A Man Like None Other Chapter 2140

“Old rat, you didn’t think I was alive, did you?” Jared uttered with a sneer. “Hmph! So what if you’re alive? If I can bury you once, I can bury you twice!”

With that said, the aura around Yosef exploded outward as he chanted an incantation. The prayer beads began to glow. The twelve statues, which had been still previously, began to move and come closer to Jared.

Jared only smirked as he looked at the twelve statues and slowly raised his Dragonslayer Sword, which had a golden dragon curling around it. In the next second, Jared swung his sword.

The roar of a dragon echoed in the air. Terrifying waves of sword energy spread in all directions and pierced the bodies of the statues.

Boom! The sounds of the explosions were accompanied by the pulverization of the twelve statues. There were no longer any signs of Kusch Monastery on the top of the mountain, and the twelve statues had turned to dust.

Yosef was stunned at that, and the colors were drained out of his face. After all, the twelve statues were his trump card in Kusch Monastery. He never thought Jared would be able to destroy them with just one blow. Even Archer and Garthor furrowed their brows at the sight of the scene.

It would not be challenging for them to destroy the statues, but it was surprising to see Jared, who was only a Martial Arts Saint, destroy them in one hit.

“Do you have any other skills besides these statues?” Jared asked icily. Words eluded Yosef. That was the ace up his sleeve, but Jared had gotten rid of it so easily. What other tricks could he possibly still have?

Furthermore, his believers were dead. He could not even absorb faith energy anymore. “I’m sure there’s a misunderstanding between us. The one you’re looking for is him. I have nothing to do with this.”

Yosef shoved Pascal over to Jared before continuing, “Also, I’ve already beaten Sherman within an inch of his life. You should take revenge on them instead of on me…”

“Yosef, you…” Pascal whispered, a look of disbelief on his face. “Shut up! I don’t know who you are. You should deal with your own matters yourself. Even my Kusch Monastery is gone because of you!”

When Yosef realized that he was no match for Jared, he decided to give up on Pascal. “Yosef, how can you do this? You were the one who killed and hurt others at Deragon Sect!”

Pascal cried out anxiously when he realized his senior was giving up on him. “Shut up! If it weren’t for you, why would I have gone to Jadeborough to stir trouble with Deragon Sect?” Yosef hissed and shot a glare at Pascal.

Jared froze a little when he heard the two arguing. “Stop fighting. Both of you are dying today.” Just as he said that, he slashed Dragonslayer Sword, bringing about a flash of light.

At that, Yosef leaped. Pascal was not as lucky, and that light sliced his body into two. Staring at Pascal’s corpse, Yosef broke out in a cold sweat. Promptly, he spun around to run down the mountain, hoping to make a run for it.

Unfortunately, Jared was not going to let him escape. Almost simultaneously, Jared dashed after him. In the next second, he was standing in Yosef’s way, glaring at him with a murderous look.

Yosef instantly figured out that running was no longer an option for him, so he turned around to shout, “Mr. Loulland, Mr. Fairchild! Please save me! Can someone save me? I’ll do anything you say for the rest of my life!”

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