Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 705

Chapter 705 She’s Expecting, Can’t Tire Her Out

At this moment, Alexander walked toward them. He naturally wrapped his arm around Elise’s waist and stood beside her when he arrived.

“Mr. Forbes and Mr. Nixon, the contest has ended for quite some time. Why are you both refusing to let my wife go? “Alexander inquired, jokingly.

“Your wife?”

When Lorenzo heard that, he immediately released his grip on Elise’s arm and pushed his spectacles forward, examining Alexander from head to toe as if he were a threat.

He looks decent, with a satisfactory height as well. His figure seems alright too, and he doesn’t appear stupid.

Well, I guess he can be considered worthy of Elise.

Alexander detected disdain in Lorenzo’s gaze and pitifully asked, “Sir, do I look that bad?”

“That depends on who you’re comparing yourself to,” Lorenzo said, beating around the bush to express his displeasure.

Alexander took a deep breath and lightly pinched Elise’s shoulder. Looking at her, he then murmured, “Mr. Forbes is implying that you have poor taste in men. I’m different because I chose you as my wife, which has made me the luckiest man on the planet.”

The initially awkward situation was improved by Alexander’s seemingly joking words.

Lorenzo was stunned for a moment, but he quickly recovered and nodded. This guy has excellent emotional intelligence, he reasoned.

“If the both of you don’t mind, I need to take my wife back now. She is expecting and can’t be too tired,” Alexander smilingly continued.

“Huh?” Elise was taken aback upon hearing that.

Lorenzo and Andy, on the other hand, were stunned and stood frozen in place.

“What?!” Lorenzo was the first to regain his senses and he right away looked at Elise’s stomach before scolding Alexander, “How dare you?! She has not even graduated from college yet!”

Just as Elise wanted to explain that she wasn’t expecting, Alexander grabbed her and made the first move, “Sir, I couldn’t help myself. My wife is simply too stunning. I’m afraid she’ll dislike me for bothering her too much, so I can only have a child to distract my attention.”

“Men are indeed selfish!” Lorenzo scoffed and continued, “Don’t think I don’t know that you’re just trying to use the child to keep Elise by your side!”

As if he suddenly thought of something, he immediately went on in an agitated tone, “Elise, you have to promise me one thing—regardless of whether it’s a son or a daughter, you must let your child learn calligraphy from me!”

Lorenzo simply had to be the master of a genius at least once in his lifetime!

“Sir, you’re acting too quickly—” Andy said grudgingly.

“It’s none of your business. Get out of my way.” Lorenzo now only had the child of a genius in his eyes.

“I promise you that on behalf of Ellie,” Alexander replied cheerfully. “Under your tutelage, my child will undoubtedly make a name for himself.”

“But of course!” Lorenzo smiled happily until his wrinkles appeared.

“We’ll leave now, then?”

“Go ahead.”

Lorenzo straightforwardly let them go, his expression now friendly.

Elise and Alexander then turned around and made their way back. Just after a few steps, Elise asked softly, “Am I expecting? Why didn’t I know about it?”

He shushed her with a gesture and said, “They wouldn’t have let you go if I hadn’t said so!”

It turned out that both Lorenzo and Andy had been tricked by Alexander.

Learning that, Elise couldn’t control herself and laughed, but she immediately tried to keep her voice down.

She then guiltily turned around, only to see Lorenzo and Andy smiling widely.

That made her laugh again, and the couple both left the contest venue.


Meanwhile, Mica and Sebastian were shopping around the Food Street near the universities after they reconciled.

They entered a branded men’s clothing store, where Sebastian went into the fitting room to try on some clothes while Mica waited outside.

Coincidentally, the television in the store was playing the videos depicting the two scenes in which Tiana and Sebastian met.

Mica was taken aback, so she rose to her feet and stared intently at the screen. She saw in her eyes all of Sebastian’s excitement and shyness when he was talking to Tiana.

He had this expression on him when he first asked for Mica’s number.

But after that, she had never seen such an expression from him anymore.

Mica now knew he could still have such an expression, just not for her.

Even the badge served as a tool for him to fawn over Tiana.

At this instant, Sebastian walked out of the fitting room. With the expensive branded clothes on, he exuded a different sense of elegance.

“Mica, what do you think about this suit I chose?” he asked. He even began to imitate those elegant and wealthy students with his actions.

But after a long while, he did not get Mica’s response.

As a result, he followed her gaze to find out what she was looking at. After a few seconds, he was completely stunned.

Terrified, he grabbed Mica’s elbow and began to explain, “It’s not what it is, Mica. Tiana duped me as well. As you know, not many men can stand up to her beauty—”

Mica’s sensitive heart was agitated by the word “beauty”.

“You take me for granted because I’m not as beautiful as she is? So I’m just a tool for you to please Tiana?” Her tears began to fall, but she couldn’t be bothered.

“You have to believe me! Didn’t we just talk it out earlier? What happened between Tiana and me is history, Mica. The person I truly love is you. Tiana only looks good on the surface. She’s entirely different from you!”

“We’re indeed different.” Mica pushed his hand away, feeling disappointed. “If Tiana were to come back to you, you would ditch me without hesitation, am I right?”

Mica knew it was because she was unattractive.

Sebastian, however, was taken aback. Indeed, he had chosen Tiana over Mica previously.

But it was different now. He adored Mica, and having Mica in his life improved his overall quality of life. He couldn’t bear to leave her now!

His brief moment of hesitation was a great blow to Mica.

She turned around, ready to flee, before all her tears came falling down.

Seeing that, Sebastian was totally at a loss of what to do. He immediately grabbed her, turned her around, and kissed her.

His kiss was gentle and warm.

It was only until their breaths became heavier that he let go of her.

“Do you believe I am sincere now?” he asked in between pants.

Mica’s mind at this moment was blank. Dazed, she nodded. “Yes.”

“Promise me not to mention Tiana or the badge ever again. We’ll just talk about our own relationship, can we?” Sebastian asked as he gently held her face in his palms, as if pleading with her.

“Okay,” Mica agreed.

Sebastian was her first love and the person who gave her her first kiss. She could forgive him for anything.

He then contentedly pulled her into his embrace and hugged her tightly before exhaling a long, deep breath.

It wasn’t easy to return to frugality after experiencing the extravagant lifestyle. Since Mica was the one allowed him to experience the life of the wealthy, he decided to be responsible to her this time.

After all, who will want to be with you apart from me? he thought.


Elise returned to the hostel a few days later.

When Mica saw her, she straightaway apologized, “I am sorry, Elise. I saw the live broadcast and knew that Tiana got the badge because of me. I apologize for almost jeopardizing your reputation.”

“That’s not a big deal. The most important thing is to see what kind of person he is through this incident,” Elise responded nicely.

But Mica started responding evasively and did not answer.

That gave Elise a bad feeling, and she furrowed her brows. “Why are you remaining silent? Haven’t you broken up with him?”

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