Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 786

Chapter 786 Everything Is Under Control

With that, Narissa left the office in disappointment.

Elise let out a sigh. This girl is always so impatient; she needs more training in the future!

Knock, knock!

Seeing that Elise’s helper had left, the female colleague was even bolder as she knocked arrogantly on the desk. “Don’t forget about my document. If you make any mistakes, both of us will suffer.”

Elise lifted the corners of her lips, but the smile didn’t reach her eyes. “Don’t worry. Everything is under control.”

The female colleague thought those words were odd. She gave Elise a questioning look, but in the end, she didn’t say anything as she left quietly. Nevertheless, the other colleagues saw that she succeeded, so they all followed in her footsteps, going to Elise every so often for help.

Elise smiled instead of getting angry as she accepted all the extra tasks. When it was time to get off work, she waited until everyone left before leisurely packing up her things and walking out of the office.

As for those data reports, she didn’t take any of them along with her.

At the same time, in a VIP room at Renown Restaurant in Tissote. The members of the Jewelry Association were seated at a table. Celina and Matthew were late, so they walked right over to the two empty seats and sat down.

“Sorry, there was a traffic jam, so I came late. I’ll drink as a penalty.” Celina raised a glass and downed all the wine in the glass. Then, she smiled as she chatted with the other members. “I hope you’ll support me and vote for me to be a member of the association. When the deed is done, I’ll definitely thank all of you profusely.”

She had just finished speaking when a veteran with white hair seated right opposite her began to mock her.

“I’ve been in the business field for so many years, but Miss Saunders, you’re the first host I’ve encountered who was late for a whole hour. The Jewelry Association isn’t some lowly club, so how can a person without proper time management ever hope to join us?”

With that, the elder got up and fastened the last button on his suit. He looked around at the crowd, then gave a generous speech. “My wish is that everyone would understand that the Jewelry Association exists to maintain order in the market and to ensure the stability of economic trade. We hold the responsibility and obligation to stop people from using the association as a tool for power. I’ll voice my opinion first. I disagree with Saunders Corporation’s desire to be a member of the association!”

With that, he pulled back his chair and walked toward the entrance.

As soon as the elder opened the door of the VIP room, Matthew’s voice rang out. “Take one step out of that door, and you’ll never see your cute grandchildren again.”

The elder paused in his tracks, turning around in fear. “W-What did you do to them?! I thought you were only greedy people, but I never thought that you’d blind your conscience with greed and cause harm to mere children! You’re despicable!”

Matthew leisurely took a sip of the wine in the glass. He smacked his lips, then slowly cocked his head and met the elder’s gaze. “You flatter me. All businesspeople have a cunning trick or two. We’re just doing what a profiteer is supposed to do. If you’re done with your reprimands, you can go back to your seat. Don’t challenge my limits.”

The elder gripped the door handle tightly, gritting his teeth so strongly that sounds were heard. Sometime later, between his principles and his family, he finally chose the latter and quietly sat back in his seat.

“I knew you’d be understanding people.” Celina smiled gleefully. “Now, is anyone else against the idea?”

With the elder as an example, the others were busy protecting themselves, so no one stood up. They lowered their heads, wishing for their own safety. The VIP room was silent.

“Good.” Celina picked up the glass, which was already refilled with wine, and turned around. “Then cheers to our future cooperation. If anyone goes back on their word, they’ll have to drink this wine in hell!”

She raised her voice and immediately turned the glass over. The wine in the glass splashed on the table, the bright red liquid especially striking against the white backdrop of the tablecloth. It announced a voiceless threat.

The people in the room felt chills run down their spines. Like threatened mice, they dared not even look Celina and Matthew in the eye.

Celina and Matthew achieved the effect they wanted, so they had no more time to spare with these older adults. They paid the bill and left right away.

For the longest time, a certain great pressure loomed in the entire room. Every action the business leaders made would affect the jewelry market, but at that moment, the exact same leaders were all speechless.

Some time later, the television in the room suddenly flickered to life. Alexander’s figure appeared on the screen.

“I see that you didn’t have a particularly happy discussion with Saunders Corporation. Is anyone interested in striking a deal with me?”

The crowd looked toward the source of the sound. Seeing Alexander’s confident and proper attitude, they were all suspicious.

“How did you know that we’re holding a negotiation here?” The elder, who was threatened just now, spoke up first.

Alexander shrugged. “This should be enough proof of my capabilities, correct?”

He was absolutely correct, and even the elder fell silent.

“As for the conditions Celina promised everyone, I’ll offer twice the amount.” Alexander was quite generous.

“If we were money-minded people, we wouldn’t have taken this position!”

It was still the same person. From his words, it was obvious that he was distressed.

Alexander said honestly, “You misunderstand. I have no intention of insulting you with money. This money is used to guarantee your and your families’ safety. After you get the money, Saunders Corporation will target me alone instead of finding fault with you. Of course, you can choose not to receive the money and decline both of our entries. But I think Celina won’t let that happen.”

His words hit the bullseye on the members’ situations. They had to either accept Celina into their ranks and be continuously threatened by her or accept Alexander’s money, and then they wouldn’t have to worry about retaliation or surrender.

The third option would be to decline both parties. But, as Alexander said, Celina and Matthew definitely wouldn’t let them off, so this option was out of the question. The crowd was already wavering a little.

“But my grandchildren are in their hands!” The elder expressed his helplessness.

“I’ll rescue them, but on one condition. Before the official voting, you have to act like you’re close to Saunders Corporation so that they’ll let down their guard. The show must go on.”

Alexander’s answers were prompt and well-prepared. He was obviously more charismatic than Celina, who relied on threats to achieve her goals.

“Then I hope you won’t let us down, Mr. Griffith!”

Alexander smiled faintly. “I look forward to working with you!”

The next day, Elise woke up at her own sweet time. There were more than 10 missed calls on her phone, all from the manager.

She glanced at it, then casually set it aside. After that, she leisurely washed up and put on makeup. After breakfast, she went back to sleep, then finally went to work at 3.00PM. When she arrived at the main entrance, she saw the entire office in a frenzy. People were walking all over the place, as if it were a huge job fair.

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