Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 703

Chapter 703 Being Expelled

Even the photography crew who had been shooting the fighting scene earlier turned their camera to Elise’s writing.

The next second, her writing appeared on the screen. Everyone now knew why the host couldn’t say anything.

Elise’s writing was utterly magnificent.

All the descriptive words they could think of were inadequate to express how wonderful her writing was.

Beautiful? This was far too brief.

Every word glistened like a diamond? This appeared to be an exaggeration.

Grandeur? Such a word seemed like a no-no too.

It was a simple classic poem, but her writing transported everyone back in time, and the person creating it was right in front of them.

The audience was so engrossed in Elise’s exquisite writing that they were at a loss for words. It was only a few minutes later that they regained their composure and expressed their admiration.

However, when the camera moved closer to her writing, it was revealed that she signed off with ‘QH.’

Cody was initially astounded by her talent, but when he saw these two alphabets, he was overjoyed.

He knew Elise’s writing was far superior to Tiana’s, but imposing herself as QH was a grave mistake.

“Elise Sinclair!” He took it upon himself to act for justice and reprimanded harshly, “You are such an imposter! How dare you sign off with QH’s name?!”

“Who said she is an imposter?” Lorenzo’s captivating voice rang out, capturing everyone’s attention.

Stunned, Cody turned around, only to see Lorenzo standing on the other side, a microphone in his hand.

Lorenzo’s authoritative aura suppressed him once more, and he felt fearful in his heart.

After casting a resentful glance at Cody, Lorenzo turned to face Elise, who was standing on stage. “Young girl, I’ve reminded you many times that you need to sign off with your seal,” he said gently.

“Sorry, I forgot about it,” Elise said, sticking out her tongue.

“Where’s the seal I customized for you?”

“I forgot to bring it with me,” she answered with a shrug.

That left Lorenzo speechless. He had anticipated this as well, because Elise was always uninterested in such things.

He sighed and walked toward the stage, stopping in front of her.

Then, he took out a small box and handed it to her.

In the box was a transparent seal carved from jade. It was small and exquisite, and it would instantly catch one’s eye.

Elise was surprised to see it. “It’s a nice piece of jade!”

After all, she was still a young lady who smiled at cute and beautiful things.

“Wow. I didn’t know that you now know how to study jade now after six years!” Lorenzo joked.

“Well, someone taught me, so of course I have to learn it well.”

She recalled the time when she learned about stone gambling from Alexander, and they were so excited that they both stayed up for the entire night.

Fortunately for Elise, she was able to pick up a few skills. Her aptitude for learning was commendable.

“Keep this new seal that I customized for you. The previous one was made of gold and isn’t nearly as valuable as this one. I spent a lot of money on this, so you better keep it well!” Lorenzo reminded her.

Though he didn’t expect her to bring it everywhere with her, he hoped she would use it someday.

“I shall oblige, then.”

She happily took the seal and stamped it on the spot where she had previously signed off.

The seal’s red ink was imprinted on the paper. It said ‘Elise Sinclair’ and the alphabets ‘QH’ was below her name, although these two alphabets were much smaller.

Seeing that, Lorenzo nodded in relief, before taking over the microphone from the host and turned to face the audience. In a serious tone, he announced, “Everyone, there have previously been many rumors about QH’s identity, and I had no choice but to keep it hidden due to her age. Now that she’s made a name for herself, I’m proud to reveal that QH’s real name is Elise Sinclair!”

Everyone below the stage exclaimed in surprise.

Even the photographer couldn’t help but stick his head out to take a look.

Nobody would have guessed that the Calligraphy Association, which played a significant role in Cittadel’s cultural aspect, was founded by a young lady who was underage a few years ago!

Normal underage students would be still trapped in the classroom, struggling with their studies or entering into relationships.

But Elise was unique. She became a composer, wrote her own music and lyrics, and even founded the Calligraphy Association! Heaven absolutely bestowed her abilities.

Some astute viewers immediately suspected something was wrong after her identity was revealed.

Didn’t Tiana say she was QH’s apprentice? Why didn’t she recognize QH earlier?

And she even addressed QH as ‘Mr’.

So, does it mean that she had no idea QH is actually a woman?

Tiana, unlike everyone else, felt her legs wobble when QH’s identity was revealed. She would have fallen to the ground if she hadn’t supported herself by the railings behind her.

Elise is QH? How is this possible, though?

No! I must be dreaming. This isn’t true at all!

She wrapped her arms around herself tightly and clenched her fists. Her nails were digging into her skin, but she felt no pain.

It was unbearable for her to imagine Elise mocking her behind her back when she saw her artwork that she had published online.

And all of the calligraphy artworks Tiana went to great lengths to acquire could have been Elise’s ruse!

It seemed that Elise had planned for Tiana to engage in copying calligraphy script to the point of no return.

Such an evil plan of hers! Tiana thought.

After a long while, Elise finally realized Tiana’s hatred-filled gaze.

It’s time to deal with her, Elise decided.

“Tiana Hill.” Elise looked at the other woman solemnly. “Since you said you are my student, you should now go through the apprenticeship ritual. I don’t have much of a request; just kneel and bow to me will do.”

Hearing that, Tiana clenched her fists even more tightly.

How dare she ask me to kneel in front of the entire country? She is such a b*tch!

However, Tiana was well aware that failing to do so would be equivalent to telling everyone that she was not QH’s apprentice at all, and all her bold and confident words earlier would become an irony that would work against her.

With that in mind, she gritted her teeth and decided to take a step back for her own good.

This time, she made up her mind to compromise.

Then she miserably took a deep breath and approached Elise, thereafter kneeling down in front of the latter.

The entire scene was deafeningly quiet.

And Tiana’s face was burning, as if she had just been slapped hard.

After a while, she mustered her courage to say, “Miss Sinclair, your apprentice is here to greet you!”

How humiliating this was for her!

Tiana swore in her heart that she would pay Elise twice as much humiliation in the future.

“Hello, my dear apprentice,” Elise light-heartedly responded. However, her face suddenly became emotionless and in a cold voice, she continued, “Since you said you’re my apprentice, today, in front of everyone, I hereby expel you and forbid you from ever returning! It is beyond me to have such an dishonest apprentice who would simply defame anyone!”

That instant, Tiana was stunned to the core. There was no reaction from her, and it was as if she had been struck by lightning.

Elise wasn’t trying to help her to get out of the embarrassment at all! Instead, she was pushing her all the way to the bottom of the pit of shame!

Tiana’s calligrapher image, which she had worked hard to maintain over the years, was now completely destroyed.

Seeing how the situation unfolded, the astute Cody was concerned that Tiana’s case might implicate him. As a result, he dashed to the stage and vowed to cut all ties with Tiana. “I took you in because of your talent, but you cheated and took advantage of me! Miss Sinclair is right. You are no longer my apprentice from now on! I am severing all ties with you!”

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