Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 706

Chapter 706 The Extroverted Triumphed Over the Introverted

“Sebastian has apologized to me. Tiana was the one who duped him into doing so!” Mica spoke with her back to Elise, as if she was talking to herself.

“You’re far too trusting, Mica. Since he can do it once, he’ll continue doing it in the future. Such a man is unworthy of you.” Elise was a little displeased and continued her analysis, “From what I see, Sebastian appears to have other motives. Did he recently request anything else from you?”

“Certainly not!” Mica was becoming irritated as well. “We’re both students; what else can we do for dating besides eat and shop together? What can he get from me since I’m just a commoner?”

“You must be cautious of him. Things aren’t that simple between Tiana and him. I’ll show you the entire video later and you’ll understand what I mean after that.” Elise sighed.

However, Mica was resistant to that. “That’s not necessary. All that happened in the past. We’ve already agreed not to bring up the subject again.”

“Doesn’t it bother you if he was truly attracted to another woman?” Elise had no idea what Mica was thinking.

“I trust him,” Mica answered decisively.

And so, Elise couldn’t say anything else other than to warn Mica one last time. “You can make your own decision, but keep in mind that everyone’s love is valuable. Don’t give Sebastian your all until you’re certain that he truly loves you.”

“You still want me to break up with him, right?” Mica bit her lower lip and asked aggrievedly. She stood firm and continued, “But, Elise, are you aware that not everyone is like you, with many people admiring and courting you? I worked hard to obtain this relationship, and I am pleased with it. Why are you treating it so negatively?”

“What makes you think this way? I simply don’t want you to be cheated,” Elise stated, her brows furrowed.

“Do you think I’m that stupid?” Mica felt her nose itch and her eyes became red. “Yes, I am a moron. I am the most naïve person on the planet to believe that we are good friends who respect each other! Please don’t be bothered by my problems from now on. Even if he’s lying to me, I’m willing to put up with it!”

Mica dashed out of the room as soon as she finished her words, leaving Elise all alone.

Looking at her bed which was neat and tidy even though she hadn’t been here for a long time, Elise felt sadness tingling in her heart.

Perhaps she was too harsh in her words, not taking into account Mica’s personality or whether the latter could handle it.

Now, Elise could only wait until a later date to apologize to Mica, if there was still a chance to do so.


Meanwhile, Elliot was mindlessly strolling through the bay behind the universities, sighing the entire time.

This was the umpteenth time he had been rejected by Stephanie, and he still didn’t know what was wrong.

He continued walking but after taking a turn, he heard a lady sobbing from somewhere in front of him.

He took two steps forward and noticed a woman sitting on the stairs below.

“She’s sobbing pitifully, as if her heart has been broken as well. We share the same misfortune!”

Elliot felt as if he could feel her. Thus, he took out the only packet of tissue from his sling bag and approached the lady, ready to hand it to her.

“Don’t cry. Swollen eyes aren’t pretty at all.”

The lady raised her head when she heard his voice.

And when their gazes met, they were both taken aback.

“Mica?” He raised his brows and continued, “Didn’t you just publicly display your relationship on social media this morning? How come you fell out of love now?”

To that, Mica simply snorted and said, “Who said that? You’re the one falling out of love, not me!”

“How did you find out?” Elliot had no idea Mica’s words were just a random remark.

After all, he had indeed fallen out of love. Even his father was getting emotional by the constant rejections he faced.

However, Mica simply wiped her tears and turned her face away from him.

“Well, since we’re both sad, I’ll let you off the hook.” Elliot then squatted down beside her and asked, “Why are you crying here?”

‘I don’t want to talk about it.” Mica turned her face even further away from him.

“Forget it, then.” He kept the tissue back to his bag and grabbed Mica’s arm, thereafter pulling her up. “Let’s go. It’s so boring to sit here alone with all those mosquitoes. I’ll take you somewhere fun to play.”

“I don’t want to! I don’t want to meet anyone!” Feeling upset, Mica just wanted to be left alone.

“Why are you so obstinate? I recall being very upset when I first received zero marks on my papers. However, as I gained more experience, I began to frequently play video games when I was upset, and I realized that it wasn’t such a big deal after all. Everything will be fine once you’ve vented your frustrations. Come on.” He was adamant.

He had wanted to ask Sheldon along, but Sheldon was now putting in the effort to study, and Elliot did not want to force him. That was why he came to the bay area.

Finally, he met someone who could accompany him; of course he wouldn’t let her go.

“I don’t want to go!” Mica’s arms were pulled by Elliot but her legs remained motionless. “I’m stupid and I have no idea how to play video games! Everyone else will make fun of me!”

“Who would dare to mock you with me around? Don’t be concerned. I’ll show you how to play.” Elliot then used more force to pull her up the stairs.

“I really can’t!

“Come on. We’re just having fun, not competing! It is the process that is important. If you can’t play later, just stand by my side and cheer for me! Let’s go!”

Clearly, the extroverted Elliot triumphed over the introverted Mica.

With that, she was then dragged to the video games center by him.


After the quarrel with Mica, Elise did not want to stay in the hostel as well. Hence, she called Alexander to pick her up.

Just after she raised her head up after fastening the seat belt, she saw him staring astutely at her.

“Why are you looking at me like this?” she asked, while smiling awkwardly.

“You seem to be unhappy, Mrs. Griffith,” he teased.

“I am indeed a little upset.” She exhaled a sigh and went on, “I had a little squabble with my roommate.”

After she finished her words, she turned around and asked solemnly, “Alexander, tell me honestly—am I a busybody?”

“Who dares to call my wife a busybody?” He pretended to be angry at that.

“Be serious.” Elise gave him a grim look and said, “It’s a taboo to destroy people’s relationships but just now, I was asking Mica to break up with Sebastian. It doesn’t seem right for me to do that.”

“Hmm.” After a brief moment of thought, Alexander raised his hand and stroked her head. “What you said is correct, but everything must be grounded in reality. I believe you will not ask her to end the relationship without a valid reason, so there’s nothing wrong with it. You did your part as a friend and it’s up to her whether she takes your advice. You don’t have to be upset or feel guilty about her choice.”

“I truly regard her as a friend.” Elise’s gaze softened and a look of disappointment flashed across her face.

Alexander continued to comfortingly stroke her hair and he diverted the subject of the conversation. “Smith Co. acquired a few emerald mines in Salt Stone City recently. Do you want to join me to have a look?”

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