Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 793

Chapter 793 Completely Sincere

Everyone’s attention fell on Alexander, waiting to see his reaction.

The atmosphere was silent for a moment before Alexander looked at Adelpha slowly again. “Miss White, why are you in a panic? Facts speak louder than words. I naturally know in my heart what kind of person you are, and I won’t be biased otherwise by the outside world.”

These words were quite satisfactory, and there was no intention to help any party.

Adelpha’s expression was a little uneasy, but she still pretended to be generous about it and smiled awkwardly. “Yeah, we have a long time to get to know each other.”

“Wow, are you guys making a lifetime promise to each other?” Narissa said maliciously. “Alexander, do you still remember Ellie?”

“You’re not me; how do you know I don’t remember?”

There was no expression on Alexander’s face, and no one could see his emotions at the moment, but his tone was apathetic and withdrawn, giving others a feeling of irrelevance.

This light-hearted attitude also successfully angered Narissa.

“Very well.” Narissa nodded. “That’s how you remember her? So, I’m wrong about you, sc*mbag. Don’t call yourself her ex-husband in the future! She can’t afford to be related to you.”

Saying these words, Narissa gave Adelpha a fierce glare and then walked away.

Jamie was about to chase after her, but after taking two steps, he stopped suddenly, turned his head, and gave Alexander a look of hatred. “Boss, you have disappointed me so much.”

After saying that, he walked out quickly.

As soon as they left, only Adelpha and Alexander were left in the room, and the room was completely quiet.

Alexander stared blankly with his black eyes at the direction they were leaving, and his gaze gradually became dark and complicated.

Adelpha knew that Alexander was falling out with his friends. She thought she had infinite charm, so she secretly laughed with glee in her heart. After a while, she acted as if she was considerate and took the initiative to come forward to be concerned.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Griffith. Because of me, your friends have turned against you. What about letting me explain it to them?”

“No.” Alexander didn’t even look at her. Asking her to go talk to Narissa and the others would only bring him more trouble.

Besides, it was Alexander’s purpose to make outsiders think that he had a stony heart. If the misunderstanding was resolved, it would be a waste.

This was just a chess piece movement; what he wanted was far from it.

After a moment of silence, Alexander turned around and went back to being a gentleman. “It’s getting late; shall I take you home, Miss White?”

He wanted to see Elise too much, so after Adelpha fell into the water, he temporarily changed his plan and used the opportunity of becoming intimate with her in order to have a legitimate reason to go to the White Residence.

“Okay!” Adelpha blurted out excitedly. After she finished speaking, she realized that she had overstepped. She pursed her lips and lowered her voice, saying, “Sorry to trouble you, Mr. Griffith.”

After half an hour, Alexander and Adelpha walked into the White Residence side by side. Alexander’s coat was draped over Adelpha’s body. They kept a minimum distance between them, looking like a couple indeed.

Adelpha had finally brought back a man who could be presented well to her family. As soon as she entered the door, she couldn’t wait to start summoning everyone. “Dad! Mom? My friend is here; come down quickly!”

At that time, Elise was sitting in the dining room. When she heard the voice and turned her face, she met Alexander’s deeply affectionate gaze.

She frowned indiscernibly, and a strong sense of unease suddenly surged in her heart.

At this moment, Jacob came out of the kitchen with the chicken soup. He put down the soup and thoughtfully picked up the spoon, then handed it to Elise.

“The chicken soup is ready; the temperature is just right for drinking now.”

Elise was thinking about the reason for Alexander’s appearance. She subconsciously took the spoon, then lowered his head and absently stirred the soup in front of her.

This scene was seen by Alexander, and his originally indifferent face was immediately covered with complicated emotions, and his black eyes were so dark that he looked like he was going to tear Jacob to pieces.

Jacob raised his head subconsciously, met Alexander’s gaze, and immediately avoided it guiltily.

After such a long time, this guy’s aura is still so strong! Those eyes seem to be able to see through my heart. How terrifying!

Naturally, this subtle movement could not escape Alexander’s eyes, but he was not in a hurry to reveal it.

Not long after, Lyra also dragged Onyx downstairs.

Seeing her daughter and Alexander standing side by side, Lyra’s eyes lit up, and she quickened her pace to rush past Onyx.

“Oh, you are Alexander! Adelpha often mentioned you to me. You finally came to visit today. Please have a seat!” Lyra greeted and walked toward the couch.

Onyx put his hands behind his back. Wearing presbyopic glasses on the bridge of his nose and dressed like an intellectual, he followed slowly with a newspaper in his hand while looking at Alexander vigilantly.

“Good evening, Mr. and Mrs. White,” Alexander greeted politely, looking past them slightly and at Elise in the distance.

“Yes, yes. Come, drink some water.” Lyra smiled so hard that she couldn’t close her mouth.

Onyx acted very calmly. He simply gave a faint “um” and then sat down and began to take on the attitude of an elder. “Alexander Griffith, right? You have been very involved with those paparazzi recently. I am afraid that there’s no one in this city to match your womanizing skills.”

Clearly, he was somewhat disdainful of Alexander, accusing him of being a casanova.

The atmosphere was a little awkward for a while.

When Adelpha heard this, she immediately became anxious. “Dad! What are you talking about? Those were all lies written by paparazzi, and he is not such a person!”

She had managed to catch a golden husband, so she couldn’t let her old-fashioned father mess with it.

“That’s right. Mr. Griffith looks like a talented person and is very reliable. How can he be a womanizer?” Lyra also followed suit.

Onyx pursed his lips. Women lack knowledge. Alexander was just a descendant of a down-and-out aristocratic family. Yet Onyx’s wife and daughter couldn’t wait to lick Alexander’s boots. It disgraced him. But in this case, he could only do the same as his wife and daughter.

“I’m not interested whether it’s a misunderstanding or not. I’ll just say it straight. Although our family is not a big family, the son-in-law I’m looking for must be truly sincere to my daughter. If you can’t do that, I won’t consider you no matter who you are.” Onyx pretended to throw out the condition.

This was his condition for the rich. If Adelpha brought back someone who had no money and no power, it would be another story. Right now, he couldn’t mention all those other conditions.

Alexander lowered his eyes when he heard the words, and after thinking for a moment, he turned his face and looked at Elise in front of him, deliberately raising his voice while saying, “I am completely sincere toward her, and I will never love anyone else. If I violate this oath, God will punish me.”

When Elise heard this, she was sidetracked and knocked over the soup bowl on the table. The warm soup immediately spread all over, and the ceramic bowl fell to the ground with a crash.

Alexander didn’t care about anything else. He simply got up and rushed over.

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