Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 790

Chapter 790 You’ll Help Me, Right?

“Adelpha, listen to me…” Lyra hastily went after Adelpha to comfort her.

As soon as they left, only Elise and Onyx remained in the living room. Elise ignored Onyx as she went into the kitchen. She grabbed a serving of brownies, then sat at the dining table, leisurely enjoying the dessert.

Onyx hesitated for a bit, then walked over to sit next to her. For some time, noticing no reaction from Elise, he finally couldn’t help it and turned around. He placed a hand on the table and another on the back of Elise’s chair, then began talking.

“Anastasia, there’s only the two of us now, so I’ll get straight to the point. My friends and I have set our sights on an investment project, but we’re lacking start-up capital. Can I loan some money with your deed? I won’t trouble you, but you just have to sign your name for me. Is that okay?”

Elise lowered the spoon in her hand, then turned to look at him emotionlessly. “You won’t trouble me? My dear father, you speak of it so lightly, but if you use my property as a guarantee to help you in your investment, if anything happens, we won’t be able to get the money back. This house, the only thing Mom left behind, might also be confiscated by the bank and sold off. Do you think my intelligence would drop once I get pregnant?”

“Of course not! A friend introduced this project, and the profit is guaranteed. We don’t have any reason to let go of a chance to earn money, do we?” Onyx was all smiles and not the least bit angry.

“Scammers love scamming people they know. I think there’s no need to put your entire property on the line for your first venture.” Elise didn’t like arguing with him.

“People get scammed because they’re not friends enough. I’ve known this friend for decades, so where could he possibly go? He won’t scam me. This project looks really promising, and I don’t want to miss this opportunity. Anastasia, you’ll help me, won’t you?” Onyx carefully observed her reaction.

Elise had a mocking expression on her face. “You always hated businessmen, complaining that they’re money-minded and let greed cloud their judgment. Why are you so intent on going into the business field now?”

Onyx’s expression changed. He looked a little sullen as he sat back quietly. “Times change, after all. You’re pregnant now, and it’s about time to prepare wedding gifts for Adelpha. As your father, I should put in some effort for you two.”

“All right, I’ll agree to it.” Elise suddenly turned lenient.

“Really?!” Onyx’s eyes lit up. “You’re not kidding me, are you?”

“Why would I?” Elise looked at him smilingly, but her eyes were still icy cold. “You’re working so hard, so as your daughter, I won’t let you down.”

“Okay, then I’ll get it done right away!”

Onyx clapped his hands, then got up and walked out. They were right; women were especially soft-hearted. When he had gotten his hands on the house, his daughter wouldn’t dare to disrespect him anymore!

Brendan’s clothing brand, which was the center of fashion in Tissote, was holding a launch event for their new products.

Decked out in clothes of Brendan’s design, the models showcased the outfits on stage. After the show, many great figures in the industry extended their olive branches.

Brendan attended to each guest with great ease. He was calm as he faced the interview questions from media reporters. The entire launch event was live streamed, and it caused huge waves in the industry. Brendan’s name and related searches were top three on the trending page.

After the party commenced, Brendan finally had time to relax.

Champagne in hand, he stood in a corner, his wise eyes quietly studying all the guests who had entered the venue. Even when he was hiding next to the beautifully decorated fir on purpose, his noble aura was hardly hidden.


The voice he was looking for suddenly rang out behind him. Brendan turned around to see that it was indeed Yuri.

“You’re here,” Brendan greeted lightly.

“No designer would’ve passed up this chance to attend the launch organized by the designer brand with the most potential in the country.” Yuri raised the wineglass in her hand and toasted. “Congratulations.”

“Thank you.” Brendan lowered his long eyelashes, covering the emotions in his eyes. He parted his mouth to ask about her wellbeing when he noticed a hand with a Cartier watch placing itself on her waist.

Brendan’s gaze darkened, and when he looked up once again, he saw Christopher hugging Yuri. Even in a well-lit place like this, the scene was still too bright for him.

He subconsciously clenched his fist, which he had stuck in his pocket. For some reason, he had the urge to tear this scene apart.

“Why did you come here on your own?” Christopher lightly chastised Yuri, then turned to congratulate Brendan, as if nothing had happened. “Congratulations, Mr. Brendan. I’ve had many visitors asking about you.”

Brendan ignored his words and changed the subject. “You two—”

“Oh.” Christopher realized what Brendan was referring to, then removed his hand from Yuri’s waist only to place it naturally on her porcelain shoulders. “As you can see, my hard work paid off. Yuri gave me one more chance, so now I’m her intern boyfriend!”

Yuri awkwardly pulled at the corners of her mouth, her smile a little unnatural.

Brendan instantly dropped the smile on his face and tried his best to remain courteous. “Then I hope you’ll be official soon. A few of my friends just arrived over there, so I’ll go greet them now. Pardon me.”

With that, he strode away with a cold expression.

Brendan had just taken two steps away from them when Yuri pushed Christopher away, stepping to the side to put more distance between them.

Christopher felt a little awkward, but the first thing he did was ask about her emotions. “What’s wrong? Are you feeling uncomfortable?”

Yuri lowered her head, her thoughts drifting. “No. You know that I don’t like intimate contact.”

“But you’re my companion today.” Christopher didn’t know if he should laugh or cry. “I did everything based on etiquette.”

“I know, it’s my own problem. Maybe I’m not fully prepared yet. Why don’t we just—”

“No, no, no.” Christopher didn’t give Yuri a chance to finish her sentence. “Please, don’t continue. Fine, it was my fault. I was too anxious. I’ll change, but please don’t condemn me right away, okay?”

Yuri fell silent.

At the entrance of the venue, Adelpha showed the invitation she worked hard to get. After signing her name, she lifted the hem of her dress as she carefully entered the banquet hall.

She was amazed at the people around her. Everyone present had an absolute fashion sense and good looks to pair with it. Naturally, good-looking people were everywhere, and there definitely wasn’t a lack of people who exuded nobility.

“Oh, my.” Adelpha couldn’t help gasping, “Gatherings in the fashion industry are a treat to the eye…”

Even though she was having her fill of beautiful people, Adelpha clearly remembered her reason for coming.

Brendan was Alexander’s biological brother, so he definitely wouldn’t be absent from such an important event.

She had to think of a way to show Alexander an astonishing side to her.

Speaking of the devil, she had just averted her gaze and glanced toward the entrance when she saw Alexander walking in with Riverlyn, an award-winning actress who was quite popular nowadays.

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