Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 700

Chapter 700 Genuine

On the other end, Mica and Sebastian were dating in a café, and the café happened to be playing the calligraphy contest on a projector.

Seeing this, Mica couldn’t help but be excited.

“Sebastian, can you ask Tiana for an autograph?”

Mica lost Elise’s badge. Since Tiana was QH’s pupil, Mica wanted to get an autograph from Tiana and give it to Elise. This would put Mica more at ease.

“You should get it yourself.” Sebastian suddenly became unhappy. “Why should I get an autograph from a schoolmate? It sounds like I’m licking her boots.”

“Please, consider it as me begging you. Just this once!” Mica put her hands together with sincerity.

Sebastian rolled his eyes and casually said, “Okay. I will ask for an autograph for you when I meet her.”

Since Tiana mistreated him, he wouldn’t humiliate himself by meeting her again. He said that just to stop Mica from bothering him.

“You’re so kind.” Mica smiled happily, then turned back to continue watching the live broadcast.

Andy’s gaze turned cold. In the venue, he tapped the table with his index finger. “Do you have any proof that QH has instructed you?”

There were too many scammers these years.

“QH praised me for my talent and gave me a badge to encourage me,” Tiana said as she took out the S-Class badge from her pocket and held it up high.

The broadcaster quickly turned the camera and zoomed in on the badge for a close-up.

Seeing this, Mica was so stunned that her jaw dropped.

That’s the badge Elise gave me!

I clearly remember the badge is chipped above the letter S. The one Tiana is holding is the same badge!

Sebastian also frowned.

“Sebastian, what’s going on?” Mica looked at Sebastian in astonishment. “Didn’t you say you lost the badge? Why is it in Tiana’s hand?”

Sebastian’s expression was getting dark. He didn’t know how to explain it.

It took a long time for him to refute Mica confidently, “I wouldn’t know! We are in the same school, so maybe she picked it up on campus. I’m not a mind-reader; how could I know everything about her?!”

His sudden outburst caused all the customers in the store to look toward him.

“Don’t get worked up.” Mica was uncomfortable, so she told him in an embarrassed tone, “I’m not blaming you. Please sit down.”

“Forget it; I’m not in the mood. I’m leaving!”

Sebastian left without a backward glance.

Mica hurriedly paid the bill and chased after him. “Sebastian? Sebastian Walker, wait for me!”

After chasing for a long distance, Sebastian stopped impatiently.

He was still angry after a long time. “Can’t you give me some time alone?!”

“But we’re in a relationship…” Mica said softly.

Does love feel like this?

After reconciliation, Sebastian seems to have changed as a person. He will often randomly lose his temper.

However, as long as I apologize, he will be kind again.

I don’t know what is going on between us.

“I’m sorry. I’ve been under pressure with my studies. I think we should be alone for a few days to calm down,” Sebastian said regretfully.

“Why? It’s not even been that long! Why must we be separated again? I don’t want to…” Mica stepped forward and took his hand. “Is it about my words that made you uncomfortable? I won’t ask you about it anymore, okay? Please don’t leave me.”

Mica didn’t want to experience the longing again.

Seeing that she was going to cry, Sebastian hugged her. “Alright.”

Mica hummed in agreement, thereafter sniffling and shedding tears of happiness.

She did not know a healthy relationship won’t let one soak in tears.

At the same time, Alexander saw the event in the commercial car outside the venue. Then, he quickly took out his cell phone and sent Elise a WhatsApp message. ‘QH, do you need me to handle your fake apprentice?’

He had already recognized Elise’s handwriting a long time ago. However, he didn’t mention it to her.

Elise’s identities were long unimportant to Alexander after the both of them had gone through so much.

He only knew that Elise was his wife.

After reading the WhatsApp message, Elise looked up at Sonnet 18 on the screen as her beautiful eyes flickered with an evil gleam. Then, she quickly replied, ‘No. It’s fun to clear out the rubbish. Let me do it.’

Andy saw the badge on the stage. He then stood up and excitedly slapped the table. “Are you really QH’s pupil?”

As he said that, all the cameras were aimed at Tiana.

Since the founding of the calligraphy association, QH had disappeared. Hence, when the pupil appeared, news of it would surely spread like wildfire.

That attention gave Tiana a steady stream of confidence.

“Of course.” She raised her chin arrogantly as if she believed this lie.

One said that lies would be perceived as truth after repetition.

Anyway, QH will not appear, so this badge is enough to prove that I’m speaking the truth!

Although Andy was overjoyed, he still retained his rationale. Hence, he tried to confirm again, “In that case, I presume QH’s health is in a good state?”

“Exactly.” Tiana said convincingly, “The old man has been in good health for the past two years, so he could teach me in person.”

Andy’s smile froze when he heard that, and his face sank little by little.

If it wasn’t for Lorenzo addressing QH as a little girl, Andy would have been fooled by Tiana.

She doesn’t even know QH is a woman. How dare she call herself QH’s pupil? How shameless!

Thinking of this, Andy couldn’t help but look meaningfully at Cody.

It seems the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. The pupil is no better than the teacher.

Cody is an unruly man, so his pupil is crooked too.

Cody was sensitive to the gaze, so he got angry and whispered, “What are you looking at? Do you envy me for having a good student? Bah! So much for being a vice-chairman.”

“Mr. Forbes is here!” a volunteer shouted from the entrance.

Lorenzo walked to the judging panel under everyone’s gaze.

Andy gave way and did not forget to report the situation earlier.

“What?” Lorenzo laughed. “Someone pretends to be QH’s pupil, you say? Where is she?”

“She is on the stage.” Andy pointed at Tiana.

Lorenzo’s gaze fluttered across the stage. He inadvertently glanced at the preparation area, but his eyes lit up.

Although that figure was much taller than it was six years ago, he would never forget her charm.

She’s back!

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