Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 873

Chapter 873 Do You Think It’s an Easy Sacrifice?

A glint flashed across Madeline’s eyes as she grabbed Ariel’s hand while asking nervously, “How long has Danny been acting this way? When did it start?”

With a worried expression, Ariel answered, “I only found out about this last night.” Madeline was speechless for a moment and anxiously fell into deep thought. Could this be the reason why Danny never showed any interest in finding a girlfriend?

Wait! Does he only like dressing up as a woman, or does he actually think that he’s a woman?

“That can’t be. I must get to the bottom of this!”

She jumped to her feet and dashed toward Danny’s bedroom as she thought of that. Once she entered the room, she locked the door behind her, grabbed Danny, and began questioning him.

“Danny, tell me the truth. Do you like women or…” She could not bring herself to say those words, but she slapped her thigh and forced them out. “Or men? Come on, tell me!”

Shyly turning his head away, Danny replied in a feminine tone, “Gosh. You’ve already seen it for yourself. Why are you making me admit it?”

Hearing that, Madeline saw black and fainted once again. Danny hugged her and started shaking her. “Mom, don’t faint. Oh, Mommy!”

“Get away from me!” Madeline woke up and pushed him away disdainfully. Then, she pointed at him while scolding disappointedly, “Oh, Danny. Someday, I’m going to get pissed to death by you all!”

Pouting, Danny asked cheaply, “What’s the matter?”

Madeline raised her hand and was about to hit him. “Shut up! If you talk to me in that tone again, I’m going to sever ties with you!”

Then, Danny made a gesture by zipping his lips shut and obediently kept quiet.

“Hurry up and get out of that outfit. You are never to wear that again!”

Rolling her eyes at him, she suddenly remembered something and ran out again. She just happened to bump into Ariel in the corridor.

The next moment, she went forward and affectionately grabbed Ariel’s arm while pulling her downstairs.

“Ariel, you’re a good kid. I’ve already asked Danny about it, and although his hobby is quite unique, he is indeed straight. I’ve thought about it—since you both aren’t that young anymore, you should register your marriage sooner!”

While she was talking, she ran to the couch and pulled out a card from her bag. Then, she warm-heartedly stuffed it into Ariel’s hand. “Here. Take this as a mother-in-law’s first gift to her daughter-in-law. You can buy whatever you want and you don’t have to worry about saving money!”

Ariel raised her eyebrow in astonishment. Madeline had even addressed herself as ‘mother-in-law’. It seemed like she had gotten quite a fright.

“Alright, then. I won’t bother you two anymore and leave you two to enjoy your alone time!”

Madeline was afraid Ariel would dislike her presence, so she ran away after saying that.

With Danny’s condition, it was already a miracle that someone would still want to be with him. Therefore, as his mother, she had to help him seize this opportunity.

On one hand, she decided to leave now because she and Ariel were not on good terms earlier, so she gave them some space as a sign of respect. On the other hand, she had to return home immediately to discuss their wedding plans with Adam so that Danny and Ariel could get married sooner and prevent any sudden changes!

Once the door closed, Danny came strutting down the stairs in his silk pajamas.

“Has Mom left?”

“Yes.” Ariel cast a meaningful gaze at him.

Narrowing his eyes, he walked over and pulled her into his embrace. “How could you laugh at me? Do you think it’s easy to make such a huge sacrifice for our happiness?”

When he spoke, Ariel laughed even more cheerfully. She placed her hand on his face and gently stroked it. “Aren’t you the one who came up with this idea? I didn’t force you to do this.”

“Yes, of course. I’m a loyal person who only wants to marry you, but my mom is too overbearing. She doesn’t even acknowledge my sister-in-law, so if I don’t frighten her a little, we might’ve gone down the same road as my brother and sister-in-law.” At the thought of what had happened with Alexander and Elise, Danny felt sorry for them.

“Since you’ve done so much for me, I’ll personally cook you breakfast. What would you like to have?” Ariel asked.

Danny’s gaze darkened and he sealed her lips with him. “You!”

After messing around for almost half the day, Ariel slept until nighttime.

At 7.00PM, Madeline came barging back into Danny’s house with all kinds of things.

Ariel was about to serve her some tea but was pulled over to sit on the couch.

“Ariel, these gold and silver jewelry are for you. See if you like them. If you don’t, we can get a jeweler to custom-make some. Your wedding is a huge matter, so you can’t be too stingy with these things!”

As Madeline spoke, she pulled different things out of her bag and placed them on the coffee table before Ariel to let her choose.

“Also, these are the best makeup products money can buy. We, as women, can’t be stingy when it comes to spending money. You can use these first. When you’re about to finish them, I’ll buy you some more! Actually, I’m someone who’s easy to get along with. Once you marry my son, you won’t have to worry about anything. Both of you can stay at your own house and there won’t be any dispute between us. I can guarantee that,” Madeline continued on for a while before she thought of Danny.

“Where’s that brat? Where has he disappeared to again?”

At the mention of that, she suddenly stopped talking and frowned in frustration.

Is he messing around in his room again?

Thinking of that, she felt a sense of panic and grabbed Ariel’s hand while she implied, “Ariel, excuse my words, but although our society is more open-minded now, being too different still isn’t the best thing. You must take some time to reason with Danny. His company is getting listed soon, so he must take care of his image.”

“You’ve misunderstood. He’s not cross-dressing now. He went out to meet his friends, saying that his days as a single man are almost gone, so he needs to seize the time and accompany his friends,” Ariel explained.

As if she had turned into a sleuth, Madeline felt even more suspicious after hearing that.

It had been difficult for Danny to find a wife. Which friend of his would be so insensible as to call him out when he was busy with his girlfriend?

However, to avoid affecting the wedding, she did not express her feelings. Instead, she remained calm and got up. “Since he’s gone outside, you should rest early. I’ll be going back now. I’ll visit you another day.”

Without much thought, Ariel went back to sleep after seeing Madeline out the door.

After getting in the car, Madeline phoned Alexander and asked impatiently, “Do you know which nightclub Danny frequents?”

Then, she coldly hung up the call after getting the address.

For seven years, Alexander had dated countless women, so Madeline had lost hope about him settling down and only wished he could live a stable life.

However, now that her eldest son was out of the picture, all her attention was on her younger son. Therefore, she would not let any accidents happen to Danny and Ariel.

At the nightclub, Danny had his arm wrapped around Jamie’s shoulder as he slurred, “What did I tell you? Happiness is earned. You didn’t appreciate it when Narissa was chasing after you, so now you’re regretting it!”

Yet, Jamie merely stayed silent and downed half a bottle of beer.

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