A Man Like None Other Chapter 2138

Yosef glanced at Garthor, swallowing nervously. “Well, if it isn’t Mr. Fairchild from Stormwind Sect. How is your father doing?” He could not comprehend why someone from the hidden sect came all the way here just for Jared’s corpse.

Among the hidden sects, Stormwind Sect stood above Luminous Sect. However, Garthor did not spare Yosef a glance. It made the latter feel incredibly awkward.

Upon witnessing this scene, Pascal stood to the side and dared not make a sound. As Crafting Clan barely interacted with the mundane world, they were not aware of the hidden sects.

However, judging from Yosef’s attitude, Pascal could deduce that the person who stood before him was someone he could not afford to offend.

“Garthor, haven’t you heard of first come, first served? We got here first, so we have the right to take the corpse with us!” Skyler said to Garthor.

“Hah! It’s not as if you were the ones who killed him. So, why does it matter if you arrive first? I will be the one who will walk away with his corpse! No one will stand in my way!” Garthor guffawed. He showed not the slightest intention of yielding.

Meanwhile, Jared, who lay in the crater, could hear the people aboveground squabbling over his corpse. He had mixed feelings about the whole situation, but he hoped they would continue their argument for a while longer. In fact, it would be better if a fight broke out. That way, it would buy him more time.

“Garthor, even if we weren’t the ones who killed him, neither were you. Why should you get to take away the corpse? He was killed by Master Jenkins. Thus, Master Jenkins will be the one who decides who walks away with the body!”

With that, Archer left the decision in Yosef’s hands! “All right, then.” Garthor glanced at Yosef. Yosef was utterly terrified. What do you want me to say? I can’t afford to offend either party!

“Um… I don’t have a problem with whoever takes this corpse.” Yosef waved his hands helplessly. Although he was the one who made the kill, the current situation was not one where he could make decisions. He dared not offend either party because he simply could not afford to get on their bad side. Yosef had only just managed to obtain Martial Arts God cultivation level, and he had no wish to cut his life short.

“Archer, since we both want this corpse, why don’t we settle it with a fight? Whoever loses will walk away. What do you think? Isn’t this fair?” Garthor sneered.

“Archer, don’t. You’re no match for him,” Skyler beseeched. Archer’s expression turned icy. With a prideful and arrogant personality like his, there was no way he would concede.

“What? Are you afraid? If that’s the case, just scram! It would save me the effort.” Garthor shot Archer a disdainful look, his eyes full of provocation.

“Who said that I’m afraid of you? Bring it on! I’ll leave, and the corpse is yours if I’m defeated.” Falling for Garthor’s provocation, Archer completely ignored Skyler’s pleas.

“Okay. Let’s have a competition! I’ve been feeling a bit restless because I haven’t had anyone to play with recently,” Garthor said as his body began to exude a ferocious aura.

Upon seeing this, everyone else ran away and took cover. “Skyler, stand aside,” Archer cautioned. He, too, began to manifest his aura. With the two of them at the center of the aura maelstrom, their auras crested like a wave and dispersed in all directions.

The wind howled, and rocks were sent flying. At that moment, Kusch Monastery was completely obliterated. Not even a tree branch remained. The only things that survived were the staunch twelve statues.

Although Pascal and Yosef were quite some distance away, they could still feel the terrifying pressure Archer and Garthor gave off. The bodies of the devout believers who remained kneeling on the ground exploded, not even leaving their corpses behind. They had not heeded Jared’s warning to move away earlier.

Now, not even a smidge of them remained. Jared, who still remained in the crater, also felt tremendous pressure. Bolts of golden light appeared in front of his body. Without moving, Jared hurriedly seized the opportunity to absorb the faith energy.

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