Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 871

Chapter 871 Can’t Skip the Bill

It would be best if you could introduce a rich young master to be my son-in-law. Nodding, Alexander asked, “I understand. Is that all?”

“That’s all for now.” Afraid that his wife and daughter might embarrass him, Onyx quickly spoke up. “Ok.” As Alexander nodded again, he looked at the door and snapped his fingers.

The next second, a suit-clad assistant came in and passed a kraft paper bag to Onyx. Puzzled, he retrieved the paper bag and opened it to reveal the document inside. His face fell after reading its content.

Inside the paper bag was a debt agreement with Anastasia’s signature. It was written very clearly that Anastasia owed Alexander five million Cittadel Crowns. Onyx questioned Alexander with a darkened face, “Why are you letting me see this?”

Spreading his hands innocently, Alexander reasoned, “Didn’t you say you wanted to bring Anastasia away? Since you and Anastasia have reconciled and reestablished your relationship as a family, you should pay back the money she owes me. Once you pay her debts, you can bring her home.”

When Lyra heard that, she was immediately flustered. “About that, isn’t Anastasia your girlfriend? Why does she have to pay you back the money you gave her?”

With an expressionless face, Alexander replied, “Mrs. White, I own a business, not a charity center. What’s more, you should pay back what you owe. Don’t tell me you’re trying to skip the bill?”

Once he said that, the entire hall fell dead silent.

The Whites looked at each other, completely at a loss for what to do.

We came here to take advantage of Anastasia. It’s fine if we don’t get any advantage, but why do we have to solve such a huge problem?

Didn’t the rumors about Alexander say that he’s very generous? Why is he being so stingy to a woman from the White Family?

Without waiting for them to respond, Alexander fished out his phone from his pocket and deliberately showed it to the White Family. Then, he casually said, “Even if you want to skip the bill, I’ve already recorded everything you said earlier, so there’s no way out for you, Mr. White. Soon, the lawyers at Smith Co. will apply for a complaint and have all of the White Family’s assets frozen to be used for repaying Anastasia’s debt.”

Then, he paused for a moment before faking a smile while looking at Adelpha. “Oh, right. You said you wanted to live with us, right? Actually, there’s no place for you in the Griffith Residence, but since you’re so sincere, you can stay here and become a low-grade servant. You can even earn some money to pay your sister’s debt.”

“That’s not possible!” Lyra was anxious and she quickly pulled her daughter behind her back. “Mr. Griffith, Anastasia is the one who owes you money. How can you let my daughter work for you to help others pay their debt? She has yet to marry someone!”

“It was you who said you wanted her to catch up with Anastasia. If I let her stay here and become the nanny of the children, she’ll instantly become a mother too. Isn’t that what you wanted?” Alexander coldly stood up and tidied his outfit.

“What I meant is for you to help Adelpha find a good family to marry into. Who knew you’d misunderstand me and make such an arrangement?!” Lyra was exasperated.

“I don’t have the time and effort to guess what you mean. I offered to let her be the children’s nanny because I pity your family and want to give you a high-salary job. Once the permit has been issued, every penny the White Family owns will be deducted. If you don’t have the salary I’m willing to pay you, all of you will have to suffer and wait for your death. That’s all I have to say. You guys can think about which option to choose.”

Onyx felt dizzy and fell back onto the couch. “Anastasia is such a spendthrift. I must owe her something in my last life! That ungrateful woman! I’m so pissed…”

Danny International Finance Corporation.


After Danny sent Ariel to her office with a goodbye kiss, he turned around and ran out of the company.

“Hey, where are you going?” Ariel tried to call him back.

However, he did not get what she meant. He walked toward the elevator while smiling. “I’m going to meet a client. New business and we’re going to have a large project. I can’t ruin it at the last moment, so I must leave now. I’ll come back to pick you up tonight!”

“Wait, Danny. You—”

At least, tell me what project it is… Before she could ask that, Danny had already gone inside the elevator and disappeared from her line of sight.

She let out a depressed sigh and turned to look at the familiar office, but there was an empty feeling inside her.

Ever since they started dating, Danny had been spending less time with her. Just like today, he would run away without telling her and would stay outside for the whole day. Today was the third time this week.

Such abnormal actions made her feel a strong sense of despair and she gradually began to doubt herself.

Is it true that once a man got the girl, he’d completely lose interest in her?

It could not be denied that there were men like that, and Ariel was not sure whether her existence was a mere challenge to Danny.

She only knew that ever since their relationship began, she had been feeling worried.

Regardless, relationships were not the only things in an adult life. As one of the two leaders of this company, she had to buck up and watch over the company now that Danny had gone out.

After quickly composing herself, she placed her bag on the couch and sat back down on her office chair.

When she turned on her computer, a private email popped up.

She clicked on the email and saw that it was a female acquaintance she had met in a less-known game seven years ago.

‘Hey, the game is having an offline cosplay event. Many will be gathering there. You must come. I’ll wait until you appear! The location is at…’

It felt great to be remembered; after Ariel finished reading the email, she could feel her mood lightened up.

Thinking that she should give Danny some private space, she replied to the email and said she would attend the gathering.

Two days later.

Ariel came to the venue dressed as a cowgirl with a straw hat and a fan.

The other gamers were not surprised by her outfit and would nod at each other as a greeting whenever they met gazes.

After walking around the venue, Ariel did not recognize her acquaintance, so she asked for a glass of champagne and found a place to rest.

At first, she thought there were not many players as the game was less-known, but she did not expect the whole venue to be crowded. She had toured the entire venue before finding a less crowded spot.

Just when she decided to enjoy her champagne quietly, the lights from upstairs were suddenly turned on and shone on her, completely illuminating her whole figure.

Her actions abruptly stopped and she quickly hid her wine glass before moving a few steps to the side.

However, the spotlight followed her, which successfully attracted everyone’s attention.

Although Ariel felt awkward, she had a strong mentality and was able to keep her calm after which she said expressionlessly, “The lighting technician must have gotten something wrong.”

After that, she raised her head to look at the second floor to show that the technician got her wrong.

Just as she raised her head, the large flower decoration above her head suddenly came apart and countless pieces of colorful confetti began to rain. Under the bright light of the spotlight, the confetti pieces were glistening.

At that moment, Ariel was reminded of a scene inside the game.

The character she was playing was the Iron Fan Princess and there was a special effect that only the character had—the Scattered Flowers.

Did the organizer arrange this?

At that same moment, a deep male voice sounded from the surrounding speakers and traveled to the middle of the venue.

“I remember you’d always ask me why I like to use such an ugly character like the Bull King. Today, I can finally tell you my real answer. From the start, I’ve always wanted to be your lover.”

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