Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 785

Chapter 785 Avoid Trouble

Those two were really sworn enemies!

“Guys, guys!” Forced to raise her voice, Elise almost exposed her original voice, so she hastily coughed twice to hide it. “Ahem, it’s not time yet, so please don’t disturb the others who are resting!”

Since their idol was the one speaking, the two naturally stopped. Jamie tossed the cookie box to Narissa. “Here, you can have it back. I don’t need it anyway!”

“Hey! You already ate half of it! You will pay with your life!”

Narissa stuffed the cookie box into Elise’s arms, about to run after him. However, Jamie had already predicted her reaction, so by then, he was far away in the distance.

He stood around 5 feet from them, setting his index and middle fingers against the end of his brow and flicking upward as he offered them a salute. “Adios!” With that, he escaped straight away.

Narissa was so pissed that she stomped her feet, screaming maniacally at his figure, “You chicken! Stay behind and fight if you dare!” Jamie gleefully shook his head, running even faster. Soon, he disappeared at the main entrance.

Narissa couldn’t do anything about it, so she could only glare at him.

Elise joked on purpose, saying, “Miss Cuber, you and Mr. Keller seem very close.”

“Close? There’s nothing like that between us,” Narissa said stubbornly, “I got close to him because he’s stupid but wealthy, and he’s even generous. If not, I would’ve ignored him!”

“Whatever you say.” Elise saw through Narissa, but she didn’t expose the latter. She was arranging the cookies neatly in the box when she noticed Narissa’s outfit. She asked casually, “Did you come by bike?”

Narissa’s eyes lit up. “You know about bikes too?”

Elise smiled and shook her head, speaking without a change in expression. “Not really, but I think it’s cool. So, can you take me somewhere?”

“Let’s go!”

Half an hour later, Narissa’s bike pulled up in front of the building that housed the headquarters of Keller Group.

Elise took off her helmet and placed it in Narissa’s hands. “Thanks for the ride, Miss Cuber. I have something to attend to up there, so you don’t have to wait for me.”

“Okay.” Narissa gestured with an ‘okay’ sign.

Elise pursed her lips and smiled, then turned around and walked into the building. Helmet in her arms, Narissa thought about it for a while, then looked up at the ‘Keller Group’ sign hanging on the building. She felt a little uneasy now.

Isn’t this Jamie’s property? If Elise is coming over, then why didn’t she tell him just now?

At that thought, Narissa still couldn’t relax, so she hastily drove into the basement parking lot.

Following the brief contents she found online, Elise took the elevator to the 12th floor. She rounded a corner, then immediately caught sight of the logo belonging to Skycity Construction Company.

The reception area was magnificently decorated, and it matched Keller Group’s style. Elise walked forward and stated her identity, and then she was led by the receptionist to the manager’s office.

The manager had a sullen look on his face, as if Elise had owed him money or something. The receptionist had just left and closed the door when the manager threw the documents in his hand at Elise.

However, he obviously wasn’t too good at aiming. Elise didn’t even dodge, but none of the attacks hit their target.

“How dare you, Anastasia! It’s been half a year! Do you know how many losses the company suffered because of you? Do you think the company is your home or something, and you can leave whenever you please?! The company spent so much effort on training you, but you’re not the least bit grateful! You went on and on about the world being so huge, and you want to explore it. You talk of lofty ideals, but in the end, you still came running back. You’re just so bored, aren’t you? Hurry up. The deadlines are coming up for the few projects you’re in charge of. I don’t care what means you employ. If it flops, you’ll have to bear the responsibility for the losses!”

Elise understood then that the manager was just looking for an enemy to bear the responsibility. By the looks of it, Anastasia must have endured quite a lot of bullying while working at this company.

She looked at the manager, who was acting all selfish and hypocritical. After that, she curved her lips into a sneer, her pretty eyes glinting with specks of coldness. The manager waited for a response in vain, so when he raised his head, he began lecturing again. “What are you standing around for? Get out! I don’t want to see you right now!”

Elise faked a smile as she turned up the corners of her mouth. She picked her words wisely and even smiled at him. “Thank you, sir, for giving me another chance. I’ll do my best, but you know that I lost my memories, so I’m wondering where my desk is.”

Since she was smiling and all, and her capabilities were at the top of the office, the manager didn’t want to make a scene out of it. He patiently said in brief, “Turn right when you go out and walk till the end. If you don’t know the way, ask your colleagues. Don’t come and bother me with every little detail.”

“Understood,” Elise responded with a nice temper, then turned around and left.

As the door closed, the manager pulled at his tie, letting out a sigh of relief. Good, looks like Anastasia is still as vulnerable as ever. I won’t have to worry about performance in the future.

Elise arrived at Anastasia’s desk, then casually took a project proposal and leafed through it. She hadn’t read past two pages when a thick black folder fell from above and crashed onto her desk.

With it came a female colleague’s proud and contemptuous words. “Help me with this data report. Submit it to me tomorrow at work.” Elise hadn’t even wrapped her head around the situation when a shout sounded from the entrance.

“Hey!” With that, Narissa stormed up to them and planted her feet behind Elise. She picked up the document and extended it to the woman. “Didn’t your parents teach you to do your own work? Take this back!”

“Who are you? What’s it to you?” the woman scoffed, covering her nose with her hand. She had an annoyed look on her face.

“Who cares who I am! I just cannot stand by and watch you throw your weight around.” Narissa was defiant. Even if everyone in the office gave her weird looks, she didn’t seem to be afraid at all.

“Quit poking your nose in other people’s business! What do you know? You’re just trying to be a goody two shoes. Anastasia likes doing things for others, and she’d feel so bad if she didn’t help anyone. I’m doing this for her own good, don’t you know?”

The female colleague had a haughty attitude as she said, “Go ahead and ask around. Everyone in the office does it. I’m not the only one, and Anastasia didn’t even say anything about it. You’re just an outsider, so why are you interrupting?”

Narissa opened her mouth to protest, but Elise suddenly stood up and stopped her. “Miss Cuber, forget it. We should avoid trouble.”

“I can’t do that. Compromise once, and you won’t ever be able to stand up to them for the rest of your life. You can’t just let them bully you!” Narissa had a quick temper, and she wanted things to be straightened out as soon as possible.

“You may feel good about it now, but have you considered how I would be treated later on?” Elise said patiently. “I have to keep working here, so can I just stop talking to my colleagues? Is that realistic?”

Narissa looked at her in disbelief. “Elise, do you really think that? I can understand if you don’t get angry about your sister, but you’re holding back even now?”

She flung Elise’s hand away in disappointment. “I was wondering, maybe deep down you’re really just weak and timid. Did the decisive and independent person you wrote about really exist? I’m disappointed in you.”

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