Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 872

Chapter 872 Danny’s Fixation

As the voice reverberated through the hall, another beam of light shone on the stage opposite Ariel. A moment later, Danny appeared and dressed as Bull King in a cowboy outfit.

His tall and lean figure perfectly suited the Bull King’s cape, which accentuated the character’s majestic demeanor. Also, his stubble beard made him look sexy. Looking into his eyes, Ariel felt her mind go blank.

The outfit she was wearing was sent to her by her acquaintance, so she did not give it much thought. After trying it on and discovering it was the right size, she did not bother picking another outfit.

Now, she finally knew that this outfit was specially given to her to match the Bull King’s costume. Everything had been planned in advance. After a long while, she finally found her voice. “That girl was you?”

Then, Danny walked toward her. While he was walking, it was evident that he was delighted. He stopped before her, took out the diamond ring he had prepared in advance, and got down on one knee. “My dear princess, I came here to bring you back home with me. Will you marry me?”

The expression on his face was so exaggerated that he was almost shouting when he asked her to marry him. To be able to propose to the person he loved was indeed something worth showing off and announcing to the entire world.

Ariel covered her lips with her hand as her mind jumbled into a mess. For a moment there, she was at a complete loss of words. “Isn’t this… too soon?

“Is it?” The happiness Danny felt was beyond what he could describe. “You do know that I’ve loved you for seven years, right? I’ve been waiting for this day for seven years and I can’t wait anymore, so please marry me, Ariel Whitney. I beg you, please marry me!”

Ariel had seen several proposal scenes like this, but she was always the bystander and thought other people’s happiness was both loud and irksome. However, now that she was experiencing all of this, she finally knew that such a sudden surprise was something that could make her so exhilarated.

Her breathing gradually became unstable and tears moistened her eyes, yet she still had not nodded.

That made Danny feel flustered. He gulped while his hand holding the ring trembled. “A-Are you unwilling to marry me?”

Shaking her head, she replied, “I’m afraid you’d regret marrying me.”

“Does this mean you agree?!” Danny was ecstatic and took out the ring from its box before quickly putting it on her ring finger. Then, he hugged her and spun her around, screaming, “I will never regret this!”

Upstairs, Jamie, who was responsible for controlling the spotlights, watched the sweet scene with a bitter smile. He shouted at the happy couple, “Hey! Since I’ve done such a good job today, can I skip the wedding gift?”

Meanwhile, the excited Danny was still hugging Ariel and raised his thumb at him.

The entire venue was filled with jealous exclamations. A recorded video of the proposal was posted online, which caused a stir among the netizens.

‘Omg. So playing games can help you find a partner!’

‘F*ck. They’re so sweet. And the Bull King looks so handsome too!’

‘Ahh! They’re so cute! I can’t!!’

‘Gender: Woman. Hobby: Playing League of Legends. I can feed myself, I know to run home when it rains, and I don’t have any bad habits. Please give me a boyfriend, thank you.’


The following day, Madeline knocked on Danny’s front door just after dawn.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Danny Keller, open the door!”

Two minutes later, the door was opened from the inside and Ariel came out.

When Madeline saw Ariel wearing Danny’s shirt and had both her legs exposed, her face immediately fell.

She’s already so old, yet she still dresses so lewdly. How shameless!

Before Madeline could say anything, Ariel greeted her, “You’re here.”

Puzzled, Madeline raised her eyebrow, asking, “You knew I was coming?”

“Of course. The daughter-in-law must meet her in-laws sooner or later.” Ariel had a humble attitude and maintained a smile on her face.

“Stop.” Madeline raised her hand to interrupt Ariel before arrogantly retorting, “I haven’t acknowledged you as my daughter-in-law.”

Meanwhile, Ariel did not show any displeasure and patiently invited Madeline inside. “Come on in and we can talk.”

Madeline rolled her eyes and deliberately bumped Ariel before furiously barging into the house. “Where’s Danny? That brat. If I hadn’t seen the video on the internet, I wouldn’t have known he was such a b*stard! How could he have proposed without any discussion with us? Does he still see me as his mother?!”

After closing the door, Ariel trailed behind Madeline and waited for her to finish ranting before pretending to frown in frustration and avoiding her gaze.

Seeing that Ariel was not talking, Madeline turned to look at her and saw her abnormal behavior. Suddenly, she could not help but feel worried.

What is this woman planning? Are they keeping an even bigger secret from me?

At that moment, Ariel stammered, “Please wait a moment. He’s upstairs. I’ll get him!”

“Wait!” Madeline called out and walked toward the stairs. “I don’t need you to fetch him for me. This is my son’s house. Do you think an outsider like you would know this place better than I do?”

As she talked, she headed to the second floor with her high heels clacking against the floor and went straight toward Danny’s bedroom.

Ariel was following behind her and she intentionally kept a rather large distance between them. She let Madeline walk in front while she pretended to be anxious as if she knew a huge problem was about to dawn on her.

Putting her hand on the doorknob, Madeline glanced sideways at Ariel before barging into the bedroom.

When she entered the room, she saw Danny wearing a pink dress while dancing on the bed.

Madeline was dumbfounded when she saw that and even forgot to withdraw her hand.

Since Danny had his back to them, he danced sexily for a while longer before turning around. As soon as he saw them, he immediately screamed.

“Ah!” He kneeled on the bed and quickly pulled the quilt to cover himself. Then, he yelled in a high-pitched voice, “Mom, why did you come in here without knocking?”

Frowning, Madeline opened her mouth, but she could not utter anything.

Noticing the situation, Danny deliberately lay down on his side, extended one of his legs, and ran it up his other leg. Then, he put on a sexy expression and looked at the two women. “Mom, do I look pretty?”

Ariel almost burst into laughter when she saw that, but she pretended to cough before exposing herself.

Meanwhile, Madeline was so shocked by the terrifying scene that she saw black and instantly fainted.

“Mrs. Griffith?” Ariel supported Madeline from the back and asked concernedly, “Are you alright? Let me bring you to the guest room to lie down!”

After saying that, she winked at Danny and helped Madeline to the room next door.

Madeline calmed down for about ten minutes before slowly opening her eyes.

“Ariel, was I seeing things? Danny, he…” She felt angry and resigned while asking weakly, “What the heck is going on here?”

Ariel’s expression turned serious as she sighed. “Since you saw it, it’d be inappropriate for me to hide it from you any longer. Actually, your son, Danny, has a certain fixation…”

Feeling like her world had collapsed, Medaline felt dizzy again. “Oh, heavens. Oh, God. Why do you have to play such a huge joke on me?!”

“Mrs. Griffith, are you feeling okay?” Ariel asked in concern.

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