Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 788

Chapter 788 You Seem to Know Me Well

“I refuse to accept this!” After holding it in for so long, the manager finally exploded. “This is all Anastasia’s fault, so why am I the one responsible? If you want to fire me, you’ll have to chase her out too!”

“What right do you have to discuss terms with me?” The look in Jamie’s eyes turned cold, and a certain chill emanated from the depths of his eyes.

Terrified, the manager shuddered, but still, he stubbornly tried to drag Elise down with him. “Since things have come to this, I’m not afraid of making a fuss anymore. Anastasia has always been a member of my team, so she has absolute responsibility. If you want me to shut up, you have to compensate me with ten years’ worth of salary!”

Jamie sneered, “I never knew you’d be so greedy. Fine, two can play the game. Someone get the lawyer of the company here so that our manager here can learn properly about the law. If you can take even a cent from Keller Group, I might as well give you the company.”

“No need for so much trouble.” Suddenly, Elise interrupted, then said calmly, “I never wanted to stay, either. Also, if you want to sue the company, I’ll definitely step up and testify to all the crimes you’ve committed at the workplace. When that happens, you’ll have a real taste of despair.”

The manager never thought that Elise would be so bold, and he panicked in an instant.

Compensation didn’t matter, but if he ruined his reputation and got on the blocklist within the industry, he really didn’t know if he could survive at his age. After reconsidering it, he finally conceded. “You win now, Anastasia, but just wait and see!”

With that, the manager furiously walked toward the main entrance. Elise looked in the direction he had left, and it was only then that she noticed that Narissa was present as well.

Narissa stood at the entrance, holding a helmet in her hand. When she saw Elise looking in her direction, she immediately waved her hand happily. After that, the three went to a restaurant together.

Narissa was awed by Elise’s plan of enduring insults and getting back at her enemy tenfold. She kept praising her nonstop. “I really thought you willingly let yourself be bullied yesterday. Luckily I was still worried today, so I asked Jamie to go with me. If not, I would’ve missed this amazing show.”

Elise pursed her lips, smiling faintly as she remained silent.

“But it’s mainly because you can keep your calm. The plan wouldn’t work if it were me. I have a quick temper, so I only know how to explode on the spot. I might even get into a fight.” Narissa wasn’t even the slightest bit hesitant to point out her own flaws.

Elise couldn’t help but laugh. “Actually, many things can be resolved with a little bit of thinking. If you keep getting into fights, it’s not worth tiring yourself out.”

“Yup, that’s my lesson for today.” Narissa nodded, feeling like she had heard those words before. She turned to look at Jamie beside her, then raised her hand and hit him out of habit. “Why are you not talking?”

Jamie pouted in disdain. “You ladies are talking, so as a gentleman, it’s only proper manners that I listen quietly instead of interrupting.”

“You weren’t even listening, were you?” Narissa tossed her phone to him. “Since you’re bored anyway, help me defeat this boss.”

“Fine, I only have my own fate to curse. The password is still Boss’ birthday, right?” Jamie unlocked the phone while he was at it.

“Yup.” Narissa nodded affirmatively.

Elise was dazed for an instant when she heard that, feeling a sudden surge of warmth in her heart. These two actually remembered details about her.

“Then I won’t bother you two anymore. I’ll go outside, then come back when I’m done. Do continue your conversation.”

As Jamie spoke, he stood up and walked out of the restaurant. He went to the balcony and found an empty table to start with the gameplay.

Noticing how compliant he was with Narissa’s requests, Elise probed, “Mr. Keller seems to take you very seriously, Miss Cuber. He remembers every detail, big and small, about you.”

Narissa shook her head to deny it. “You’re overthinking it. He’s just more concerned about his boss, who is also my bestie.”

“Do you wanna make a bet?” Elise suddenly suggested.

“On what?” Narissa loved challenges and games, so of course, she didn’t decline.

“I’ll bet that Jamie is concerned about you instead of his boss,” Elise said right out.

Hearing that, Narissa began to feel troubled. She didn’t have any confidence to bet on whether a man had eyes on her or not. Moreover, she would be compared against Elise.

“I think I’ll pass.” Narissa lowered her head and stirred the drink in front of her with a spoon. “We’re just normal friends. There’s no need to consider so much.”

“That’s not like you.” Elise stared at her curiously. Is this the same brave girl who escaped her family and lived independently for the sake of freedom in marriage?

Narissa slowly turned around and looked back at her thoughtfully. Confused, she said, “Why do I feel as if you seem to know me well?”

Elise immediately realized that she was exposing herself, so she put on a silly smile to cover up her real emotions. “I mean, I do feel like I’ve known you forever, even on our first meeting. The first time I saw you, I felt as if you’re a person who does whatever she wants to do. Now, I see that no matter who it is, anyone who encounters matters concerning relationships will all get worried and fearful.”

“No one is perfect, after all.” Narissa was easily led off track, replying in a self-deprecating tone, “I used to think that relationships are simple. If you like them, you get together with them. If you don’t, you just leave. But now I realize that if you like someone but that someone doesn’t like you, you can’t just harden your heart and let them go, but you’re not willing to get too far from them either. It really is the most terrible experience in the world!”

“Haha, so our Miss Narissa is suffering every day?” Elise jokingly asked.

“Umm…” Narissa thought for a while, then commented truthfully, “Not really. I do feel quite happy most of the time.”

Elise patted her hand. “It’s more than enough to live life in happiness.”

Just then, Jamie came back.

He tossed the phone to Narissa and sat back in his seat. “It’s such a simple game; your skills seem to be lacking.”

“You’re the one who’s lacking. These bosses are too low-leveled. I don’t even want to bother with them. My time is precious, so how can I waste them on minor bosses like them?” Narissa spoke convincingly.

“Hey, so that means my time can be wasted?” Jamie felt as if he was tricked again.

“No matter what, you’ve already wasted them anyway, so just admit it.” Narissa cocked her head evilly, provoking him on purpose.

Jamie glared at her. “How dare you!”

“Sorry for the interruption. This is the soup you’ve ordered.” The waiter served the last dish.

After the three bowls of soup were served, Jamie peered into each one of them. He took the bowl in the middle and scooped out some seasonings from it before placing it in front of Narissa.

“I removed the spices for you. Drink up.” Jamie calmly wiped his hands, then passed another bowl to Elise.

Narissa stared at the bowl of soup in front of her, dazed. She glanced at Jamie, then at Elise. Finally, she averted her gaze and sank into deep thought.

Jamie’s actions just now were entirely habitual, so could it mean that he was already used to taking care of her?

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