Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 707

Chapter 707 You Get Nothing Out of Knowing Me

“Alright, alright.” Elise turned her head in his direction and mischievously asked, “So, am I going with Kenneth Bailey? Should I go with Alexander Griffith? Or, should I go with Kenneth as Mrs. Griffith?”

After hearing that, Alexander let a laugh slip. “I will use whichever identity you want me to. It is up to you.”

“I don’t want to,” she replied while turning away. “Should you go to Smith Co. as Alexander, I will feel bad for getting your years of cover busted if people were to find out that Kenneth and Alexander are the same person. On the other hand, I am sure your mother will cause a commotion and chew me out for cheating on you if someone were to photograph you as Kenneth. It would be better if you went by yourself. It’s your fault for faking your identity.”

Alexander then faked disappointment as he sighed. “I have no choice but to take a closer look at the Peculiar Jadeite myself, then.”

Her ears immediately perked up at that. Peculiar Jadeite? Is he talking about the place the radiation originated from?

“I want to go!” Elise exclaimed, only to realize then that she had fallen into Alexander’s trap again. She grabbed his necktie and pulled him close to her. “Trying to trick your own wife, Mr. Griffith? That is not so nice, is it?”

As if surrendering, Alexander raised his hands beside his face, but he still had a fearless smile on. “How can you call a husband-and-wife thing a ‘trick’? It is but the secret to keeping the relationship fresh, no?”

“Keeping it fresh, huh?” Her desire to win against him had been aroused then. “Fine. Let’s see who can find more Peculiar Jadeite when we get to Salt Stone City.”

“Are you sure you want to compete with your own master?” he asked with a pitiful look on his face.

“Don’t you know that students often surpass their teachers?” Elise then released his necktie and pushed him back to the seat. Dusting off her palms, she challenged, “Just wait till we get to Salt Stone City. I will make sure I become your master instead.”

Mr. Howard invited Elise over to further discuss the company before her trip to Salt Stone City.

Along with Winona, the women headed straight to a cafe right after they got out of the car.

Just as they were in the middle of crossing the road, they could see a commotion starting at the square in front of the cafe.

A bald man was blocking a beautiful woman at the entrance of the cafe. Seeing the glass bottle in his hand, no one around dared to step forward.

The man suddenly roared, “Women like you are all sluts! We will see how you can still seduce another man if I were to destroy your face!”

As soon as he said that, he opened the cap of the bottle, and positioned the bottle as if he was going to throw its content at her with both hands.

“Watch out!” Elise subconsciously ran over and shoved at the man from behind.

Caught unguarded, the man stumbled forward, and the glass bottle broke when it fell on the ground. The cemented area of the ground instantly turned black when the transparent liquid touched it.

Some of the liquid had unexpectedly gotten on the man’s arm, making him pull back before he hugged it against his chest. He then started moaning in pain while he rolled around.

It only took a second before what used to be a perfectly fine arm turned into a bloody mess.

Seemed like it was sulphuric acid that was in the bottle.

Elise didn’t even dare to imagine what would have happened if the man had successfully done what he intended to do. Disfigurement would have been the least of the beautiful lady’s concern. An acid attack could have led to death.

Isn’t this too vicious?

“Miss.” Elise looked at the woman, only to freeze when she realized how abnormally calm the woman was as she stood there. “Please call the police,” she said again.

“Alright,” the woman replied with a nod as she took her phone out.

As soon as the man on the ground heard this, he struggled to get himself off the floor before he scampered away.

Elise was just about to chase after him when the other woman immediately followed after him and with a kick, sent the man lying flat on the ground. She brutally stepped on him again when he tried to get up.

Her movements were so fluid that Elise could tell at a glance that she was trained in martial arts. However, Elise couldn’t help but be amazed by how mismatched the woman’s actions were with her elegant appearance.

When the police finally arrived, Elise acted as a witness and went with the woman to the police station to give the police statement.

By the time Elise had signed the necessary documents, she left the building, where she saw the woman waiting for her ride by the entrance.

Elise swiftly made her way over to her and started a conversation, “You know kung fu?”

“I took up boxing for a bit when I was an artist,” she answered without beating around the bush.

Hearing that, Elise mused, “How dedicated to your job. I am sure it was a masterpiece. Can you tell me the name of the production you were in? I could learn a thing or two from it when I have the time.”

“It is an outdated movie from 10 years ago. It doesn’t matter if you don’t watch it.”

Even though the woman had a smile on her face the whole time she spoke, Elise could feel the sadness from her demeanor.

“What about we exchange phone numbers?” Elise passed her phone to her.

“No need for that.” The woman’s tone was gradually getting colder. “I am not an actress anymore. You get nothing out of knowing me.”

However, Elise kept insisting, “But I want you to be my friend.”

The woman turned to glance at her and as they looked into each other’s eyes, she whipped out her phone and sent a friend request over.

Her ride happened to arrive right after that.

“I will be taking my leave. See you, if we ever get the chance.” The woman indifferently threw out her goodbye before she got into the car and left.

Elise then took out her phone and as she looked at the account name of the friend request sent, she let out an amused smile. “Hennessy Zea… Interesting,” she mumbled.

Winona directly brought the car in front of Elise. After she came to a stop, she said to Elise, “Come on, Elise.”

With a nod, Elise entered the backseat of the car.

They soon came to a stop again when they arrived at a red light at a crossroad.

Winona suddenly started gossiping. “Elise, did you know that the woman from earlier was Hennessy Zea? She was an international movie star back in the day!”

“Is that so?” Elise wasn’t too surprised to hear this. She could tell from Hennessy’s vibe alone that the woman wasn’t a regular person.

“Mhm!” Winona gave a solemn nod. “I used to love her movies. It’s a pity that it was revealed she committed adultery and tax evasion when she was at the top of her career. She never made an appearance on screen anymore after that. Her ex-husband is still a famous actor now, but his acting is pretty mediocre. I wonder why he is still famous after all this time…”

Elise lightly nodded after hearing her words. “The entertainment industry is a rabbit hole. It is not easy to know what is right or wrong just from appearances alone.”

“You’re right. I still think Hennessy is her old, charismatic self when I saw her earlier. It doesn’t make sense to me, though. She doesn’t seem like the type to—”

Winona suddenly went quiet as she spoke, her eyes blankly staring to her left.

It took half a minute for Elise to realize that something was wrong. She lifted her gaze and saw that the traffic light had turned green, but Winona still didn’t start driving.

Sitting in the backseat, Elise was about to alert Winona when she saw something clearly from the corner of her eyes—a young man and a voluptuous woman were passionately kissing each other in the eye-catching red convertible on the west-to-east road on their left.

Elise and Winona were not close to the red car, but due to the streetlights and the angle the man and woman were in, they could make out the man’s face when the couple detached from each other to banter flirtatiously.

There was no one other than Craig who would do something like this.

Other than the fact that this was more extreme than last time, it was a sight all too familiar to Winona.

It was obvious that he had never paid attention to things regarding Winona. Because if he did, he would have noticed that the MPV that was parked at the junction was the one she had been driving everyday for the past few months.

A few minutes went by before the light turned red again and just like that, the red convertible was gone in a flash.

That satisfied and frivolous look of Craig’s face was somehow deeply imprinted on Winona’s mind.

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