A Man Like None Other Chapter 987

Chapter 987 You Win This Time

After killing Kristoff, Jared jumped into the battle and went after the two Martial Arts Grandmasters from the Shalvis family.

The Martial Arts Grandmasters saw how their employer was killed and how aggressive Jared seemed when he ran over. That scared them so much that they wanted to turn around and run.

Unfortunately, they were too slow. Jared’s hands glowed with a faint, golden light. With incredibly powerful spiritual energy coiling around it, Jared threw both fists out, sending out two balls of golden light that even the naked eye could see.

Just like that, he killed the two Martial Arts Grandmasters from the Shalvis family. He never even hesitated.

By then, Edgar and Howard had already broken apart. The former’s expression turned for the worse after he witnessed Kristoff being killed.

He didn’t expect Jared to recover that quickly from a severe wound like that.

“Jared, are you okay now?” asked Howard. He couldn’t help being surprised when he saw how Jared, who was severely injured just moments ago, seemed fine now.

“Yeah,” replied Jared with a smile.

“That’s good to know. By the way, that f*cker tried to take advantage of your injured state to steal the painting away while you were still staring blankly around. You fought so hard to get in here, so don’t let that f*cker take it.”

Howard pointed at Edgar and kept spewing insulting words.

“Hey, Howard Dunn, you’d better keep your uncouth mouth shut! This is a Trial of the Warriors Alliance, and it has nothing to do with you. This is just how our rules are,” roared Edgar while glaring at Howard.

Jared turned to Edgar and spoke in an icy-cold tone. “Is that so? Well, since the rules dictate it, I will take this painting right now.”

As soon as he finished speaking, he leaped forward and retrieved the painting in question.

Edgar’s expression darkened when he saw Jared taking the painting. Unfortunately, Jared was obviously stronger, so there was nothing Edgar could do. I can’t believe Howard broke the rules and helped Jared out.

“Jared, you’d better hand that painting to me, or you won’t leave this ancient tomb in one piece,” threatened Edgar.

His eyes burned with rage as he looked right at Jared.

“Sure, come and take it from me… if you have the guts to do so.”

Jared extended his hand, which was holding the painting, but Edgar didn’t dare to take it.

“Fine. You win this time, but just you wait…”

After saying that, Edgar led his men out of the place.

“You need to be careful, Jared. The members of the Warriors Alliance in Jadeborough are all extremely petty and will surely come after you now,” reminded Howard kindly.

“Thank you, Howard. I will surely keep that in mind,” replied Jared as he smiled.

“You know, this tomb is huge, and it has such a powerful arcane array protecting it. Could that all really be just for a painting? That seems a little extreme, no? Do you think maybe there are other hidden passages within this tomb?” asked Howard in a confused tone.

We’re in an ancient tomb, and the only thing here is a painting? Isn’t that weird? Shouldn’t there at least be a coffin somewhere?

Howard began scanning the walls, but he couldn’t find any triggers or hidden passages.

Jared thought that was weird as well. Why build a tomb this huge just for a painting? There has to be something else hidden here. We’re missing something…

He helped search the tomb as well, but there was no mechanism whatsoever. That being said, when Jared placed his hand on a particular section of the wall, he sensed a small tremble.

He quickly put his ear to that wall and listened intently. Is it just me or is that the sound of water splashing?

“Howard, can you hear the sound of water splashing?” asked Jared.

“Splashing water?” repeated Howard. He put his ears to the wall but later shook his head. “I can’t hear anything.”

Jared frowned. His hearing was abnormally good, so it was possible that he heard something others couldn’t.

He stared at the iolite wall for a moment before he threw a punch.

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