Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 784

Chapter 784 Too Dumb and Stubborn to Forget the Past

Elise smiled, trying to have eye contact with everyone around her. When she turned around, she saw Winona walking up to her with Riverlyn by her side. “Miss White, I like the original story a lot. I hope your novel continues to be among the best-selling ones.” Riverlyn extended her arm to shake Elise’s.

“Thank you. I believe the film is going to be popular with you as the protagonist.” Elise expressed her thoughts sincerely. After all, she reckoned Riverlyn shared a few common similarities with the character in her novel due to the celebrity’s past before she rose to fame. Well, I have to admit that the director has a keen sense of justice. While talking, she quietly observed Winona right behind Riverlyn, feeling impressed to see how she had become one of the best celebrity agents in just three months. Hmm. I believe Winona must have done a lot before Riverlyn was able to secure this role.

“You must be Miss Zabel’s agent. What a young lady!” Elise set her eyes on Winona.

“You’re too kind, Miss White.” Winona reacted with a faint smile, answering Elise’s question subtly.

Feeling happy with how her old friend had fared, Elise said, “In that case, I should leave you guys to it. Tea break is on me. Keep up the good work, guys!”

“Thank you, Miss White!” The production crew carried on with the filming. An hour later, Elise was seen standing in front of the screen while observing the actors and actresses during the shoot.

After the scene was shot, Elise excused herself and went to ask for a glass of lemon tea. Upon finishing the tea, she sat in the chair and basked in the warm sun. Just when she was about to fall asleep, she opened her eyes and happened to meet Alexander’s tender gaze. The next second, she sat bolt upright and rose from her seat, taking a few steps back to distance herself from him.

Meanwhile, Alexander appeared to be grinning ambiguously as Elise’s reaction seemed to have just confirmed his suspicion. After all, she gave herself away when she avoided his eye contact and deliberately kept her distance from the man without herself realizing it. Annoyed yet helpless, she knitted her eyebrows without knowing what to say.

However, Alexander changed the subject and said, “I’m here to visit the leading male actor, but anyway, I have read your book, Miss White. The story is interesting, but I’m curious why the female protagonist couldn’t live a peaceful life after she exacted her revenge.”

“Well, peace and safety have always been relative and subjective,” Elise responded with a cold tone.

“What if there is someone waiting for her?” Alexander probingly asked.

“I wrote that book, and I’m sure there is no one else waiting for her.” Elise tried to play dumb.

“But there are indeed people who are that stubborn in reality. I know a man who is waiting for her lady to come back to him. If this happened in your novel, don’t you think the female protagonist would soften up in the end?” Alexander asked.

“Tell whoever that is not to wait anymore, Mr. Griffith. Both of them are from two different worlds, and they are better off without each other.” Elise looked away, rejecting Alexander.

“But they’ve been through so much together. Those memories are true, so do you think they should let all that fade away?” Alexander asked again.

Elise sighed helplessly and said, “The past will never disappear, and it will stay with us in the form of memory. I know the best outcome that every couple wants is to help each other out during hard times, but if that isn’t possible, maybe breaking up is a better choice.”

“But there are indeed people who are too dumb and stubborn to forget about their loved ones.” Alexander took a step forward.

Elise took a step back and replied, “Then they will end up tiring themselves out. Anyway, I believe you’re not among those dumb people who like to make themselves suffer. Right, Mr. Griffith?”

“Do you wish for me to forget about the past?” Alexander looked at the lady in a trance.

“I’m just a novel writer, not God. So, I’m afraid you’re going to have to make your decision, Mr. Griffith. By the way, the men’s lounge is on the other side, so I hope you won’t find yourself at the wrong place again next time.”

As soon as Elise finished her sentence, she made her way to the lounge and hid there throughout the entire afternoon, in order to stay away from Alexander. When she returned to the set later that evening, Alexander was already gone. It was then that she finally heaved a sigh of relief, but not long after that, she got a phone call from an unidentified number and picked it up. The next moment, she heard a man yelling at her just as she took the phone away from her ear.

“Have you had enough, Anastasia? If you don’t come back here and work the next day, you’re going to be paying the penalty pretty soon!”

In the meantime, Elise was worried about blowing her cover in front of Alexander, so when she heard someone yelling at her over the phone the moment she picked up the call, she felt annoyed and irritated. Whoever is calling is definitely messing with me at the wrong time. When the caller finished his sentence, Elise patiently replied to him. “I’m so sorry. I was caught in an accident on the sea not long ago, so I’m currently having amnesia. Do you mind giving me your company’s address?” Since Anastasia’s occupation wasn’t revealed much in her diary, Elise was completely unaware of her job.

“The name is Skycity Construction Company. Search the rest by yourself online.” The man on the opposite side gave Elise a name and hung up the call right away.

“Fine, you’re going to be cursed with bad luck soon.” Elise smiled sinisterly.

Meanwhile, Jamie approached Elise and noticed her eerie expression that sent chills down his spine. “What’s wrong, Elise?”

“Nothing.” Elise curled her lips upward. “Do you know anything about Skycity Construction Company?”

“Are you talking about the subsidiary under the Keller Group? Are you working on a project or something?” Jamie asked innocently.

“The Keller Family’s company?” Elise’s eyes were filled with a strong murderous intent as she decided to think twice about her next move.

“Yeah, I could pull a few strings and get them to give you a discount,” Jamie said confidently.

“It’s alright. I’m just asking. “Elise wanted to investigate the situation further before making a decision.

Soon, a loud engine sound could be heard coming from afar. Seconds later, a large motorcycle sped in Elise’s direction and stopped right in front of her. Then, the motorcyclist got off the bike and took off the helmet before Narissa’s beautiful face was seen. “I’m here to pay you a visit, Elise.” Narissa hung the helmet on her motorcycle’s rear mirror and suddenly produced a sophisticated-looking bag. “Look! Here are some cookies I baked!” The lady then scampered around Elise as she couldn’t wait to let her taste her cookies. “Come on. Grab a bite and see if you like them.”

“What? This isn’t fair. I’ve been friends with you for a while, and I never knew you could make cookies.” Jamie expressed his dissatisfaction.

“Don’t compare yourself to my idol. She is more important to me than you are. So, what are you going to do about that?” Narissa haughtily teased Jamie.

The next second, the two of them began to bicker with each other as Elise went on to open the bag and saw two types of cookies with different flavors—chocolate and oatmeal raisin. While she didn’t like oatmeal raisins at all, she knew it was Jamie’s favorite. Therefore, she believed Narissa must have made these biscuits for him but was too embarrassed to admit it.

With a smile on her face, Elise then took the box of oatmeal raisin cookies and gave it to Jamie. “I’m not a fan of oatmeal raisins, so would you like to try some, Mr. Keller?”

“With pleasure.” Jamie then snatched the biscuits from the lady and started to grab a bite while making fun of Narissa. “Look at Elise. You need to learn how to be a decent woman like her.”

“That’s none of your concern!” Narissa tried to snatch the biscuits back from the man. “Since you think I’m so petty, don’t eat my cookies. Give them back to me!”

“What’s wrong? Can’t you reach it? What are you going to do to me if I won’t give it back to you? Come on, chase after me.” Jamie circled around Elise mischievously while Narissa chased after him. As the two of them wouldn’t stop messing around with each other, Elise was starting to feel a little dizzy seeing them running around her.

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