Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 799

Chapter 799 I Didn’t Say Not to Pursue It

Three days later, Onyx led Elise to an expensive cafe.

When they entered, Mr. Rose, the acquaintance Onyx spoke of, had already arrived.

Seeing them appear, Mr. Rose took the initiative to get up and wave at them. “This way!”

Onyx then took Elise and walked toward the booth where Mr. Rose was.

As soon as he sat down, Mr. Rose couldn’t wait to take out the mortgage contract and ask Elise to sign it. “Anastasia, once you sign your name here, you don’t need to worry about other things.”

Elise glanced at the contract on the table, showed a mocking smile, and deliberately delayed the time. “Why are you in such a hurry? Don’t you even have time for me to drink?”

Onyx was afraid that she would see something, so he quickly took over the conversation and said unhappily, “Anastasia is right, Mr. Rose. You’re always so impatient. Anastasia is pregnant with a child, so let us take a break.”

As he spoke, he handed Elise the menu. “Anastasia, what would you like to drink?”

“I don’t need the menu.” Elise then called the waiter over.

“Hand-ground coffee please. Extra milk and less sugar.”

“Very well. What would you like?” The waiter looked at Onyx.

“Plain water will do.” He didn’t come for coffee.

Five minutes later, the waiter brought the drinks.

Onyx drank more than half of it in one sip like a savage cow.

Elise glanced at him in disgust, then picked up the coffee and tasted it carefully.

Before she could even swallow it, Mr. Rose couldn’t sit still on the opposite side any longer.

“Anastasia, hehe, since you’ve already drank your coffee, it’s time to do business, right?”

Elise unhurriedly put the coffee back on the table. “Okay, please tell me the specifics of this investment in detail. I want to know more; after all, this loan obtained from the mortgage of the house is not a small amount,” she said slowly.

“Why didn’t you discuss it before coming?” Mr. Rose’s expression changed, and he was a little impatient. He pretended to be dissatisfied and threw it to Onyx as if he was putting pressure on him.

Onyx immediately put on an embarrassed look, begging Elise to understand as he said, “Anastasia, didn’t I tell you before that this project is guaranteed to make money without losing any? You agreed to it, so why are you still worrying about it so much?”

They were not professional investors, and they were afraid that if they revealed something, they would screw things up.

Elise was unmoved; her face fell, and her attitude was tough. “I’m the one paying, but I can’t even know what the investment is about? It’s okay if you won’t say anything. No one will take my house, then!”

“No, how can this be? We’ve already decided, so you can’t go back on your words.” Onyx was anxious, so he could only wink to have Mr. Rose give in. “Just pick up some key points and tell her!”

He knew very well that ‘Anastasia’ now had a stubborn temperament and wouldn’t let up. Anyway, they were prepared, and Anastasia wouldn’t understand what was going on in the business field. They could just say a few words and get done with it.

Mr. Rose reluctantly started to introduce this so-called project with great profits.

Halfway through listening, Elise knew that she had guessed right. Onyx really wanted to join forces with outsiders to defraud her of selling the house.

This man is really disgusting. On the surface, he pretends to be a gentleman, but he is scheming against his own daughter behind her back.

But it didn’t matter, for Elise was not Anastasia. If Onyx wanted to do this, she could play along with him.

She endured her impatience and quietly waited for Mr. Rose to finish, then slowly took out the phone from her handbag, pretending to fiddle with it as she quietly turned off the running recording app.

Seeing that she didn’t respond, Mr. Rose pushed the contract forward again and said irritably, “Anastasia, while talking business with your elders, you should be more respectful. You should stop glancing at your phone until this is over. Now that you know the details, sign it quickly.”

When Onyx heard the man’s tone, he complained in his heart.

How could this person be so unscrupulous? Knowing that ‘Anastasia’ preferred the softer method, Mr. Rose still spoke in such a harsh tone. If this was messed up, he would break the deal off with Mr. Rose!

But to his surprise, ‘Anastasia’ was not only not angry, but seemed to be in a better mood suddenly. In fact, she started laughing.

With an innocuous smile on her face, she looked at Mr. Rose and said, “Wait a moment. I’ll be done with it soon. I’m waiting for a few more friends.”

“Friends?” Onyx looked confused. “You didn’t tell me you would be bringing friends.”

“It’s not too late to know now.” Elise shrugged indifferently.

As soon as they spoke, several plainly dressed men walked in at the door, but they looked very nasty.

After scanning the space at the door, they walked straight in their direction, then stopped in the aisle next to them.

The leading man showed Mr. Rose his work permit. “We are from the major crime team. We suspect that you are defrauding a citizen’s property, and we are arresting you in accordance with the law. Please cooperate with the investigation.”

Then he took out the handcuffs and cuffed Mr. Rose’s hands.

“No!” Mr. Rose hid his other hand and refused to cooperate. “Why are you arresting me? Who have I defrauded? I haven’t done anything, so why should I go with you?”

Several policemen joined forces to drag him out of the booth.

Unconvinced, Mr. Rose deliberately shouted to attract the attention of the onlookers. “Look, the police are arresting me! They are bullying citizens in broad daylight. Help, I’m innocent!”

Onyx also went up to help and persuade the police. “Sir, is there a misunderstanding? We are all good citizens and have never done anything bad. Who would call the police and arrest us?”

As soon as the voice fell, a sharp female voice rose out of thin air.

“I called the police!”

Elise stepped forward and handed the phone to the leading police officer. “Sir, there is evidence of Mr. Rose’s fraud in this phone, and the documents in his bag can also prove that he has bad intentions. Please help us get justice!”

“You can rest assured that as long as there is sufficient evidence, we will never let any criminals go!” the police officer assured her.

When Mr. Rose heard this, he suddenly realized what was happening. He pointed at Onyx and cursed, “It’s a shame that I treat you as a brother, yet you joined forces with your daughter to plot against me! Since you are hostile toward me, don’t blame me for being antagonistic toward you from now on. Sir, in fact, I was subject to—”

“Deception by others!”

Onyx was afraid that Mr. Rose would drag himself down with him, so he rushed over and pulled Mr. Rose aside, warning him in a low voice, “If I go free, I can still beg Anastasia to let you go. If I get caught too, we’re dead!”

“What are you doing? ” The policeman snapped.

Onyx hurriedly put his arms around Mr. Rose and turned around, smiling. “It’s nothing. He told me that he was also deceived by others, so I won’t pursue it anymore. In this case, we can let him go, right?”

“I didn’t say not to pursue it.” Elise suddenly spoke up.

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