith energy. Yosef looked at the faith energy in disbelief.

“What? How is that possible?” As Sherman turned his gaze towards Jared, his expression was filled with astonishment. Yet, Jared responded with an icy grin. He then sprang up from the ground and effortlessly floated in mid-air!

The faith energy enveloped Jared and permeated his body. Despite his nearly depleted spiritual energy, Jared’s elixir field was revitalized in an instant by the overwhelming surge of faith energy. All he needed to do next was to refine them!

After absorbing all the faith energy, Jared gradually descended to the ground, radiating a newfound aura of power and strength. Yosef was flabbergasted-utterly flabbergasted! Never in his life had he seen such powerful faith energy! Jared’s source of such immense faith energy was a mystery to him.

“W-Who are you? How come you managed to obtain so much faith energy?” Yosef asked Jared in disbelief. “Would you believe me if I tell you I’m a Deity of a country?” Jared said while flashing a faint. grin.

“That’s b*llshit. How can you be a Deity when you’re just a Martial Arts Saint?” Yosef did not. believe Jared. A Martial Arts Saint like him can never be a Deity!

“It’s okay if you don’t believe me. But now, it’s time for me to give you a taste of the power of my faith energy.” Wielding Dragonslayer Sword in his hand, Jared leaped into the air. With a dazzling gleam of his sword, Jared charged in the direction of the Enlightened One and unleashed a powerful strike.

The sword energy, as immense as a mountain, ruthlessly slashed the Enlightened One, causing it to disintegrate into nothingness. Meanwhile, a man and a woman standing on flying swords several hundred meters away. from Kusch Monastery saw everything..

“Archer, do you know who that man is? Despite being only a Martial Arts Saint, the power he demonstrated seems to have surpassed that of a Martial God. I doubt that you and I would be able to withstand that strike,” the girl commented as she could not believe her eyes.

Archer responded with a cold snort. “Those are just illusions. I could have easily dodged that strike. He’s just a Martial Arts Saint, so no matter how capable he is, he’ll never surpass a Martial Arts God! But the fact that he managed to absorb all the faith energy is quite terrifying. That probably misled you into believing he possessed the power of a Martial Arts God.” Clearly, the arrogant man looked down on Jared’s move.

“Archer, that man is capable of absorbing so much faith energy and emitting the light that a typical martial Arts God would. This proves that he has exceptional abilities. I wonder when you’ll learn to come down from your high horse.” Suddenly, a few shadow clones appeared before the man and the woman.

The leader was dressed in a white shirt, giving him a particularly suave appearance. “Garthor! What are you people from Stormwind Sect doing here?” Archer asked while glaring at the man in a white shirt.

“Why can’t I be here? Luminous Sect doesn’t own this place, do they? You guys came for the faith energy, so did I…” Garthor Fairchild responded by giving them a baffling smile. “Come on, Archer. Let’s get out of here.” The girl nudged him, clearly wanting to avoid Garthor.

“It’s been long since we last met, Ms. Skyler. And you look more gorgeous than ever. It’s a pity that you can’t marry anyone and enjoy the pleasures of being a woman since you joined Luminous Sect!” He continued to leer at the girl with a lecherous expression on his face.

“Garthor, you b*stard!” Archer knitted his brows and was about to teach him a lesson. Skyler quickly grabbed Archer’s arm and dragged him away from Garthor.

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