Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 701

Andy followed Lorenzo’s gaze and saw Elise, and he couldn’t help but look


“Mr.Forbes, this is the talented girl I have told you about.She is Elise Sinclair, a


Andy tried to show off.

“What did you say?”

Lorenzo couldn’t help laughing.

“Elise participated in this contest?”She could win against every judge, yet she is now standing off the stage.This is

ridiculous, totally tomfoolery!

“In that case, please let Miss Sinclair come on the stage and—”

Lorenzo paused, then turned around to ask Andy, “Who is she?”

“Tiana Hill,” Andy answered.


Lorenzo nodded.

He then bent over, adjusted the microphone on the table and said to the

audience, “Miss Sinclair, please come on stage and comment on Tiana Hill’s


Tiana was full of reluctance.

As a student, Elise is not even a member of the calligraphy association.

How is she qualified to comment on my work? Tiana was angry and annoyed.

However, she could only suppress her annoyance as it was Lorenzo’s decision.

As Elise heard the familiar voice from the speaker, she turned around and

looked at the judging panel, only to meet Lorenzo’s gaze.

Their eyes met each other, and their faces were filled with the joy of old

acquaintances reuniting.

Elise smiled bitterly and obliged Lorenzo’s request to go on stage.

The emcee handed her a small whiteboard and a marker pen.

Then, he looked at the audience and said in a suspenseful tone, “Okay, let’s see

what score Miss Sinclair will give to Tiana!”

After thinking for a while, Elise neatly wrote the number 1 on the

whiteboard.She turned the board to face the audience and the camera.


The emcee thought he had read it wrong.So, he pretended to clear his throat

and politely reminded, “Miss Sinclair, did you miss a stroke?”


Elise looked seriously at the whiteboard and then innocently, “This one point is

her consolation mark.If I were to evaluate her calligraphy skills, the score might

not look good.”

Tiana gritted her teeth in anger.

What do you mean? Are you saying my work is worthless? Do you know that

this is an authentic seal script? How dare she want to give me Zero points? I

finally know Elise’s true colors.

She is just a bumpkin.She doesn’t know anything, including the seal script.She

is bringing down my standard.

What is Mr.Forbes doing anyway? Who are you trying to humiliate?! The

audience couldn’t sit still either.

“Does Elise really need to do that? She is too disrespectful!”

“All singers are uneducated, after all.Calligraphy is Cittadel’s cultural

heritage.Seal script is the pilot of modern calligraphy.She must be illiterate to not

know this! “Such arrogance! Tiana is QH’s pupil.Elise doesn’t know what it means to

respect seniors.I’m sure the star in the entertainment industry does not care

about QH”

“I wonder why this bumpkin can be a star.I’m speechless!”

Tiana was Cody’s pupil, after all, so he would not stay silent after receiving this


“Andy Nixon!”

Cody pointed his finger at Andy, who favored Elise.

“So, this is your favorite contestant? She is too arrogant!”

Andy raised his hand and flicked his nose with a look of disgust.

“Sure.You smell, too.Maybe you should rinse your mouth.”

“You little—” Cody widened his eyes with anger.

That is completely irrelevant! Just you wait! I’ll see how you can be arrogant

after Tiana wins the championship.

Elise took the emcee’s microphone and looked at the judges panel.

“Sirs, what do you think about the score I gave?”

The emcee saw the opportunity.

“Right, Tiana Hill has not yet been scored.Please write out her scores!”

He didn’t see such a hot-blooded scene for years.He was curious about how the

event would unfold.

Lorenzo and Andy nodded in agreement. They then looked at each other and raised their pens, simultaneously writing the

number on the board.

After a while, the emcee raised his hand.

“Please show your board!”

Lorenzo and Andy showed the score at the same time.

On the big screen in the venue, the camera zoomed in infinitely as the two

harsh zeros appeared.

Both of them gave zero marks to Tiana.It was lower than what Elise gave.

Hence, the total score was I.

It was a new low in the calligraphy competition.

The emcee twitched his mouth in embarrassment.

This is a new record, right? Elise raised her eyebrows at that.

“Sir, you’re too strict.” Tiana is still a student; you must not be harsh to her.

However, Tiana’s behavior was unforgivable for Lorenzo and Andy.

They would give her a negative 100 score if possible and pin Tiana to the hall of


At that point, there was an uproar.

Lorenzo and Andy were the calligraphy masters, and it was self-evident who

they stood for.

People couldn’t help but wonder if Tiana was really worth supporting Cody blew a gasket and rushed to the panel to question Lorenzo.

“Mr.Forbes, I know you’re friends with Andy.However, you can’t be so unfair!

Even untrained eyes can understand that Tiana’s work is excellent.It is a

nationwide live broadcast, and you are obviously bullying her!”

“Cody, what do you mean by that? We are not bullying her.Our scoring is

according to the rules of the contest.The reason we have achieved today is that

we are fair.Are you questioning our skills?”

Andy sternly scolded Cody.

Andy let it slide because he didn’t want to deal with Cody.

However, he didn’t expect Cody to act this way.He couldn’t tolerate Cody fooling

around on such an occasion.

“I— Cody was at a loss for words.

For years, Lorenzo and Andy had power in the calligraphy association, so Cody

couldn’t afford to offend them.

After hesitation, Cody turned his head and pointed his finger at Elise.

“I have no right to question you, but I can do it to Elise.She is not a member of

the calligraphy association, so what did you let her comment on Tiana, an AClass Member? This is unreasonable!”

“Who says she’s not a member?”

Lorenzo refuted without hesitating.

Cody was stunned, then he continued questioning, “I know every member below

A-Class.Elise Sinclair is not on the list!” Andy felt embarrassed.

Indeed, it is hard to explain.However, the rank of a member is just for show.

Elise’s skill has already surpassed that of Tiana long ago.It was only that Elise

wasn’t awarded a medal.

It is reasonable to let Elise score Tiana’s work.

However, the opposite is true too.

“I think you have forgotten.You don’t have the right to view the information of

members from A-Class and S- Class!”

Lorenzo’s face turned gloomy and ugly.

Why is Andy letting them be arrogant? How dare Cody dare question my

authority? The audience was stunned for a long time, as Lorenzo had implied

Elise was an S-Class Member.

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