Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 699

Chapter 699 The Genius Who Wins Against the Judge

“Do you really think you can get away from putting Ralph’s works from different periods together?”

Upon hearing that, the contestant on the stage was shocked and he collapsed to the ground in shame.

I copied so cleverly, but the judges still saw through my act!

“Kick this plagiarist out and put him on the ban list forever! The Calligraphy Association does not welcome such a person!” Andy said loudly and it resounded in the venue.

The security personnel immediately came to the stage and dragged the contestant off of the stage.

Standing next to Tiana, Cody gloating, “He has the guts to do this before those great calligraphers. Does he really think he can get away with it?”

Tiana, on the other hand, was sweating coldly as her face turned pale.


She looked at the judges in horror. In Tiana’s eyes, Andy was a terrifying mirror of truth that could see through her lies.

Tiana gulped nervously and opened her bag. She then held the S-Class Badge, as if it had infinite energy emanating from it.

She bit her lip tightly, and prepared herself mentally over and over again.

No one will know.

They won’t find out.

QH’s public works only exist in the S-Class Archive. No one saw the other works from QH. The copybook is with me, so no one will know I’m plagiarizing.

Moreover, I have an S-Class Badge on me. If they discover the truth, I can lie and say that I’m QH’s student.

“Number 12.”

The emcee called Tiana’s very first number ball on the stage.

Tiana was frightened by the announcement, and it was only then did she remember that it should be Elise’s turn.

Tiana looked up, but it was not Elise who came to the stage. Instead, a girl with short hair went up the stage.

What’s going on?

Did Elise switch numbers with someone else again?

What’s her number now?

Tiana was anxious and tried to look for Elise among the contestants. However, she could not find Elise as she was too nervous.

At the same time, Abby had completed her work. Unexpectedly, the judges gave her 86 points, the current highest score.

When Tiana heard the score, she couldn’t help but glance at Abby.

When Tiana saw Abby’s happy appearance, her initial panic was instantly suppressed and replaced by contempt.

It’s not even 90 points, yet you’re that joyful. It’s nothing to be proud of.

Meanwhile, the judges were whispering among themselves and showed a rare smile. Obviously, they were satisfied with Abby’s work but still had reservations.

Tiana affirmed that she was in the judges’ reserved program. The highest score was reserved for her.

However, she didn’t know that they were waiting for a genius that could defeat them.

“Number 25.”

Finally, the emcee called Tiana’s number.

Tiana took a few deep breaths and tried her best to calm her emotions. She then calmly stepped onto the stage under Cody’s expectant gaze.

When Tiana stood before the desk prepared by the Calligraphy Association, she first closed her eyes. She spent a minute recalling every detail of Sonnet 18.

Then, she picked up the pen and copied the words fluently according to her memory.

After ten minutes, she dashingly ended her stroke. A magnificent calligraphy work was presented before the audience.

There was a brief silence in the hall. Tiana held her breath, nervously waiting for the judges to give a score. The whole time, she deliberately avoided Andy’s gaze.

The camera turned to Tiana’s work and gave it a close-up for the audience to appreciate the details.

Every word was powerful and majestic, and it was obvious that the work’s owner was an extraordinary person.

After reading the poem, one would be transported in time and enjoy the poet’s indulgence.

Meanwhile, Cody was sitting right behind Andy.

“Mr. Nixon, that’s my student. What do you think of the calligraphy?” Cody showed off deliberately.

Today, I can finally be proud and bruise Andy’s ego!

Unexpectedly, the calligraphy masters were not as enthusiastic and excited. Instead, they were perplexed.

Undoubtedly, Tiana’s work was the best among the previous contestants. Not even the high scorer Abby’s work could be close to her.

However, those judges had just seen Elise’s work, which was why they thought Tiana and Elise’s works were similar.

However, Elise didn’t write Sonnet 18 during the preliminary round. The judges couldn’t be sure whether there were two geniuses, or if one of them had copied the handwriting of the other.

Andy’s gaze was the most powerful. Even though Tiana’s words were dashing, he could read that she lacked some verve to be a genius.

“Tiana Hill.” Andy put down the scoring sheet and asked patiently, “I heard that you’re Mr. Carlson’s pupil?”

“Yes.” Tiana nodded and admitted.

“As far as I know, the seal script isn’t Cody’s specialty. Who taught you that?” Andy asked what every judge was thinking.

Cody was unhappy when he heard it. “Andy, what do you mean? Can’t Tiana learn it herself? She has always been a natural learner. There is no need to involve juniors in our conflict.”

Andy helplessly turned his head and looked behind him. “Rest assured, Mr. Carlson. Mr. Forbes let me handle the association because I am fair and just. You can bring the matter up with Mr. Forbes afterward if you think I am being unfair.”

Cody opened his mouth and tried to continue arguing, but Andy continued, “Before that, you must understand your priorities. This is a live broadcast, so it’s not a time to deal with personal affairs.”

With that, Andy turned his head and looked at the stage. “Tiana Hill, you can answer now.”

Cody couldn’t handle it and he abruptly stood up. However, after being stopped by several people around him, he suppressed his anger and left the seat.

I can’t stay for another second with this slick old guy!

Cody walked to the audience seating and he raised his fisted right hand, making a cheering gesture toward Tiana, who was on the stage.

Tiana nodded, then slowly said with a smile, “Yes, I achieved this skill only after being instructed by an expert.”

“Oh?” Andy’s eyes lit up. “Pray tell—who is this expert?”

Cody frowned upon hearing this and he felt perplexed.

Tiana has never told me about her other teacher.

Does she really think of me as her teacher?

“I’m sure the judges knew about this. My work has the spirit of a seal script. It was because I was fortunate enough to get the guidance of QH!”

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