Coolest Girl in Town Chapter 874

Chapter 874 It’s a Pity You’re a Man

“To tell you the truth, you’ll feel like you’re living the best life when you can kiss and cuddle with the person you love every day.”

When Danny thought of Ariel, he giggled before turning his head to Jamie and asked worriedly, “Tell me the truth. Do you really not have feelings for Narissa?”

Smacking his lips, Jamie let out an alcohol-filled breath and narrowed his eyes at Danny. “I have feelings for you.”

Then, he let go of the beer bottle, cupped Danny’s face in his hands, and pretended to lean in for a kiss. “Come, let me kiss you.”

“Man, f*ck off. Get your sh*t together.”

While Danny was trying hard to resist Jamie’s actions, the two were entangled together.

Coincidentally, Medaline came in and saw what was happening. From her angle, she saw two grown men kissing.

She saw black once again and frustratedly covered her forehead. “Oh, God. Please, not again!”

The man Danny likes is Jamie?!

After so many years, she thought they were close because they had a strong bond. Who would have thought…

No. I can’t let something like this happen to the Griffith Family!

Taking a deep breath, she quickly calmed herself down and rushed over to separate the two men.

Since Jamie was already drunk, he swayed, fell onto the bar top, and fell asleep.

“Mom?” Danny sobered up when he saw Madeline. “Why are you here?”


A hard slap ended up on Danny’s face. “Go home immediately. If you ever mess around outside again, I will skin you alive!”

Danny was dumbfounded by the slap and covered his face while bellowing, “What are you doing?!”

“Are you leaving or not? Why aren’t you moving?” As she said that, she removed her left heel and gestured to hit him.

“Enough!” Danny exploded in anger. “You’re being so unreasonable!”

After saying that, he left the nightclub in anger.

An hour later, Jamie woke up in a hotel room. When he opened his eyes, he saw Madeline sitting on the bed next to him.

“Mrs. Griffith? Why are you here?” He sat up dazedly while bowing his head to rest a bit more.

He thought the bartender might have called Madeline to pick them up after they got drunk last night, so she brought them here and booked a double-bed room.

Since his head was in so much pain, he did not even notice that Danny was absent from the room.

With a darkened face, Madeline was silent for a long while before subtly warning, “Jamie, we’ve known each other for a long time. You know that although I’m quite open-minded, there are some things that are not up for discussion. The Griffiths and Kellers are prominent families, and Danny is about to get married, so please refrain from getting together too often!”

It would be even better if they stopped meeting each other, but because both were from large families, it was not a good idea to be too harsh with her words.

Assuming that she was mad because he asked Danny out and got him drunk, Jamie nodded and apologized, “Don’t worry, Mrs. Griffith. I understand what you mean. I won’t mess around with him anymore.”

At that, Madeline softened upon seeing his sincere attitude, so she did not make things difficult for him anymore. “Good boy. I know you’re a sensible kid, but it’s such a pity that you’re a man!”

“Alas!” With a sigh, Madeline turned around and left the room.

Jamie nodded a few times before he realized what had happened and looked at the doorway with a puzzled expression.

What’s wrong with me being a man?

Three days later, the Griffith Family gathered together to celebrate Danny and Ariel’s engagement.

Alexander came with Elise and the two children while Jack also arrived early.

Brendan and Yuri came in with linked arms right before the attendees started the feast.

“Finally, everyone’s here. Hurry up and take your seats.”

It was rare for the whole family to be together, so Madeline was happily entertaining everyone.

“This first toast is to Danny and Ariel. I wish them a loving and long marriage!”

The crowd raised their glasses in unison to celebrate this long-awaited happy occasion for the Griffith Family.

When Adam saw everyone sitting around the table, he was so happy that he could not stop smiling. “What are you waiting for? Let’s eat. Your mother has been preparing for this dinner for days. All these are your favorite dishes!”

After everyone started to eat dinner, the large mansion finally had a trace of liveliness.

A short while later, Brendan suddenly stood up and used his spoon to tap against his wine glass, attracting everyone’s attention.

“Since we’re all gathered here today, I have something to announce as well. Yuri is pregnant, so we’re planning on getting married.”

Putting down her cutleries, Yuri bowed her head, looking quite sad.

Madeline, on the other hand, was delighted. “Really? Brendan, are you saying that I’m going to be a grandmother?”

She had always liked Yuri; seeing Brendan had brought her here today, she was even thinking of how to set them up. Unexpectedly, they had already done the deed!

“Yes,” Brendan calmly confirmed his mother’s words before sitting back down again.

“That’s great.” As Madeline was lost in her happiness, she began to arrange everything. “In that case, you two can have your wedding together. Brothers marrying on the same day. The others would envy you guys a lot!”

“I have no objections,” Brendan stated.

“You make the call.” Danny also did not have any problems with that.

“Very good. Such great news!” Madeline was so happy that she thought she had imagined things, so she excitedly grabbed Adam. “Adam, am I dreaming? In just one day, I’ve managed to settle two of my children’s marriages!”

“It’s all real. You’re going to be a grandmother soon!” Adam coaxed gently.

Those words made her even happier and she was smiling so much that her cheeks were sore, but it did not stop her from smiling either.

At that moment, a servant came in to report, “Mr. and Mrs. Griffith, Mr. Keller is at the door.”


The smile on Madeline’s face immediately disappeared as she sprang to her feet.

Why did he come over during our family gathering?

Is he here to steal Danny?!

No way. Us Griffiths have only begun to show some improvement. I can’t let that be ruined!

Before everyone could comprehend what was happening, she had already dashed out.

“You guys continue while I go outside and talk to Jamie!”

At the courtyard, Jamie was strolling on the stone path with a gift in his hand. Just as he arrived in the middle of the courtyard, he saw Madeline running toward him.

He thought she was here to greet him, so he quickened his pace. “Mrs. Griffith, we’re already so familiar. There’s no need for you to personally come out to greet me!”

Madeline stopped, heaved a few breaths, and spoke between her breaths, “Didn’t we already discuss this yesterday? Why did you come here today? I already told you that I won’t agree with you and Danny’s relationship.”

When Jamie heard that, he immediately whipped out the excuse he always used on the elders and said, “Mrs. Griffith, you must be joking, right? Why would anyone discard their best friend after getting married? What’s more, I can give Danny the same feelings Ariel can, and also some that she can’t. Our relationship is permanent, so if you refuse to let me interact with Danny, he will be sad!”

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