Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 868

Chapter 868 Distance Influences Affection

“Let me see!” Onyx anxiously grabbed Lyra’s phone. He read multiple entertainment news consecutively and his expression became complicated. When Anastasia came back from abroad, she was heavily in debt. What does Alexander see in her?

Could he have paid for all her debts? If so, it means she has changed from being a stone to a gem, right?

Now that her status has risen, does that mean the White Family can do whatever we want now? As Onyx thought of that, an undetectable smile appeared on his face; even he himself did not realize how cunning his smile was.

Ever since he caused his good old friend to be sent to jail, people in the industry had been giving him the cold shoulder while those in his company had constantly been giving him a hard time as well. After suffering from such treatment for a long time, the arrogance in his bones was all gone.

His only hope was to make a name for himself and could someday hold his head up high. He did not expect the heavens would answer to him and give him a chance to realize his dream!

“It seems like we’re really going to become in-laws with the Griffith Family!” Lyra was so excited and held Onyx’s hand while saying, “Dear, we won’t have to watch our spendings anymore!”

Her words were exactly what Onyx was thinking, but he did not affirm her words out of saving face. However, his actions meant he tacitly agreed.

While the two were busy celebrating, Adelpha felt like she had been doused in cold water and felt chills running through her body.

“You’re putting your hopes on Anastasia? I think you should forget it. If she really wanted you guys to live a better life, she wouldn’t have let you find out about such marvelous news on TV, would she? The truth is that she thinks that the White Family is a burden, so she deliberately hid this from us!”

Sighing, Lyra added, “You’re right. Back when she was heavily in debt, we chose to sever ties with her and move away, so she must still hate us for that.”

Onyx slammed his hand on the table and stood up. “What nonsense are you talking about? Severed ties with her? We’re a family. We’re connected by blood and share the same tacit understanding. Is that something that’s easily severed? Raising her is my responsibility, and without me, would she have the happy life she has today? I’ll personally pay them a visit tomorrow and see for myself whether Anastasia would be that heartless as to watch me, her biological father, live off the streets!”

After leaving the banquet, Jamie went to a nightclub to get drunk.

He booked a private room for himself and called a group of wine girls over to drink and play with him. Later in the night, he was so drunk that he dizzily leaned against the couch. At times, he even found it hard to breathe.

While in a daze, he heard shouts from the corridor outside.

“Cut the act. You’re here to sell yourself. Do you think you’re some young lady from a rich family?”

“Knock it off! I’m bringing her home with me, so don’t you touch her!”

“Hey, buddy. Charissa has the Keller Family backing her, so even if you don’t show her any respect, you should still think about who’s behind her!”


After the chaotic shouts died down, Jamie heard a familiar voice. “F*ck you! I’ve had enough of you!”

That shout was followed by the sound of a glass bottle shattering after hitting something hard. “You b*tch! How dare you try to disfigure me! If I let you leave this club today, I’ll spell my name backwards! Get her!”

“Come on!” The man and his companions went all out on Charissa. Although security guards were protecting her, the drunk man was furious as he swung his fists and legs without care.

Bang! A loud bang sounded and Jamie saw Charissa’s face being pinned on the clear glass pane on the door. Inhaling a deep breath, he grabbed the whiskey bottle on the table, dashed outside, and hit the man pinning Charissa to the ground with it.

Then, he quickly pulled her and ran away before the others could react. The group of men was hot on their tail whereas the duo ran a few miles before finally managing to lose them by hiding under a tunnel under the bridge.

A gust of cold wind started blowing and Jamie felt dizzy again. He plopped onto the stairs by the riverside and dazedly asked, “Why are you doing this?”

“It’s my business. It doesn’t concern you.” Charissa sat down beside him. “Once a buddy, always a buddy. If you’re facing any difficulties, you can tell me anytime.” He narrowed his eyes and spoke in a lazy tone like he was about to fall asleep.

“Who wants to be your buddy?” Charissa stubbornly retorted. After she said that, both of them fell silent. A long while later, she finally piped up. “Why are you alone? Where’s Narissa?”

Jamie stayed silent and pursed his lips. Turning to face him, Charissa felt wickedly excited, “Did you guys get into a fight? No way. You guys broke up?”

Without waiting for his reply, she continued to confirm her words, “No, I know! You don’t like Narissa. It was all her wishful thinking, right?”

He still remained silent. Back when Narissa was still around, he was afraid to admit he liked her. Now that she was gone, he was afraid to admit he had no feelings for her. What a coward.

However, Charissa thought he had admitted to it, so she looked at him for a while longer before leaning in to place her hand on his thigh before moving it upward. “You want it, do you? Why don’t I help you?”

While she spoke, she leaned in to kiss him. Just as she was about to touch him, he turned his head and avoided her.

Frustrated, Charissa sat back down. “Sometimes, I wonder what goes on in your head. If you don’t like me, why bother taking care of me?”

Heaving a deep sigh, Jamie staggered to his feet. “I’ll send you home.” “No need.” As she was feeling awkward, she did not want to stay with him any longer, so she turned and left.

He stumbled back onto the road and walked back while fishing out his phone. Then, he opened WhatsApp to locate Narissa’s chatbox before playing the voice messages she sent.

The silent and gloomy road suddenly became lively.

“Jamie, I wanna eat from the restaurant by the intersection. Go over there and buy me some food!”

“Hey, you b*stard! I’m starving to death. Where are you?”

“Jamie Keller! If I ever be so kind as to modify you another car, I’m a worm!”

“Your highness is around the corner. Come out and greet her!”

As he listened to these voice messages, he laughed, but his eyes soon became filled with tears.

After sending off the guests, Alexander made Elise and her children stay the night.

Elise coaxed Alexia to sleep and returned to her room.

Just when she entered the door, a figure dashed out from behind the door. Before she could react, she had become Alexander’s prey and was pinned to the wall.

An unexpected kiss landed on her lips and she suddenly felt dizzy from it.

With her last ounce of rationale, she pushed him away and warned silently, “The children are right next door. Behave yourself!”

Alexander mischievously raised his eyebrows and leaned even closer to her. “Do you know what ‘distance influences attraction’ means?”

“Stop.” Elise feigned innocence. “Although we’ve been married for many years, my current identity isn’t. If I were to move in with you, isn’t that setting a wrong example to our daughter?”

“She wouldn’t dare!” Alexander’s voice was raised by a pitch. “I’ll break her legs!”

“Tsk, tsk, tsk. You’re such a vicious father. You haven’t been with them for long and you’re already thinking of abusing them,” she joked.

“What I mean is to break the legs of the b*stard that dared to lure my daughter. How could I bear to hurt my dear daughter?”

“Aren’t you afraid that your son would turn out like you? What if someone breaks his legs?”

“Men that aren’t shameless can never get the girl.”

“Hah! Alexander, you’re being double-standard!”

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